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  1. Hello, Did my first install of FMS19 on CentOS 7 today. I can access the sample file via WebDirect from another computer on the network, and I can access the Admin Console. However, the desktop client doesn't even see the server. The server doesn't appear in the list of hosts; not even if I type in the IP address. I have opened port 5003 on the server's firewall, so it should be visible to the client app, right? Thanks!
  2. Continued . . . The only problem is that the script seems to pause far longer than .001 seconds (probably just takes the browser interaction that long to complete) and it also sometimes pops up the yellow bar at the top of the screen that says, "Script is Paused". Any way to supress that bar?
  3. @jaboda Thank you! The Pause/Resume works well. My status messages and activity indicator now show in WebDirect. I didn't know you could pause for that short of a duration.
  4. Hi, I have a script that retrieves and processes a bunch of records from another data source. In the desktop app, the script displays status messages at various points (updating a global text field) and then displays a progress bar while it's processing the records. In WebDirect, however, all I get is a generic dialog titled, "Action Is Running" with the content "Please wait . . ." and a spinner. My status messages and progress bar do not appear at all. Is that because it's just happening faster than FileMaker Server can push updates to my browser? I don't have a "Refresh Window" step after each update, because I thought WebDirect windows update automatically. The dialog gives the user some feedback, which is good, but it sure would be nice if I could customize it. Is that possible at all? I haven't found anything. Thanks!
  5. Has anyone found a way to center text within a field when using WebDirect? The only workaround I have seen is to add a padding value to each field. Definitely not clean or ideal.
  6. Hi, I've just installed an SSD into a Mac mini server and done a fresh install of macOS Sierra. I installed FMS16 and ran the updater to bring it up to version When trying to access the sample database over WebDirect, I get an error about JavaScriptConnector and a big, red box complaining about cookies. See the attached image. I'm using the latest version of Chrome, and cookies are enabled! Shouldn't the FMS16 installers have installed all of the necessary JavaScript files that it needs? What gives? Anybody else have this error? Thanks!
  7. I have yet to come across a means of customizing the WebDirect login screen for a database, despite searching for every relevant term I can think of. Does none exist? None at all?
  8. I tried it with the latest versions of both Firefox and Chrome.
  9. That did the trick! I had tried "fmsadmin restart server", thinking that would do it, but that didn't help. I didn't know there was a separate command just for the admin console. Thanks!
  10. I have installed FMS16 and FMPA16 locally on my Mac Pro (running El Cap) for testing purposes. The admin console doesn't seem to be showing the correct information. It is always listing connections that are no longer present, even after having restarted the server via command line, removing the file, etc. After uploading a new file to the server, the new file doesn't appear in the admin console, but can be listed via command line. Access also works by web direct, etc. Anyone else having issues with the admin console on FMS16? What did you do about it? My computer just got all the latest available system updates last Friday, so that shouldn't be the problem. Thanks!
  11. Well, I couldn't replicate the weird sorting behavior again. I do have some data that is more than one hop away. I have the records shown in the portal being sorted, but as a function of the portal, not the relationship. I'm going to try creating specialized views containing only the fields I need, (if I can get proper permissons on the Oracle database) which should help cut down on the total amount of data. Maybe that will help. We'll see! Thanks for the suggestions. I'll try to remember to post back here if I reach a solution.
  12. I don't think so, but I suppose that depends on what's considered an 'expensive' formula. I've got two unstored calcs that use a custom function to convert a JDE (Julian) date to a regular Gregorian date, one simple Let calc that contains a couple If statements and Trims spaces from field values before returning a concatenation of two values, one Count function, one simple number / 1000 arithmetic function, and one simple concatenation calc. There are no ExecuteSQL calcs or anything like that.
  13. I can't see anything that looks obviously wrong or corrupt in the exported data. Weird. If I try to use the record scrubber to nav to the record, instead of doing a find, FileMaker will flash a "Records remaining to sort" dialog that never seems to get anywhere. It just runs endlessly, and blinks on and off. Does that behavior point to any particular problem or diagnosis?
  14. I've got a strange case on my hands. Here's some background: I've got an ODBC connection to JD Edwards Enterprise 1 (Oracle DB). I have a layout that shows fields from the RMA Line Items table. There's a field at the top that lets you find by RMA number, then the matching records (found via self-join relationship) are displayed in a portal. This has been working well for years, and then one of our users stumbled across a record that couldn't be found by FileMaker, though it definitely exists. The problem seems to be limited to one specific RMA number. If you go into Find mode and enter the number, FileMaker says there are no matching records. However, if I run an ExecuteSQL statement in the Data Viewer tool, that is able to find the records. There are 179 line item records for the problem RMA number. I'm pretty sure there's no limit on number of rows or anything like that. I would have thought it to be some sort of record corruption in JDE that is preventing FileMaker from seeing the records, but that doesn't explain why I can see the data by doing an ExecuteSQL statement. It must have something to do with the ODBC table occurrences, but I can't think of what that may be. As I said, the problem seems to be limited to this one particular RMA number. Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks in advance!
  15. Ha ha! Judging by your reaction, I'm way off base. I thought that's what I had learned on this site, a couple years ago. Maybe it was somewhere else. It's been a while since I've done much with the file in question. So then, FileMaker doesn't transfer or read the entire table when the file is opened? Then what would cause it to have a delay of several minutes before anything is displayed? Thanks for helping to further my (limited) understanding of the technology!
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