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  1. that works for me too. i guess i mostly had the syntax for the finds incorrect. thanks so much for your help deanna
  2. the records i want to omit have the value of either "Former Member" or "Charter (NR)" in the status field. i've tried to do it with a separate request for each value, but still no success. here's the file attached as you requested. the script that this issue concerns is web directory. thanks GLCC_database.zip
  3. that wasn't quite what i wanted. i tried to adapt the multiple with omit steps you gave me, but it still didn't work. i don't know if this makes a difference, but the two values i want to omit records with are both the same variable. there is a list of values for the field "status" and there are two values in the list that i want to omit the record for if they correspond. additionally, you may have seen that there are some other steps to the script to set up the final layout. when i go to that loop, is it going back to the full list? is there something i have to do to make sure it's manipulating the found set? or should i do the find/omit after i've done the loop? thanks deanna
  4. i need a script that will find and omit records with one or the other of two values in a value list. attached is a screen shot of what i have now. i hope someone can point me in the right direction to debugging it. thanks deanna
  5. good day! i'm trying to get a script to omit records that have certain values in a particular field. i used the perform find script function with omit records indicated, but all the records continue to end up in the final product. what does [Restore] mean in the script? is it putting the records back in? i'm afraid i'm a bit rusty on filemaker, as i only manage one database which has worked well enough for our purposes for several years. now, i'm trying to do a little streamlining and finding i don't remember much about what i was doing when i originally set it up. thanks
  6. i just played around with it a bit and according to the script wizard, send email is not a web compatible function, so i'm not sure i'd be able to use it on our web directory. good idea though...perhaps there's some other way to make it work. i'm really rusty at this and scripts give me a headache to begin with. i think part of the problem is that dreamweaver seems to only import table data as .csv files. if someone knows a different way to do it, i'm all ears! thanks db
  7. is there some way to make a field contain a hyperlink with different text than the link itself? i'm working on converting a membership database to a layout that i can import as a table for a web-based directory. i would like an email field that simply says, email me, but is a link to the members's email address. the files we currently use for the web tables are in excel, which quite handily covers this task, but i'm really trying to get our data streamlined into one format. i'll be outputting for dreamweaver. here's a link to the current tables online to see what i'm talking about: http://riverhours.org/Goods_and_service_provider.htm
  8. you said something about "synching" the FM database with a MySQL database online. how does one go about doing that? i'm in a position with a non-profit where we need our database available online, but don't have the money to buy extra applications to do it for us. our web host uses MySQL, but doesn't know anything about filemaker, so he hasn't been much help so far in working this out. i don't know much about either, but need to figure it out. changing servers is not really an option. if i'm not hosting the database myself, do i still need to install MySQL on my computer to work on the PHP application?
  9. have you ever found any answers to this question? i'm getting ready to work on allowing members to update and create records online, and am looking for good information as to how to go about it. thanks deannab
  10. good day! i tried your suggestion, but none of the posts i found really answered my question. there seems to be some kind of code tags i'm supposed to be using to send formatting to quark, but i've never seen in a tutorial or documentation of either program anything addressing this. do you know where i can find that information? thanks db
  11. the term i'm familiar with is extracting the files. is there something else i'm supposed to do other than use my zip program? because that didn't work thanks db
  12. i'm sorry, i can't seem to open the attachment. could you try again? thanks db
  13. good day! i'm trying to export a layout to quark, but the formatting isn't going with it, even though i check the box. i watched someone do it yesterday on a different computer, and copied down what they did, but it's still not working. can someone walk me through it step by step? thanks db
  14. that's what i'm asking, how to eliminate duplicate category values? different listing records may have the same category value, but i only need each value to show up once in the layout. i don't need to see how many listings someone has in arts & crafts, just that you can find their listings there. thanks db
  15. right on...i guess it's hard to see exactly where the box is laying. but now i see that all the listings are showing up. how do i get the portal to not duplicate category values? thanks have a beautiful day
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