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  1. Hi, I'm trying to the last payment date from a line item file. I can get the Last(PaymentAmount) but not the date of the last payment. GetAsNumber ( Last (PaymentAmount ) ) works...
  2. Cloning the file has lost all key fields and relationships. Can anyone make head or tails of the file?
  3. Okay, just figured out how to get the zip uploaded, duh! Relationships.fp7.zip
  4. Even the clone with no reordss was 10mb but here goes a paired down version. I didn't realize I can't post .FP7 extensions so here are some .pngs.
  5. I just want to thank you all for being there to help people when they run into brick walls. :
  6. I'd love to but it's about 20mb all in one file. I suppose I could export just the TO's I'm talking about. Give me a few!
  7. Hi There, The Jobs TO is the master data for all the jobs (after being transferred from Estimates). From the Jobs TO all activity begins, material is ordered(PO's), labor is applied(Payroll), Invoices(AP), and Billings(AR) yadi yada. I kept the same structure from the Estimates TO, using a line items file allowed me to select specific Details. Maybe I don't really need it in the Jobs file???
  8. Hello All, I have many jobs which have many details to them. I would like to enter an invoice from a vendor for a job and choose which details I want to apply to the invoice. The details reside in a line items file while the job code is in the master file. I can't seem to get the relationships to correctly pull up the details of the job. I get the details of all the jobs rather than the one job I choose. I would like to choose the details of the job from a value list, but again, I can't get the value list to just show the details of a particular job. I've been struggling with many to many, three way, etc. and conditional value lists but no go. Thanks! : [color:red]
  9. I like your thoughts but I don't know about using repeating fields. Do you find it slow? Please see my reply to dual mon.
  10. Currently I have; Estimates Table Estimate Line Item Table Est Template Table User can select a button to "Use Template" These are the scripts; If [ PatternCount (Get ( LayoutName );"JCEstimates New") ] Commit Records/Requests Perform Script [ "Slide Down" ] Perform Script [ "Slide Up" ] Perform Script [ "Zoom" ] Go to Layout [ "JCEstimates PSD" (JCEstimateLineItems) ] #This will import from Detail Codes a template. Show Custom Dialog [ Title: "Import Template"; Message: "Do you want to use an Estimate template?"; Buttons: "Yes", "Cancel" ] If [ Get ( LastMessageChoice )=1 ] Perform Script [ "Layout - JC Estimates Use Template" ] Go to Portal Row [ Select; First ] Go to Field [ JCEstimateLineItems::Detail Number ] [ Select/perform ] End If Else Go to Portal Row [ Select; First ] Go to Field [ JCEstimateLineItems::Detail Number ] [ Select/perform ] End If Import Records [ Source: "file: Constr.fp7"; Target: "JCEstimateLineItems"; ] In this part I don't know if I'm following protocol with respect to ID's; Insert Est ID Go to Field [ JCEstimates::KPEstID ] [ Select/perform ] Copy [ JCEstimates::KPEstID ] [ Select ] Go to Layout [ "JCEstLi - Import L/o" (JCEstimateLineItems) ] Paste [ JCEstimateLineItems::kfEstID ] [ Select; No style ] Replace Field Contents [ JCEstimateLineItems::kfEstID; Current contents ] [ No dialog ] Go to Layout [ "JCEstimates PSD" (JCEstimateLineItems) ] Go to Field [ JCEstimateLineItems::Phase No ] [ Select/perform ] Replace Field Contents [ JCEstimateLineItems::Phase No; Replace with calculation: 400 ] [ No dialog ] This is the only way I can think of to get the EstID into the Est Line Items file, and I need it there to identify which estimate the line items belong to, or do I? I do have a layout for I use for printing (the portal) where I can call up the estimate by estid. Is this structure funky?
  11. What would be the best structure to offer the user a choice to use a template, or not? They start a new Estimate and are asked "Would you like to use a template?" Yes, and ?? The template contains all fields with data, where user enters quantities. Estimate Table Do I use; Template Table w/repeating fields? Template Table w/globals? No need for relationship? User needs to grab data from Template, and also be able to edit numbers on template as costs change. Tks
  12. Thank you so much, that worked after I changed the context of the layout. I have another question, in the same Estimate layout there are the fields; Phase/Step/Detail Number/Detail Type/Description....etc Phase is auto entered as 400, but if a user wants to add a step to the estimate I currently have them click on Step field, which is scripted to take them to the Step layout where they enter a Step number, description and amount. After selecting OK, they are taken back to the estimate and the info is pasted into the Estimate detail fields Step number and description. The config is like that of an outline where; Phase(400)/Step (100)/ Detail (001)/Labor/Bricklayer/Cost/Unit. Phase and Step number auto enters previous data. Is there a more "savvy way to accomplish the step part of the estimate that you know of? Thank you so much again for helping me with the other part.
  13. Hi, I tried what you suggested and changed Detail Type to an unstored calc as; Case ( GetAsNumber ( Detail Number ) <= 10; "Labor" ; GetAsNumber ( Detail Number ) <= 149; "Material"; GetAsNumber ( Detail Number ) <= 230; "Misc"; GetAsNumber ( Detail Number ) <= 399; "OH"; GetAsNumber ( Detail Number ) <= 430; "CO"; GetAsNumber ( Detail Number ) <= 510; "Subc"; "NA") However, the field remains empty after selecting Detail Number. Did I miss something?
  14. I'm using FM v7 and building an Estimate with layouts Phases, Steps and Details. The user begins at the details, which are the building blocks of the estimate. The details consist of fields; Detail Number = threedigitnumber(001=Labor[bricklayer],002=Labor[Tender]...etc Detail Type = Labor, Material, Equipment, Misc, Subcontractor, Overhead Detail Code = if Labor (Bricklayer, or Tender, or Operating Engineer) if Material (Block, or Brick, or Cement, etc.) When a user selects a Detail Number (from Pop up list[table detail template] the next field choice is Detail Type (this is where I want to safeguard, if you will, the selection. If Detail number is 001 through 010, then Detail Type should accept only "Labor" as the choice. Detail Number 001 thru 010 = Detail Type "Labor" Detail Number 011 thru 130 = Detail Type "Material", etc. I could change the sequencing of the Detail Numbers; however, the same Detail Numbers, Types, and Codes will be used repeatedly by each estimate. And the user can also create new Detail Numbers (and I wish to control this by structuring the numbers). Sorry about the length. I've been banging my head against the wall on this one! I've tried validation by calc, and Case calcs in both Type and Number to no success. Thanks!
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