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  1. Nevermind, I finally found the answer after distinguishing between Value List and List(Function) in my searches. I had to use the relationship sort order to get the List(schedule_summary) to display in chrono order - and either make a separate relationship for my needs or display any future portal with a different portal sort order than the relationship I used for the list. The answer was here: http://www.fmforums.com/forum/showpost.php?post/272183/
  2. Ok, got it. My list is appearing as intended, almost. I made field called schedule_summary: ""&Timestamp ( date ; time)&" on Channel "&channel&"" and got: 2/22/2008 9:00 AM on Channel 10 And this is perfect, but the List(schedule_summary) does not sort the records/rows in a logical order. How can I force the resulting list of records to go in chrono order and not random?
  3. I upgraded to FM9 and need a little syntax help with this list function. I'm generating email bodies that include a list of dates, times and channels that programs play on. In a wierd kind of shorthand, I need to display three fields per row, like this: Sunday, 3PM on Channel 9 Monday, 2PM on Channel 10 Tuesday, 6PM on Channel 22 etc However when I try to List(""&date&""&time&""&channel&"") then I get a message that basically says I should not use an expression when a field would suffice. Well la-di-da, thats fancy Filemaker language for "you don't know what you're doing". And so I am here. Anyone have thoughts?
  4. My mulitple hex editors are showing me the same info on both files, they are the same. I used Text Wrangler to compare files and found some differences but only a few hundred records down - mostly they were additional well-formed records and import fine anyway. What kind of metadata does Mac OS add? In addition to the leap from FM6, we did leap from 10.3.9 to 10.4.11. Would that change in OS be influencing how the files are created?
  5. No dice, the files look identical in the hex app as well.
  6. Corn, thanks for the response, but I've tried character sets for Windows, ASCII, UTF, etc, and this is not the issue. I get the same results no matter what set I use. I've thought it might have something to do with field names being included in the export but I don't think its possible to set the first record to contain field names in a tab file - nor does it look like it included field names when I inspect the tab file manualy.
  7. I'm pushing television program schedules out of an FM db and into a tab-deliniated file. The file is then imported into a digital video server for playback of our public access cable channels. However, I rewrote the scripted export step when moving from FM6 to FM9 and even though I am exporting a tab text file that looks identical from FM versions, the import into the video server fails on the first record. If I delete the first row of data in the tab file then the remaining hundreds of records import fine. I'm stumped. I tried character format options, I made sure to have the data formatted identically for decimals, caps, etc, I've inspected the files in multiple text editors for character trash, I just can't sort it. Anyone had a problem like that before?
  8. Ok, my next step that I did not forsee was to exclude any hours in that date range that fall on Saturdays. We are a non-profit television center and checkout our gear to members over the weekends but we do not open on Saturdays for users to return gear. For this reason, we give them a "free" day on Saturdays since they couldn't return the gear even if they wanted to. In shorthand I might write this problem this way. (End Timestamp - Start Timestamp) - 24hours for each Saturday. But I don't know how to write this in Filemaker... any thoughts?
  9. Here is my example: 4PM, Dec 4 - 3PM, Dec 6. The hours should be 47. I'll add that this gives me the correct number of hours between the dates: Hour (DateEnd) - Hour (DateStart) This gives me a result of 48. I can't figure out how to subtract the difference in times.
  10. Need to calculate the total number of hours between two points in time based on four fields, StartDate, StartTime, EndDate, Endtime. I've tried, in shorthand: Hour ( Timestamp(date;time) - Timestamp(date:time) ) Also tried: Hour (DateEnd - Datestart) + Hour (TimeEnd - TimeStart) Tried all sorts of things, and I keep getting a freaked out number. Is there a simpler way of getting this data? Thanks very much!
  11. I have a FM system for reserving multiple calendar days for a single workshop. I would like to generate one field that displays the title of the class as well as all the associated dates, this way I can insert that total value into an email body field and send workshop reminders. It should look like this: Workshop 1 Jan 2, 2002 Jan 8, 2002 Jan 12, 2002 I can generate portals, I can do complicated copy and paste scripts to get it all, but I there just has to be a simpler way. Any thoughts? Thanks so much!
  12. This is great! And it seems to be good for any date range, even beyond one week, as best as I can figure. Thanks for your time!
  13. This is a true left brain problem that I don't have the capacity to sort out. Here is the right brain description. Our public access television center signs out equipment to members for several days at a time. Members get contracts that allow them to use equipment for up to so many full 24 hour days, we do not track by the hour. So if a member takes a camera from Tuesday to Thursday, then his contract is marked up with 2 camera uses. But since we are closed on Fridays, the members get a free day, so Friday to Sunday is counted as one day. So that is my problem. I need a calculation that will give me the number of days between Date Out to Date In -but- subtract one day if that range contains a Saturday. I tried lots of methods and I can't figure it out! I think I just don't have the experience to work it through, my skills are pretty basic in the scripting area. The variables I have are CheckinDate, CheckoutDate, and the end result is a number CheckoutDays. I'm too embarassed to post any of the work I have done, but maybe someone out there with a lot of experience would be willing to show me the right method! Thanks so much, Sean http://www.cctvcambridge.org
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