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  1. Actually, you don't even need to parse the timestamp. If you choose calculation result in either "Date' or "Time", you will get date or time only . This worked perfectly for creation date and time of a record. How about modification?
  2. Never mind. I just have to parse it as well.
  3. Thanks. That works very well. Is there a similar function to get the date from the server?
  4. Does anyone know a way/function (in FM7) to grab the time from the server rather than the user's computer?
  5. I have a container field to store different kinds of documents (.ppt, .xls., .doc, etc). Is there any way that I can drag a file from my desktop and put it into the container field. Then by double clicking the file icon open the file automatically?
  6. Sarah, I am also interested in getting the container image file size but unfortunately, i missed the recent post you mentioned. If I insert a file (or image) in the container filed, is there any way to get the actual size of that file?
  7. Thank you for the tip. I guess the second part of your reply is what I am looking for. Would you mind to explain a little bit more about the multiline global field? Thanks again.
  8. It is always a good idea to have a "Back" button to help user to go back to the layout they just visited. Is there a function that will return the name of previous layout?
  9. It works perfectly fine. Thanks a lot.
  10. I have two fields on a layout. One is a text field, called "Document Name" and the other one is a Container filed, called "File". When I insert a file into the container field, is it possible that I can import the file name into the "Document Name" field? This way, I don't have to type in the file name manually. I am thinking of something like a "Browse" button next to the "Document Name" field. But I am a beginner, not good at scripts. Any suggestions?
  11. I have a related question. Does anybody know how to import a Vcard into FM database and parse its content into different fields (e.g. ContactName, Title, Phone, Address, etc)?
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