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  1. I found the lamest way of doing it ! I created a containerfield with a white square, once we get in find mode, the whit squre disapear and at the back I wrote FIND. Really Lame but it works ! Now how do I make a container field to have a image auto entered in there ? Is there a way ? Thanks
  2. yes That was my first take on the project, but it's a 12 table database with tons of layout, the search layout would be quite full, that's why I was looking moore for a simple decoration in whichever layout when I am in find mode... I am keeping on ! Thanks for oyu imput!
  3. okya iget the idea, so I create a text field in my database, and make it by calculation enter the code you got there and put this field in my layout but all the field become blank when I switch into find mode. I know there is something I dont get. Thanks for your help
  4. Hi all, I am working with Filemaker 7 and one of the main problem I encouter lately is that people are in find mode and dont know about it. They then try to enter new customer information and then freak out on me saying 'It was all there and it all Disapear I didn't don anything wrong'. I try to teach them the find mode but still error are comming in. Is there a way to Put a big red FIND MODE in the middle of the form so my staff dont screw up ? Or somthing like change of color, I feel the dotted line arond the field just is not visible engouh Thanks
  5. Hi there, I am programming a online payment script for my filemaker database. The way I did it is to export the xml and the html in an on the fly file that need to be opened and submited. (it create a simple form with all the info needed then the user need to click submit on the page and it comes back with the info if it get ok or declined). So I am at the point that the file is created allright trought the xml export but when the script open url kicks in the file doesn't open. If I go in the system and click myself the html fle created it works fine. I realized that I cannot open any local .html file trought the open url script in filemaker. Iknow it's far from being the best way to implement a credit card function in filemaker, but it should work fine for now. Any idea why filemaker cannot open a local html file ? Thaks a lot !
  6. Okay I found a way, I made the file to auto login with the guest account and in the openscript I added at the end a relogin function so other user can login with theyr own account. Kind of not the best way but it does the trick for me. thanks
  7. Hi, I am using fmpro 7 on windows 2003 server, I am trying to make the database automaticaly start when the server is rebooted. I am wondering how to do it since if I put the database in the startup folder it will startup but will stop at the login (the I need to remote access the windows 2003 server to login so the database can be available to user since it's shared). And if I put the setting to automatically login with x or x account then when people want to connect to this file then they cannot login whit theyr proper username and password. So I tought the solution would be to create another file with a script that will open my databse and login with whatever user account I specify, but I was unable to create such script ... any clues ? thanks
  8. Thanks for the reading, I got around the relookup fields for now wich do the trick, but I got your point and my database structure might not be the best starting with, so I am looking into ways to rebuild it in a simplier way... thanks
  9. Hey T-square, I see what you mean bu tI can't figure out a way to work out what I am trying to do. I'll give you an example, my database is a contact managment and a sutdent registration. The main form is the contact managment and there is a tab for course registration. In the tab registration theres a portal to the registration table showing related record. So if I want to show the course name and the place of the course and the price of the course I need to have these info 'copy' to the registration table when I create this registration. In the course layout, I have a portal to the registration at the bottom listing all the student in this course, so in order to do that the portal link to the registration table wich needs to have the information of the student in there. I might not understand the how to of filemaker yet so I'll do the reading you suggest, but if you understand my needs and have a simplyer way to do so let me know. thanks
  10. Yes I tryed to keep all the info on the contact table but I came up to trouble when I was trying to create report and mailling list and lots of other usages... Thanks, I'll keep on working on my script then... I am amaze that there is nothing in the core of filemaker to automate this type of update in between table.... I'll keep on the search thanks
  11. Hi all, This question was probalbly asked many time but I couldn't find it trought all the post here so if anyone can point me toward the solution it would be great! Filemaker pro 7, I have a student table and a course table and a registration table, when I register a student to a course it create a registration entry with info from the student and the course. So far so good. What I want to do is when I change the e-mail of the student in the student table, then it would automatically update in the registration table. (I started to creat a script for that but then I realize that there should be something with relation and tables that would do the trick) thanks
  12. Sweet, I am starting to understand the strenght of rile maker, Thanks a lot. I can now move easely the contact info to the invoice and to move people to register them in a courses. Now I am trying to add an automatic product adding button. I created a listing of all product and a button over each product. It work ok (but slow) with copy and past but I am trying to use these lookup. In my invoice I have a itemid itemname price etc... I want to have the itemid in the relationship with my product table, but then I have to map every itemid1 itemid2 itemid3, to the main product table. Well it doesn't work. HOw can I creat a relation ship for a sort of repeating field ? I don't want to use repeating filed since I will need to generate quite many type of report from invoicing and all.. Thank in addvance
  13. I am experiencing the same "beginner" probleme... How do you "pull" the information once you pass the id from one table to the other ? Many thanks
  14. Hi all, I am quite beginner too, I am creating a contact manager/invoicing/course registration database and there is a lot of data copying from one table to the other, like when I create a new invoice, register a contact or try to add a product/course in a invoice. I am trying to move data efficiently but the only script that work ok is using go to layout invoice newrecord go to layout contactmanagment copy field firstname go to layou invoice past firstname go to layout contamanagment copy lastname goto invoice past lastname ..... Wich is quite long to write. This is quite basic, hopefully there is better solution since my script are getting really long. Also when I create an invoice I want to be able to add product automatically so I do about the same type of script but adding a if field product1 ="" go to layout product copy product goto layout invoice past product ..... wich is even longer... Any help would be greatly appreciated
  15. Hum, I meant I was using Panorama before. Is there such a thing as claivoyance in FM ? Thanks for your quick reply..
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