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  1. Many thanks Steve! I will give it a try. The script you provided sounds like the right approach for me. Chris
  2. I have a field called "Employee Name" that presents the user with a drop down list showing a list of all employee names. I would like to force the user to select their name from the list only and not be able to manually type in their name. How can this be accomplished ?
  3. Server OSX V10.9.5 / FMPA V13.0.v5 Dev. File / FMS V13.0.5.520 Server I have also experienced this problem. My .pdf's are stored (embedded) in a container field. When uploaded, the documents are not visible. Even though they are visable in other files hosted. Caveat: I remotely manage the server. I am not in the LAN where the server resides. Therefore using the "sharing>Upload to Filemaker Server" process will not work for me. I therefore "manually" place the uploaded files in their hosted location.
  4. I appreciate the comments Claus, but, this relationship between Apple & Filemaker has not been a strong one for some time now. When you sign up for the yearly maintenance agreement you expect better performance and timeliness with their FMP products because that is what they promised. To post an arcane notice basically saying "oops" after a year+ of development we are still not supporting Yosemite is at best bad management! Did FMP Management forget to pass along the "Yosemite beta" development memo to the design staff? Just watch, the next Yosemite update will fix a few things and Filemaker will still not have their product released to support it. Just follow the history of Java FMP support and you will see Filemaker's "reactive" rather than "proactive" approach to everything they do.
  5. The is stupid and ridiculous. Filemaker is a "subsidiary" of Apple. Why does it take so long to get "in-step" with them?
  6. Has anybody designed an integrated Balance sheet program? This would enable the user to prepare a balance sheet that is formatted in the traditional way?
  7. I have created a custom menu set. When I attempt to use it, the book icon and slider bar in the task bar area are dimmed when in the custom menu mode. I thought these two things could work together. The manual and help topics say nothing about this subject. What am I doing wrong ?
  8. the calculation does not appear to be working...
  9. thanks for your help. I am not sure what "(t)" stands for in your script?
  10. Want to create a script to print a Profit & Loss statement for any given month without having to enter find mode and selecting the "from / thru" dates. i.e. If the month is August, find all records from 8/1...8/31 if it is indeed August and so on depending on what the current date is.
  11. Thank you for the help. Your recommendation works great and I can see where this has possibilities. I appreciate your help!!
  12. Your solution works great ! I could not see the forest for the trees ! Thanks so much for spending the time on this issue.
  13. Setup: FMP (v9) server & 5 clients Objective: To send a Customer an email with an Invoice as a ".pdf" attachment. Problem: When the script is performed locally on my machine it works great, however, when executed on the remote client machine it will not work. It must be a "get" filepath" issue ? The "Get (File Path)" script step is supposed to function the same on the server & client... but does not work or I am doing something wrong. It apparently is trying to place the ".pdf" file via the chosen path and can't... Script Steps: Set Variable [$einvoice.pdf; Value:Get (File Path) & "einvoice.pdf"] Save Records as PDF [Restore; No dialog; "$einvoice.pdf"; Records being browsed] Send Mail [send via E-mail Client; To: Invoice::Email Address; Subject: "Company Invoice Number - "&invoice::Inv_Number;"$einvoice.pdf"] Close Window [Current Window]
  14. I have two files (PO's & Invoices) each with its respective table data (PO_data & INV_data). From within the Invoice portal I would like to be able to enter "line number 1" and have it display the corresponding line number data (i.e Part No., Description, price, etc) from the PO file. Either displayed or copied via a lookup. PO Key = PO_No_id I cannot get the relationship right !!
  15. Phil, Thanks for trying to help me on this issue.
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