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  1. I was afraid of that! Thanks for the reply Fitch.
  2. I have a table named Purchases I have a table named PurchasePortal; it has only one field: Date, linked to the date field in Purchases It has a portal which I want to use to filter purchases as of...date or between dates When I enter a search criteria in the Date field I get an error message: "The value of this field must be a valid date in the range of years 1..4000 and should look like 12/25/2003" I guess the problem is that I am not in the "find" mode??? Help is much appreciated
  3. Thanks for the reply. I am aware of the "set theName to cell "Name" of current record". But that means I have to park a variable in a cell/field first. I would like to simplify this: Filemaker: set variable $Name to "Jim" Applescript: set theName to $Name Possible??? Thanks, yknot
  4. Hi, Is there any way by which I can pass a filemaker variable to an applescript which is running as part of the filemaker script? Thanks folks, yknot
  5. Sorry for the late reply------------ actually what I want to do (after thinking about this again) is to save myself from clicking on a button to run a script. Instead I wish for a way by which something could be triggered by clicking on a field. I seem to remeber that Access has this feature: on click. Thanks for the reply
  6. I have a database with 2 layouts: "Tasks" and "Done". Layout "Task" contains one field called "task" which contains all the various tasks I should perform. Layout "Done" has the tasks which have been performed on any given date. The question: Is it possible to generate a new record in layout "Done" by clicking on a record in layout "Tasks"? The new record would contain the task and the date on which it was performed.
  7. Thanks Fenton --- you are a great help!!! When I have a Notes table that is accessed from several other tables, I do kind of the opposite. I grab the ID from the table where I started, go to the Notes layout, then create a new note, then put the ID(s) into a dedicated field(s) in Notes, then return and go to the related notes field (in a portal), then to the 1st row of the portal (sorted descending by timestamp). My problem is that I have no field which is unique to table A, B, C, D... and the Notes table. It is the serial field NoteNr which gets populated with each new record that is unique and I want to enter this number in the NoteNr field from wherever I came from. And I use this number later on for a quick search. So I solved it with your suggestion to do the loop. Thanks again, yknot
  8. Thanks Phil, Yes, I am aware of that, but if you take that one step further and then enter the "go to field" script step, scriptmaker forces you to enter: layout::field It does not simply let me go to a field without forcing the layout name into the script. And then I'm back where the script always goes to the layout from where I wrote the script. Regards, yknot
  9. I have a database with numerous layouts including a layout called "Notes" I'm trying to write a script (Notes) which will let me open the "notes" layout from any of the other layouts by using a button make an entry, copy the record number and go back to the layout I came from and enter the record number in a field called "notenr". So far no problem---as long as I always use the same layout to start with. The problem is that scriptmaker forces me to write the "go to field" or "set field" command in the form: layout A::notenr meaning that whatever layout I came from, it will always return me to layout A, the layout written into the script. But I want to be able to start from layout A,B,C,D..etc and return to whatever layout I started from. This is a long story just to explain that I am trying to find out if there is a way to define a variable using the layout name which can be used in the script so that the script will read: go to field "$variable layout name": notenr Thank you kindly, yknot
  10. Tnx for the quick reply. Have not had a chance to write the script yet but would much appreciate a bit of explanation of this line: SetVariable[ $windows ; Substitute( ¶ & WindowNames & ¶ ; ["¶The Window You want kept open here¶" ; ¶ ] ; ["¶The Second Window You want kept open here¶" ; ¶]) ] yknot
  11. I always end up with too many open windows and would like to write a script which would close all but the same two windows. I have been trying to use the window names returned by the windownames function as variable to do a loop which would close one window after the other except the two I want open. I can't figure out how to assign the result of the windownames function as a variable. The variable should then be assigned to the SelectWindow function. Thanks for any help yknot
  12. Thanks LaRetta, Works just fine. I had tried the substsitute function but my syntax was wrong. yknot
  13. Hi, How do I eliminate the spaces "from this text" so that the result is "fromthistext"? The word count of the phrase is not constant; and there is no pattern to the phrase but the lenght of the phrase is not more than 6 words max. Thanks for any help, yknot
  14. Hi, I got both the field color and the text color to work thanks to your help. However; when I switch to the "View as Table" mode, the field color method does not work anymore. Field1 separates from c_GraphicField. Any ideas? yknot
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