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  1. Brilliant! I am amazed there's multiple things in this solution I don't fully understand. I will investigate, but thus far it seems to behave perfectly, many thanks, /capisco
  2. Apologies, as this is no doubt simple, but I haven't figured out the vocab for an effective search, hence my question: Project Table project serial # Event Table project serial # event date event detail There are multiple Events/Project. I'd like a calc field in Project to string all the related Events as text (event detail1, event detail2, event detail3, etc). What could be easier? It would preferably deal with commas, and would ideally put them in the right order (reverse chrono), but for now I'll take ugly and alpha if it works. Many thanks in advance, /capisco
  3. Ah (thank you Lee), as promised, the db. adb.fp7.zip
  4. Okay, I _would_ attach, but - while fearing I'm showing my ignorance - I haven't figured out how to do that. I have no 'attach' option, and FMForum Help simply says "If File Attachment is enabled ...". Help here, as well, gladly accepted.
  5. Thanks, Vaughan, many helpful thoughts. But au contraire, since all of my other db's function perfectly, the problem is definitely just this one file (and copies thereof). I had not pursued your suggestions (and was ignorant of Recover ...). I now have. The Compressed Copy worked for about 30 sec, then quit. Subsequent openings now quit on launch. Similar behavior out of Clones, Duplicates, etc. (Obviously, all of these required multiple attempts to get FM to stay open long enough to access the File Menu ; ) Recovery Consistency Check found no problems on either the original (or any dupes or Clones). After Recovering, there were no problems reported, but the same behavior is exhibited out of the Recovered File: FM Quits on launch or very soon thereafter. I'm really at a loss and would welcome further insight. As it's so small (down to 132k) I'm attaching in hopes that someone's peak under the hood will cause a realization. Many thanks in advance, /J.
  6. My thanks to both of you. Succinct indeed, my girlfriend winced. But it works, works great*, and I will use it as a mantra going forward. * Unless, by chance, it's causing my now constant crash of FM; if such help-mates care to look at my latest post I'd be even more appreciative. Topic #213299
  7. I've posted here because I'm wondering if I have some circular relationships or definitions that are causing the crash (and how can I find out?) I was amazed to find virtually nothing, anywhere, on EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGBUS). I have a db which causes FM to crash consistently on first action after launch, regardless: menu click, button select, etc. FM works fine with other db's. This occurred occasionally before and seemingly randomly. There was a time when duplicating the doc and relaunching bought me some use; that was never a solution but was a workaround. No longer. Now it's a unavoidable. The db is quite small, 8 tables, <25 fields each, <75 records each, 5 layouts, no media, containers, graphics, or anything (overtly) messy. It's 384k. I've restarted, repaired permissions (nothing amiss), tossed the FM pref's; no change. Note, it's current (10.0.3), I'm not running Snow Leopard, and the pref trash was not beneficial (even once). I'm very open to suggestion. Many thanks in advance. /J. Details: Model: MacBook2,1, BootROM MB21.00A5.B07, 2 processors, Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.16 GHz, 2 GB Version: 10.0.3 (10.0.3) Code Type: X86 (Native) Parent Process: launchd [94] OS Version: Mac OS X 10.5.8 (9L31a) Anonymous UUID: 62B10A07-E398-4663-8C39-65B71965C1DB Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGBUS) Exception Codes: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE at 0x0000000000000404 Crashed Thread: 0
  8. Goal: In an Event Table the Repeating Field "Company Serial" displays the Serial of each Company via a Relationship matching the Repeating Field "Company Name". So far, no dice. I've tried defining "Company Serial" as: Number Field (Auto-Enter Calc) ... but all serials mirror the 1st entry Calc Field ... but only the first entry gets a serial Calc Field (with Extend) ... but all repetitions mirror the 1st entry Please see attached "Serial Errors" (the three repetitions should read 1004, 1061, blank). Any thoughts welcome, and my thanks in advance!
  9. I, too, have wondered about the sorting of Value Lists. There seem to be multiple opportunities to spec sorting (at the Define Relationship level, at the Define Portal level, and at Define Value List level [especially 1st vs. 2nd field]), but I'm unclear which takes precedence, and sometimes unsure why results aren't as predicted or why there's the potential for contradiction. Any comments or insight is appreciated.
  10. Hmmm. Thanks to you both. I'm investigating now. + The concern about non-unique serialization is valid (I was going to append the Agency Initials (HRC2, JM7), but would have "Under-the-hood" non-unique serials. But your solution may solve that ... + As for "Display Purposes" only, I do need more than just Summary viewability. Best, /c.
  11. Would love anybody's two cents: I'm attempting to create a serial number on record creation contingent on a self-referrential relationship. I want the serial to be the numbered occurrence of records with a common match field. For example: In the db 'Referrals', I have 83 records. In the field 'Agency', 10 of the records have "HRC" and 73 have "JM". I want the _next_ record (depending on 'HRC' or 'JM' being entered in 'Agency') to auto-enter a serial number of 11 or 74. Or 1, if different letters are used. I have a self-referential relationship using 'Agency' as the match-field, but I can't seem to get the function. Thoughts? Many thanks, /c.
  12. My thanks again for the detail. I've assembled the relationships, and am intrigued by the concept. Couple of Q's: CountryQtr = Country & Year(SaleDate) & (1+ Int(Month(SaleDate)/3)) This is a total mystery to me. Also, I should have been less vague. My goal is a grid with 13 rows (we've been calling them countires), and four columns of two pairs of mutually exclusive occurances: For each country, AA, AB, BA, or BB. Now that I think of it, an additional one as well: For each country, XAA, XAB, XBA, XBB, OAA, OAB, OBA, OBB. Luckily I need not deal with dates, but I'm sure your example was more applicable to the other 41 people watching (this Forum is incredible!). My thanks, in advance, again. /J.
  13. Many thanks for such a detailed reply. Attempting to disect now and will post further when I figure out how to apply to my specifics. I'm impressed and humbled. My thanks again. /J.
  14. Not that I know of. What about creating a new field that is data from several other records squished together (like Name = Name, Last + Name, First). There may be a way to capture everything you want to see with a calculation (next record, copy, paste, etc.) in one field on the fly, then view it via the related field. Sounds quite complicated. Good luck. /J.
  15. I think this is what you're trying to do: Create a Portal in the db in which you want to view. Create a Field, make it the Related Record you want to view, and place it in the Portal. Select the Portal, make it large enough to view multiple rows, and choose Format > Portal; then type the number of rows you'd like to see, and view multiple records as if they were repeating fields in a list. Hope this helps. /J.
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