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  1. I am about to change my Filemaker Pro Web applications to External Authentication, which I believe means that an Apache module is integrated into the library and then Filemaker Server is switched to Filemaker and External Server Authentication. First of all, is this true or am I missing something? Secondly, where can I find good documentation about this?I have looked on Filemaker, but can't find anything on the latest versions of Filemaker that discuss this topic. Also, any tips on what to be careful of or avoid?
  2. I'm not really sure where to post this, so I thought I would put it here. Some of my users are having severe performance issues using a PC with IE to access some of the sites. The problems are Intermittent, but they do not seem to happen when using Firefox or when using a Mac with any browser. I am using XSLT web pages with Version 1 of XML. Any thoughts as to what could be the cause of the problem (or the solution)?
  3. I'm trying to establish https on a Mac with FMP Server 8 Advanced to serve web page via XSLT. The certificates have been created (by someone else) and I updated the httpd.conf file to listen on both port 80 and 443. I also enabled the Secure Connection on FMP Server Configuration. When I look at localhost on the machine with either http or https, I can make the connection, but when I try the registered name of the server, only http works. The message I get is that the browser couldn't establish a secure connection to the server. Ports 80 and 443 are both open. Please point me in a direction to go next!! Thanks.
  4. Please help!! I added mod_ssl to Apache 1.3.41 on my workstation, where I am running with Filemaker Pro Server (test version). When I did the initial update, I seemed to be able to serve either http or https just fine. However, when I rebooted, the updated Apache won't start (Segmentation Fault). I then went back to the original version of Apache and even though Apache starts, I can no longer serve on my localhost. I can't even get to localhost/fmi/config. I obviously broke something, but have no clue where to look (I checked the web, but to no avail). Any help would be appreciated!!! I am at a standstill with testing any of my systems right now.
  5. I have a web application that used an Export Records step in FMP 6 (exporting a tab file), but that isn't compatible with FMP 8 Server Advanced. I need to export data based on the records found on the web. What is the easiest way to do that using XSLT?
  6. Old Advance Man, You are correct - this version will support SSL!! I was looking at the documentation and saw the part about it not coming with Apache and came to the wrong conclusion. I have found the module mod_SSL and hopefully I will be able to get it to work. However, it does have several options for the type of encryption. I have attached the How to Chapter to this post. Could you please advise which one makes the most sense when the user community, if not all known, is at least trusted? Thanks. Chapter_5_-_How_To.txt
  7. I discovered that the version of Apache on the Server (which is running FMP Server 8 Advanced) is 1.3 and does not support SSL. Is there any way to update to a later version of Apache without doing it at the Unix level? All other updates on the Mac are done via Software Update, but this does not seem to be included. Anyone have any advice on this?
  8. I want to set up https on FMP Server and set up the Security (under Configure) to secure connections with FMP Server. However, when I look at the Security Guide, it tells me to check the documentation that came with the Web Server!!! There wasn't any!!! I have looked on the web, but can only see Apache-SSL. Do I need to get this in order to do what I want or is there another way? Can someone point me in the right direction, please! Also, how do certificates work in this instance?
  9. : In one of the web pages that I am posting with XSLT, I have an href which is a Filemaker Pro Field with a "&" in it. It actually contains a URL. In HTML I used Raw in the HTML. When it was translated into XSLT (using the CDML Converter), the Raw disappeared and was not replaced wth anything else. Now, the "&" comes out as "&" followed by "amp;"and the URL fails. I have looked on the web and in this forum, but I haven't found an answer as to what needs to be done to get this to work. The code follows: Please help!! Thanks.
  10. Under Filemaker 6, the Access.log showed the IP address and URL accessed so that you could tell who accessed the different web pages. Under Filemaker Server 8 Advanced, I have found the Event.log and the Stats.log. The Event.log seems to be only a list of when databases are opened, etc. while the Stats.log just seems confusing to me. Is there anything now that will give the information that the Access.log file used to show??? :
  11. Hopefully this hasn't been covered already (I looked, but couldn't find it so I apologize if it has been covered). I am running Filemaker Pro 8 Server Advanced on a Mac with Custom Web Publishing. Right now I use Filemaker Authentication (i.e., not External Authentication) and individual Usernames and Accounts. Is there any way that I can limit the number of logon tries via the web to a certain number (e.g., 3)? I can't see any way to do it via the Define or the Configuration, but need to do this for the Security Requirements that I work under. Thanks. Shirley
  12. : I have just set up Filemaker Pro Server 8 Advanced on an Intel Mac and successfully configured it. However, when I transferred the files from another non-Intel Mac to the Intel-Mac, I got an 802 error on all of the files (there was no problem on the non-Intel machine). I checked the permissions and they all seem to be fine. This is a machine that has several different logons, but all have read and write permissions. Any suggestions as to what could be wrong?
  13. I have a system that runs a script that mainly uses the Export Script Step, which is no longer web compatible. I have checked Help to no avail. How do I do this now?
  14. Is there a list somewhere of the IIRC, high ASCII characters that are restricted so that I can make sure that no one uses any of the other restricted characters?
  15. I have run acrosss a very strange problem and can't find a reason for it anywhere (only a workaround). On two different systems being served by Filemaker Pro 8 Server Advanced, when a user account has a password with an "@" as a part of the password, actions that include "view=" seem to somehow take part of the password and translate it into part of the URL. This causes an error message saying that there is a problem loading the page. When I change the "@" to something else, the problem goes away. Does anyone have an answer as to why this is happening???
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