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  1. So developer would make the migration a lot easier, but is it even possible to transfer it manually? they are not HUGE databases. 30 MB a piece with about 40 fields, 20 fields, and 80 fields respectively.
  2. Hello everyone, I currently have 3 separate FM files that are all relational. each file has 1-3 tables. I'd like to integrate them all into one file so that I don't have to have 3 windows open all the time. It seems that this should be possible. How do you import tables into a file in order to consolidate them all? WIll i be able to maintain all the relationships?
  3. I have a value list that auto-populated with records from another table. Since there are about 500 items on the value list, I'd like to be able to search the value list -- as of now, the only "search" capability i have is to type a letter and it'll take me to that point in the value list. Is there a way to put in a term and have the value list reduce itself to those related records that match? thanks for your help.
  4. hey everybody, I want to create a field that adds together all the numbers in a certain field of all RELATED records in another table. basically, it's a list of related tasks, all of which take a certain number of minutes and i want to know, cumulatively, how many minutes total this person's taks are taking. how do i do this?
  5. hey everybody, i'm trying to create something simple that i know you all probably know how to do in a snap. i need a way to track how much time someone is spending doing certain tasks each week. what i envision is a simple table with 3 columns: date, time, and notes. But i obviously don't want to create a different field for each "cell" in this simple "table." How can i do this without creating a different table occurrence to track this information? or do i have to? thanks
  6. great! can you tell me how to do it? much appreciated
  7. is there a way to create a field, hidden from my users, to track who made the last modification--based on their login info?
  8. Hi Ralph, I've looked at the task management file and it does seem to do some of the things I'm trying to do, but It's very hard to decipher exactly what's going on in the ERD (sorry, i am a beginner). How do I search for post 139633? I'm hoping that file will makes things a bit clearer. the task management file is smooth but i don't quite understand how all the "similars keys" function together. Can I create a "similar sector" key between a companies and project database? the other questino I have is that i made what i thought were links between tasks and projects in the sample task management file, but when i looked at the assignments table, there were no records. how can there be assignments and no assignment records? your help is very much appreciated, i'm trying very hard to understand this. thank you for your time.
  9. do i have to attach the script step to all the buttons or is there a way to write the script so that any time the layout changes size, the window will change accordingly?
  10. is there a way to configure filemaker so that when you switch to a different layout that's much smaller than the previous layout, the window itself shrinks to fit the new layout better?
  11. thanks ralph, but won't this create problems in my portals? I want one portal to display records that are related because the "sector" field matches up while the other portal should display records that are related because i made a link (with the two primary keys) through the intermediary table.
  12. good morning everyone, I'm attaching my relationship graph in the hope that it will help me explain my issue. I have 3 database files: projects, companies and contacts. Between each I have a simple linking table (project-company, company-contact, and contact-project). Totally separate from these links, though, I want to create a relationship between projects and companies that will allow me to create a portal, listing all companies that "match up" with projects, according to the "sector" field in each database. I've tried to create that relationship in my graph but the portal i made in the projects database to display related records in the companies database is completely empty, even though I know that many projects and companies have the same sector. Any idea what I'm missing? I appreciate the help Companies_DB_Relationship_Graph.pdf
  13. i have a relationship between contacts and companies because i need to associate every contact with their company. when i put sector into the project-company link table, then the portal in the projects db that displays companies that are actually working on the project no longer shows those companies (that i have linked manually) because it's now evaluating according to sector as well. What i want is two separate portals, one that shows companies that are actually working on the project, and another portal that shows companies that "could" work on the project because they have fields (sector, size, geographic expertise) that match up with fields in the project database that i would specify once i knew what the project needed in terms of companies.
  14. Hi Ralph and LaRetta, sorry to be so vague--i appreciate your willingness to help. I'm attaching a pdf of my relationship graph which i hope will also help you help me. There are 3 tables (projects, companies and contats) involved here that are connected by intermediate tables (project-company link, company-contact link, etc.). I make links between two tables manually by way of a data entry portal that makes a record of one primary key and one foreign key. in addition to these relationships, I'd also like to create a relationship between the companies and the contacts so that within the projects database I can check a box indicating that a project is in the electricity sector, and a portal will automatically populate with all companies that have also been designated as electricity sector (in a corresponding field in the companies table). Ideally, i could have a few fields in the projects database that correspond to fields in the companies database so that i can make a few "queries" and populate the portal in each project record with a different set of companies that "match up" with the project's needs. does this make more sense? sorry for the initially weak post. thanks Relationshipgraph.pdf
  15. I'm trying to create a multi-match relationship between a table that holds "projects" and a table that holds "companies" so that i can create a portal in the projects database that displays all the companies that meet criteria, as defined by corresponding fields in the projects database. the portal i've set up is acting very strangely though. what does my relationship graph need to look like? is it an equijoin relationship?
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