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  1. I need to Zip/Compress a local folder with 3 files so they can be attached to a scripted email sent by FileMaker. 360Works plugin is not available to me. I've figured out that I can set a FM script step to perform an AppleScript. I've seen that AppleScript can Compress folders/files. What I can't figure out is this: Where can I find step-by-step AppleScript instructions for zipping multiple files in a folder and can I just paste it into the Perform AppleScript script step? I've located instructions for single files but that doesn't help me. This is all so foreign to me I need the most basic explanations on how to do this. Files will be named differently but will always be in this folder - Macintosh HD:Users:Me:Documents:Company:FolderToBeZipped Thank you so much for any help.
  2. OK I created a script called "Before". It has one step: Set Variable [$before; Value: Get(ActiveFieldContents)] There is an OnObjectEnter script trigger on the OnDeck_t field (On; Off Radio buttons) with the "Before" script set. From what I understand, the "Before" script should run after I click into the OnDeck_t field, making it active. The script should set the $before variable to 'On' which is it's current contents. It doesn't work. The variable is blank. Any ideas?
  3. Purpose: To capture the contents of a field before it is changed. Compare the before to the after. Highlight the after and screen capture then export. I can't get past the first sentence and it's getting frustrating because it seems extremely simple. 1 Field: OnDeck_t (text) - The OnDeck_t field data = On 2 Field: OnDeck_before (Where I want to capture the OnDeck_t before it's changed) I have an OnObjectEnter script trigger on the OnDeck_t field that runs this script: Set Field By Name [substitute (Get (ActiveFieldName); "_t"; "_Before"); Get (ActiveFieldContents)] If I do this it works fine. (But I don't want it hard coded. I will be using it for all the fields on the layout): Set Field [OnDeck_before; Get (ActiveFieldContents)] I have divided the Substitute (Get (ActiveFieldName); "_t"; "_Before") and Get (ActiveFieldContents) into separate lines in Data Viewer and both return expected results. Why doesn't it work when it's part of a 'Set Field by Name' script step? Thanks.
  4. A coworker figured it out for me. Inspector>Appearance Tab>Paragraph>Line Spacing Height of line units was set to 0. Changed to 1 and it fixed it. I can't believe I've never run into this before. Thanks for your help.
  5. That was a Merge field in Layout mode. The file has existed for some time and was created on a Mac. It appears to have been around since 2008. I am using FMA 11 and am not migrating. Unfortunately I have not received permission to upload the file. It does it when I just create at text box and start typing. This only happens in FileMaker (so far). I have to push Enter 18 times to get the next line to move down far enough to look normal. The entire text box is formatted to 18 pt. font & plain text. I created a new local file and the text wrapping performs fine. Could there be something corrupt in the hosted file that would cause the overlapping?
  6. I am new to Macs and I want to know if there is a way to correct the overlapping of text. In Windows, when the end of a field label, text box, etc. was reached, the text would wrap to the next line like a normal document does. Since I started using a Mac I am getting overlapping instead of wrapping. Is this a Mac issue or a FM issue? Is there any way to fix it? Overlap.tiff
  7. I need to know how to set up a field to calculate the next model number. Currently the method is to find the max and add 1[Max(veh_SELF_type::Model ID) + 1]. This has worked in the past. Letters have recently been introduced for a certain type of item so the current method will need to be tweaked. I currently have 4 records for this new type of item (Model Nums - A001, A002, A003, A004). When I add a new item, the current method gives me model num "5" instead of "A005". Also, once the numbers get to A999, the next one will need to be B001. I also have to skip I, O and Q letters. I appreciate any help.
  8. I have installed FMSA 12 (technet software for development) onto a virtual server running Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Service Pack 1 (64-bit). I also have FMA 12 installed on the same server. I cannot get the Web Publishing Engine to start. I can get the IIS7 start page to display. Below is the log file and the image from my Admin Console. I have followed the "Getting Started Guide" and "Advanced Release Notes" and I am at a dead end. I don't know what error code -1 is. Is there a document anywhere that tells me exactly how to configure the IIS Web Server for FileMaker? Deployment started at 8/8/12 2:20 PM --------------------------------- SETUP: PRECONFIGURE WEB SERVER Stop web server succeeded Create IIS backup succeeded Create app fmi-test succeeded Restart web server succeeded Start default web site succeeded Test web server ( succeeded START DEPLOYMENT Step 1: Save settings: Save administrative configuration settings succeeded Step 2: Configure Database server (DBS): Set WPE Authorization Info succeeded Set XDBC AutoStart to yes succeeded Update XDBC deployment configuration succeeded Start XDBC succeeded Step 3: Configure AdminServer: Save WPE deployment settings succeeded Save web server deployment settings succeeded Save DBS deployment settings succeeded Restart WPE Stopping the WPE(wpe1) component failed: error code = -1 Create default schedules succeeded Deployment completed at 8/8/12 2:21 PM
  9. Attached are two images. The Contacts.jpg is the relationship graph where I am creating multiple TOs in order to feed their contact information into a layout from another file. The Layout.jpg is showing what I need the result to be. We enter the contact name into the layout. The company and phone number is pulled from the Contacts TO via the relationship between the contact name field and the assigned Contacts TO. I'm wondering if there's a better way. My solution is riddled with these Contact TOs. I have to recreate them over and over every time I create a new layout that needs contact data. Can I create a global field somewhere to either (1) reduce the number of contact fields I have to create in every new table or (2) reduce the number of TOs I have to create to pull in the data. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Dana
  10. I was finally able to work around this problem. I had to first create/recreate and organize all of the folders and subfolders that I wanted at the top of the layout list. Then I had start at the bottom of of the layout list and move all of the layouts into the correct folders. I deleted the existing organizational structure as I went from bottom to top. It was a pain but it worked. I don't know what I'll have to do if I need to create a folder in the middle of my structure. Crossing my fingers is my best bet at this point! Thanks Vaughn for your help.
  11. :o) Thanks for not putting that in a condescending tone...and I'm completely serious about that. Unfortunately, I've been trying that for the last few hours. Nothing works except moving the folder above one that's on the same level that I want to drop the selected one on. Once I drop it, All of the folders below it become subfolders of the selected. I've worked in IT for 10 years and I know how to move folders. This is about to bring me to tears. I rarely get the four directional "move" arrows that puts the indicator line where the folder will go. 95% of the time I only get the up and down arrows. Plus I only have 210 layouts. I read 255 was the magic number for the max layouts that can be displayed. The only thing I can think to do at this point is to recreate all of the folders, in the order I want them, and move the layouts into the new folders.
  12. Every single time I move a folder full of layouts in the Manage Layouts dialog, FM is making it a subfolder of what is directly above it. I can't get it to stop. Can anyone give me pointers? I want: Level 1 SubA SubB SubC And I'm getting this when I try to move C to be above A: Level 1 SubC SubA SubB I am not able to get A or B out of C unless I move them above C...which then puts all below into the just moved folder. Very frustrating!! Well that didn't show up correctly. See attached. The folders with red dots should be in the same outermost level.
  13. Fantastic!! This worked. Thank you so much.
  14. I have the same question. I created a table and layout (z_Layout Tracking) to hold the information as records. I would like the data for all layouts in the file in a single location. I want to see what layouts are used and how often. This is my script... Set Variable [$LayoutName; Value: Get ( LayoutName )] Go to Layout ["z_Layout Tracking" (z_Layout Tracking)] New Record/Request Set Field [z_Layout Tracking::layout_name; $LayoutName] Go to Layout [original layout} I had it set as a script trigger on the layout using "OnLayoutEnter" which functions, HOWEVER, the last step where it puts the user back into their original layout causes the layout to be entered again and creates an endless loop. I had thousands of records in just a few seconds. Is there any way to fix that or am I going about it all wrong?
  15. Along the same line...when you open the option to customize the toolbar, on the Toolbars tab there is one option. Status Toolbar. To the right there are New..., Rename..., and Delete... buttons that have always been unavailable. How can I create new toolbars?
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