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  1. gee whiz! 70 views of this topic and nobody can offer a hint or a view on it?
  2. Hi there, I have filemaker server 8 advanced now. It is serving my databases fine across the network. I want to serve one of the databases to some users over the internet. I have read and read and digested the pdf 'Web Publishing Setup Guide'. I have installed FMSA8 on one machine (call it Dataserver) and have installed the web publishing engine on our IIS server (call it Server). The services appear to be running on the server and it has made a folder called jakarta. However, I cannot get to the Web Publishing Administration console from typing - http://localhost/fmi/config. I just get 'page not found.' I do this from the IIS server machine - correct? Even if not, I also tried typing www.domainname.com/fmi/config and that doesn't work either. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the engine 3 times now and that doesn't seem to be the problem. I checked where the jakarta folder under IIs points to - a file called isapi_redirect.dll. This can't be right can it? Anyway, can anyone help please. I've checked loads of other posts on this forum. Plenty of people have mentioned the same problem, but no-one ever mentions how they fixed it. Thanks.
  3. *******, *******, *******. ok thanks for the help. any ideas how to serve databases without coughing up for advanced?
  4. Hi there, I'm trying to publish a file locally with IWP that is hosted on filemaker server 8 in the same building on the same network. The file opens fine using open remote. However when I try to enable IWP, the file is not listed. i can't enable it in the IWP preferences because it doesn't show there. None of the other files open that are served by filemaker server 8 appear either. IWP works fine for local files on my own machine. Can anyone help? I'm trying to do this to test whether publishing the data to remote users would be of any help to them. I'm reluctant to spend the £1000 to upgrade server 8 to server 8 advanced so need to test it first. Second question. Is there any way to publish filemaker 8 data to the web live without filemaker server 8 advanced? Thanks heaps, dave
  5. thanks to those that looked but i figured it out in the end. I added additional words to the set variable by using set variable[$filepath; Value:Get (DesktopPath ) & fieldname & "_morewords.xls" interestingly it would not work if I just tried adding ".xls" to the end. just thought I would share with you all.
  6. not sure if this will help but look up the set variable command in filemaker help and you should be able to pass a variable filename to the export command.
  7. Hi all, Please help! I'm going la la here trying to sort out how to export or save records as an excel file (neither way works). I have created a script that should automatically find a bunch of records, and then export specific fields into an Excel spreadsheet that i can email out. Using 'Set Variable' commands it saves the resulting file to the desktop with the name of a field in the database. That way I can loop through the database and create different filenames for each record. Works brillantly - except for one thing! The 'save as excel' and the 'export records' script step both fail to put on the file extension for Excel, namely .xls. The people at the other end receiving this automatic email aren't that clever and I can't rely on them being able to rename the file to xxx.xls. I've tried adding & ".xls" to set variable script and tried making a new filename variable that sets the name to xxx & ".xls" but both methods produce errors. I've attached a pdf of the script as whole solution far too big to post. Can anyone help? thanks heaps dave export_script.pdf
  8. Forgot to subscribe to this topic so only just checked this morning. Thanks for the reply. You are a genius! Just had a quick mess around with your solution and it seems like exactly what I want. Obviously though I'm going to have to finally bite the bullet and upgrade from fm3 server and fm4 pro licenses. That's a bit of a bugger. Thanks again for your help.
  9. Hi all, I recently saw a solution that enabled the user to create their own letter templates. The user could also add various merge fields from a list on the right hand side to the body of the text and then save the letter as a template. Then when it came to printing a letter to a contact in the database, the user has a choice of previously saved templates to send to them. Unfortunately this solution is locked and I can't see how it is done. We have a need to create different types of letters all the time and so have a huge list of different layouts for each one. It strikes me that using a letter template, you could have just one layout which changed according to the content of a 'body' field. Can this be done? Can anybody show me how? Do I need to create a separate letter template db and build a relationship to the contacts db? And how would I show the merge fields on the letter template layout? I'm a bit confused. It looks easy in the solution I have but I can't figure out in my head how it works. Thanks for any help. Dave
  10. hi thanks for that info. Never thought to look for the word 'parse'. Gotta say though that looking through the forums, actual detail on what to do seems a bit sparse. Anyway, not sure that popit thing will do the job - have tried it but it can't connect to my exchange server. Are there any other plugins that might work? Or third party solutions that can automate this process a bit more?
  11. Hi all, Is it possible to sort a value list - preferably by name so that 'a' things come before 'b' before 'c' etc. Any ideas how? Thanks,
  12. Hi all, We are using Outlook to collect web form data from a third party website. emails come down at the rate of about 200 a day and we have to get them into filemaker to try and process them - mostly brochure requests. Anyway, is there solution available (plugin / clever script, third party solution) that can look at an email inbox, read the fields in it and import them into filemaker as new records. Preferably it would also then move the email to a new folder so it doesn't look at it again. I don't mind if it has to be a once only daily manual process if it can't be automatic. Does anyone have any good ideas? Is anyone else doing this now? I don't mind having to upgrade filemaker if this is the only way. Thanks for your help. Dave
  13. got it fixed! for anyone that is ever afflicted with this problem in the future, here is some help. It ended up being just one laptop's problem - a sony machine. I ran the vaio update program and updated all the various sony software on it. This fixed it. The specific error was to do with the sound manager program it has. HOpe this helps others in the future.
  14. Hi Heckate, what did you do to solve the problem. I am getting the exact same issue with a Sony laptop.
  15. So nobody knows what this is? Bit more information - it says Application Error - failed to initialise properly then gives the memory number. (basically a bunch of zeroes with a 5 in there somewhere - not important I imagine) Could it be a registry issue? I have tried recreating the application using a different extension (XZZ). Again it works on other machines, but on one laptop it gives the application error. I read in other posts that an application error could be to do with the registry, and windows not knowing how to deal with the extension that the filemaker runtimes are given. Any ideas, anyone?
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