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  1. @Lee Smith No, I did not because I don’t know how I can do it from a complex search form where the users are displayed with all the value lists of each field. Please see the screen shot of the search form.
  2. Hello, I have a database of the staff of my lab. They belong to various teams (1, 2, 3...), have specific position (technician, engineer, researcher,... ), and other specific information. One of the function of this database is to be used to send grouped emails. For instance, to the staff of Team 1, to technicians, etc. As for now, the users have access to a model (a search form) where they can select the team and the position of the people to whom they want to send the mail. My problem: how can I do to allow my users to select the staff of, let's say, Team 1 and Team 2. Or send a mail to Technicians and Researchers? Of course, I cannot display a check box for these fields, the search will return no results since FMP will search for people belonging to Team 1 AND 2 and not Team 1 OR Team 2 (the same holds true for the position). Is there a simple way to do it: an 'OR' search within the same field? I find it strange that there is no obvious way in FMP to do a boolean search within the same field... Many thanks in advance!
  3. @Agnes RileyThank you for your kind encouragements but I am running out of time and competence for this. I thought that it would take me one hour or two to have it done. I have spent almost 2 days to finish with a solution that requires my manual intervention. Plus, the updates won’t be so frequent in the staff listing and it is therefore not worth the effort. Best regards.
  4. @Agnes Riley I did install my Google Drive inside the servers’ Document folder. This allowed to have my export file stored there. Then, I faced a new issue: each new export was named with a new number and the previous was deleted: Team_1.xlsx, Team_2.xlsx, etc. This means that that I should get a different name each time for parsing for my website. Far too complicated for me and too much developing time as compared to do it manually. That’s the reason why I gave up. Sorry that I did not explain this in my previous post. Again, thank you for your help!
  5. Well I give up with this solution, there is no simple way to do what I want. I’ll stick to a manual solution ... thank you everybody for your kind help.
  6. @IdealData: Thank you. Then, if I get it correctly, I cannot have a script running on the server, that would export my file in a folder outside the Document or Temporary folders. This means that the Base Elements Plugin cannot help and I have to find a way to automatically transfer my files from the Documents or Temporary FMS folders to my Google Drive folder. I got it right?
  7. OK, I have been able to create a script to store the export xlsx file into a global container field. Now, can someone tell me how to use the Base Elements plugin to export the content of this container field into a folder located on the hard drive of the FMP Server (in my Google Drive folder). This is the last step that I am struggling to pass. Thank you if you have a clue (I find difficult to understand how to use the function of this plugin...).
  8. I had the same idea as yours to use a container field but fall short there because I do not know how to generate an Excel file that would be inserted in the container field. Any tip to share here? Again Thank you very much!
  9. What do you mean by "making $path the hard coded string"? In my case, $path="filemac:/SSD/Users/Username/Google Drive/GoogleDriveFMP/Team1.xlsx". But the export function doesn't work in FMP server. And then what's the use of BaseElements Plugin ? Sorry if these are silly questions.
  10. @Ocean West: Thank you for your suggestion. I have installed the BaseElements Plugin but I must admit that I have hard time to understand how to use it within my script. Which function would you suggest to use to output my export file in the Google Drive folder. I have given the write/read permission to fmserver to the Google Drive and the target folder. Here is the script that I have tested but I have a dialog box appearing on the client side asking to select the target folder (on the client hard drive of course) (FMP function names freely translated from French, sorry if these are not the correct one): Define variable [$path; Value: BE_SelectFolder ("filemac:/SSD/Users/XXX/Google Drive/GoogleDriveFMP/Team1.xlsx")] Export records [Dialog box: No; "$path" ; Unicode (UTF-16)] The BE_SelectFolder might not be the right function to use in my case... Thank you for your help!
  11. Hi, I have a FMP server 15 running on a iMac which has very restricted access to the web. But it can have access to a Google Drive. Now I have a database where I store information about the staff of my company sorted by department. And finally, I have a server running the website of the company where I'd like to have the most updated staff listed on each department webpages. I'd like to have a script that would output the staff members on files stored on my Google Drive where I can ask the website to parse the listing. My issue: how can I export the staff members on the server hard drive? Ideally, can I ask a script to export directly on the Google Drive folder of my FMPS iMac? Alternatively, the script could export on the 'FileMaker Server/Data/Documents' folder, and I'll find a way to automatically transfer the exported file in the Google Drive Folder. So, how can I ask a script to export my records in this 'FileMaker Server/Data/Documents' folder? You may have a more straightforward solution: I'll take it! Many thanks in advance!! AN
  12. @ryan360WorksYou made my day!! The new version of the script is working with both FMP14 and 15. T H A N K Y O U SOOOO much!! Best regards
  13. @ryan360WorksThank you so much for your clear reply concerning the way to runPerform Script on Server script steps. Things are much clearer for me now!! I just have to learn to do it this way... Now, I ran as you suggested the command '/usr/libexec/java_home -V ' which returned that I indeed have the 1.6.0 idk. Now, in the OS Java Pref Panel of my mac, it is stated that I have the version 8 update 121 (build 1.8.0_121-b13)...??? No other plugin installed. And for FMP14 and 15, I use the same version of ScriptMaster, that is the 4.134 version (the same running on the FMP12 and 13). Thank you again! AN
  14. Installation of java 6 on macOS sierra failed on my MPBR running a client FMP (had to install java 8.121) and the same holds true for the FMS-running computer with Yosemite. But since the plugin is installed on the FMS, why the hell its functions not accessible of the client FMP accessing the DB??? And why the FMP 13 with java 8.121 is loading the 360work plugin while the FMP 14 an 15 would not?!?
  15. @ryan360WorksHere are my current settings: I run my db from FMS 15. Now the 360works scripts are correctly loaded (and listed as 'activated' in the Server Plugins tab). But it seems that the functions of the plugin are not available when the db are accessed from client FM. So I decided to install the plugin on each client computer. It was running OK with FMP12 and then FMP13. Now, it is not working with FMP14 or FMP15, regardless of the location where I place the .fmplugin version. As you suggested, I just tried the 'Install Plugin File' technic, placing the .fmplugin in a container field, but I have ended with a "1551: Cannot install the plug-in. Cannot delete an existing plug-in or cannot write to the folder or disk". My readings on the nets indicate that this issue could be very difficult to solve. So I'd like to go back to the former solution, that is to load the plugin in each client computer. I'll try to work on the java version, since this might be the issue... Thank you for your kind help AN
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