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  1. Thank you very much! That worked great. I used your first suggestion. I really owe you, Comment. You helped me out last time I had a question, too. You're the greatest!
  2. Hi everyone, I have a database with multiple related tables. which keeps track of various companies, projects, unions, and contracts. Each project usually has more than one company involved, and each company usually has multiple union contracts (and sometimes more than one contract with the same union.) Through portals, I can see all of these relationships. However, I'd like to make a simple layout which tells me right away if a specific union has any contracts with each company with a boolean Yes or No. What I'd like to do is have a calculation field in the company table that will tell me if a specific union has a contract with that company. Here's where I got stuck. My calculation field " If (UnionContract:union serial = "3";1;0) (in this case the 3 happens to be the serial number for the union that I'm looking at right now) didn't work. As anyone with experience could probably predict, this only gives correct data for those employers that ONLY have a contract with that union. For those companies that have more than one union relationship (which is most of my data) it returns a 0. I've determined that the "=" operator is too restrictive. Is there a different operator I should use that would mean "includes"? Or do I need to use a different function than "IF"? Or am I just completely off track? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Yay!!! I'm doing a little dance in my office, watching the charts fill up with numbers instead of blank spaces and zeros! Its hard to explain how satisfying this is, even if it is "cheating", as LaRetta puts it. Thank you all so much!!
  4. Okay, after a lot of confusion and using the wrong sample database, I'm now using the SumbyCategorySimple database and I feel very good about the progress I've made. Thank you LaRetta for your encouragement! Now I've just got (hopefully) one problem. In the following calculation, where do I put my field name? Substitute ( MiddleValues ( ValueListItems ( Get (FileName) ; "Categories" ) ; Get ( CalculationRepetitionNumber ) ; 1 ) ; ¶ ; "" ) My field name is RecruitMethod, and there are five choices in the checkbox value list for that field: Postcard Invitation, Invited by a friend, Website Announcement, Phone Call, Other Thank you so much for your help!!
  5. I did download the file, I looked at all the field definations/calculations. I just didn't understand them.
  6. Hi everyone, thanks for all the feedback. Kiwiora, thank you for trying to help me. Unfortunately, I seem to not have explained my question well enough. Almost everyone has checked at least one of the boxes, and I'm not really looking for whether the field is empty. I just want a count of how many people selected each of the possible answers. The payment method question referenced almost answered my question except you could only pick one of the values, and they seemed more concerned with adding up the amount of money coming in from each payment method. In other words it was too different to be helpful to me. Unfortunately, this is all way over my head. Unfortunately, the "what the f***" multiple thread references did NOT help me draw my own conclusions.... because those situations were different from mine and anyway I just didn't understand any of it. Right now, I know I can simply do a "find" to get the number of people who checked each answer, and then use a handheld calculator to find the percentage. So that's what I have done in the interim. However, I know that Filemaker can have a calculation field to do this for me. I just don't know how. Sorry but I find the Help in the software next to useless. I spent three hours reading it and trying to figure it out before I posted my question here. I know what Soren is saying about oracles and advice and jumping to conclusions, but I think that applies more to life decisions than math... at least in my case. So I hope that someone will be kind enough to give me a very simple answer to my very novice question! Thanks!!!
  7. I'm trying to figure out how to make a report that will give me percentages on responses to a survey. I tried to browse through the existing topics but everything I saw was more advanced than this. I made a field with a value list -a checkbox set- with five possible responses. I want to make a report that shows the percentage of respondants for each answer. (People could pick more than one.) I tried making a calculation field using an IF function If ( FieldName = "postcard" ; 1; 0) which I would then use a count field to add up the number. I'm sure there is an easier way. But this doesn't work anyway, as it only gives me the records where they only selected "postcard" and ignores records with "postcard" and "phone call" or other combinations. Is the solution to use a different operator? Or do I have to make five separate fields instead of using a value list? Or is there some easier way, like maybe a Count function? Thank you for any help!
  8. I did make that mistake at one point, and it caused a problem with the email body only including one record, but I changed it to a global field and the email is working correctly now. However, FileMaker still crashes every time I run it. I even went to the backup and re-wrote the script but it is also crashing the program.
  9. Here's the whole script as it is now. It creates the email correctly, but then shuts down filemaker. Set Field [DBname::GlobalField;""] Show All Records Go to Record/Request/Page [First] Loop If [Trim (DBname::Field) <> ""] Set Field [DBname::GlobalField; DBname::GlobalField & "#" & DBName::Field] End If Go to Record/Request/Page [Next; Exit after last] End Loop Send Mail [To: "[email protected]"; Message: DBname:GlobalField] except instead of # it is the paragraph symbol
  10. Post deleted by MarijaK
  11. Thank you Sanjai, This works perfectly except for one big problem. It generates the email correctly, but then I get a message that Filemaker has generated errors and it shuts down. not good!! Any thoughts?
  12. I think this is a really simple thing to do and I hope someone can help. How do I send an email that has in the body the data from one field for all the records in the table? (for example, a list of First names of everyone in the database.) I can get it to send an email that has the field from only one record at a time-- I can't figure out how to get it for all the records (or the records from a found set.) Please help!
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