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  1. Hi There, I have come up with a way of inserting/deleting records in a portal similar to how you would insert/delete in excel. If you could please evaluate and comment, I would greatly appreciate it. I am looking to see if anyone finds anything that I have not considered with regards to this process. The idea is that you want the records in the portal to be shown in the order they are entered, unless you insert a row between two records... you will see what I mean by looking at the file attached. Thanks so much for taking the time to look at this. Constance insert_portal.zip
  2. Hi, We have a database that's built in FileMaker 11. it is hosted on FileMaker Server 11 Adlvanced. Our client has a software that runs some queries through Sql Server and ODBC on to our database to extract information from our database. The table that he is trying to query has 258 fields of which 93 are indexed. When he tries to connect to this table, it tells him that there are too many fields being indexed. How do we get around this issue? Is there a best practices for setting up a FileMaker database that will allow easy querying through ODBC/Sql Server? Or is there a different way he could connect to our database rather than ODBC that would solve this issue?
  3. HI There, is there a way to capture a get(lasterror) to use it later in a script? want to put the error in a log of errors for the process... Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Constance
  4. Hi, I am trying to test the zip file functionality and am getting the error missing property exception (see attachment for details). I made sure I have the latest Java Virtual Machine installed. I am not familiar with Java or Groovy. Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong? Thanks, Constance
  5. Hi, I have a layout that I show records in as a list. I want to be able to show users what line they are on by coloring the background of the record selected (background of the fields a different color). Is there a way of doing this? I know how to use conditional formatting on a per field basis, but in a list, this doesn't help me. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance Constance
  6. Thanks Comment, This may work :o
  7. Thanks comment, this was exactly what I needed to get started... Constance
  8. Hi, we are working with another software vendor and need to provide data to their database in the form of an xml file. The xml file needs to be in a specific format. I assume I need to create an xslt stlyle sheet to convert the data in the format they require. How do I do this? I have tried to look at a number of resources both online and on my filemaker database (examples provided by FileMaker) and I can't figure out how to do this. Most of the documentation I found was converting information to an html table. I don't require this. I just require an xml file with the data in it. My database has three fields (for the sake of simplicity). Article, Author and Title here is an example of what the xml file needs to look like Gerhard Weikum The Web in 10 Years How do I do this? Thanks, Constance
  9. Without explaining our business too much, there will never be more than 5 employees (in my solution, the employee is a different entity that never exceeds 5). I am not following your explanation on how I would use a global field to select the correct portal. Also, I don't want the user to have to click on a field to see the computers that the employee has assigned. I want them to show as soono as you go to the employee tab. Is there a way of setting up a relationship to show the information I require?
  10. Hi All, I am trying to understand how one could show related records from one table, but that table's child related records beside it. I have simplified my example as follows: I have the following entities: Company Employee Computers Each company has up to 5 employees. Each employee can have multiple computer records. The administrator adds an employee and the computers related to that employee. The employees are setup on tabs, each tab showing the first portal record or first employee for that company, second tab showing the second portal record or second employee, up to the fifth portal record (see example database) The problem I have is how do I show the computers in a portal on the same tab as the employee information? I have attached an example of the database so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Constance company_employees_computers.zip
  11. Thanks, that is exactly what I needed. I tried to setup a linked table in access but I get the error ODBC CALL FAILED and in the table I get all the colunms with #NAME?. Does anyone know why this would be? many thanks again for your help Constance
  12. Hi all, I am trying to figure out how to setup a dsn to give other applications access to the data in my filemaker 10 database (all on the same machine, local workstation). I have already setup the filemaker file to give specific users access through odbc (file, sharing, odbc/jdbc, and extended privileges) When I go to the Microsoft ODBC data source setup utility, I have the following Filemaker odbc drivers: Filemaker oracle 8 driver filemaker pro filemaker sql server driver filemaker text driver I have tried all but the text driver and I get an error accessing. Which is the correct one to use, or am I totally missing something? Thanks for your help in this matter. Constance
  13. Here's what I was missing: If (getLayoutObjectAttribute("event_00";"isFrontTabPannel")=1 show message"it works" else show message "it doesn't work" endif I also checked the trigger to run on object modify and that seems to have done the trick for me. hope this helps someone else down the road.
  14. Hi all, I have been trying to use the getLayoutObjectAttribute to setup script triggers on a tab. I am obviously missing something because it's not working. I have 3 tabs, with object names as: event_00, event_01 and event_02 I have setup Script triggering onObjectEnter on each tab. Is this correct? Also, my script that runs is as follows: If (getLayoutObjectAttribute("event_00";isFrontTabPannel) show message"it works" else show message "it doesn't work" endif Is this correct? Thanks in advance, Constance
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