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  1. Thanks to trial and error, I figured out the problem: the file path format must use "/" instead of "". how that happens or why is besides me.
  2. When using the set variable call, I get an error message saying that FM cannot find the file and the error message quotes an abbreviated path. I checked the saved path and it is correct. What could be the cause of this error? An example of the path format is: "filewin:c:documentsandsettingsmattnewprofile.xls" the error message reference says cannot find the file: "c:documentsandsettingsmattnewprofile.xls" Thanks for your help. matt
  3. Is it possible to script "import document" using a given path saved in a field, instead of having a dialog? I have to import multiple files where the file path is known and the files change frequently. Thanks matt
  4. Thanks guys, I rechecked the data and you were right, it does follow a pattern. This solution should cover it. Matt
  5. Each field shows as a separate record, and the actual data is incomplete when importing from FM. For example: 1 file shows as 55 records. The form that I have to use is formatted like a word file would look, many cells are combined and there is also a lot of empty space. I have to process a bunch of these files and the only other alternative is manual data entry.
  6. Does anyone have a solution for importing from a formated excel file? I have to use a form provided by my client. The Data is not in simple rows and columns, basically I just want to point to certain cells and let it pull the data out and import them into FM. If I try to import data using FM, the data is disorganized and shows as separate records instead of 1 record with different fields. I demoed Excel Extract data and text, a program from www.sobolsoft.com, but the program is not very refined and has NO support. Thanks for the help Matt
  7. Hey there, I use ezxslt on a regular basis and it works fine for me. Formating is very flexible, you can output to any format you want. I also use the PC version. The only problem I have is that the file sizes are very large compared to normal word files. Matt
  8. Hi, I am witnessing a weird error that may be a Filemaker glitch. Setup: two tables, one is a parent relationship. The child has a container with a document in it. This table has 2 occurances related to different keys on the parent. One relationship is one to one. The other relationship is one to many. Basically I have one field for a report and another field for an invoice. The report is a word file and the invoice is PDF. Each record may only have one report, however each invoice will have many records. If there is only a PDF, the PDF is properly referenced. However if there is both a PDF and a word file, the PDF field is wrong. It opens up a random file. I tried creating a separate TO for the Parent, one for the word files and one for the PDF's but the result was the same. Perhaps the word file locks the record and keeps the other TO from connecting to a different record of the same table? I dunno, i tried searching for others with the same problem with no luck. Thanks for any insight! matt
  9. Each value copied is different. Basically its a previous report that is copied field by field for a new report. I can't duplicate the record because I only need some of the data. When I say it crashes, it closes the file and closes filemaker pro 8. It happens about a half second after the script is called so I dont see how could loop infinetely. The wierd thing is that it works fine on fmp8a.
  10. Here is my script: Go to Field [ Copy_Last~Audit::q1 ] Set Field [ Preferences::gCounter; 55 ] Loop Copy [ ] [ Select ] Go to Next Field Set Field [ Preferences::gCounter; Preferences::gCounter-1 ] Paste [ ] [ Select ] Go to Next Field Exit Loop If [ Preferences::gCounter = 1 ] End Loop Set Field [ Audit::Annual; "X" ]
  11. Ideal, I've heard about using calculated replaces, but how would you apply it to replace a loop? Ray, my file is too big to post. It crashes fmp8 during remote and when its running independently on fmp8. version is 8.02
  12. Hi I have a very simple loop. The layout has 110 fields and the script copies the first field and pastes into the next field. It loops 55 times using a counter and exits. It works fine with FMP8 advanced, but when I use fmp8 it crashes. Privledges are the same. Any ideas?
  13. Owen, SyncDek from worldsync.com is your only solution. Its not cheap and not easy but its the only way to go for what you are trying to do. I use it when I am in the field (without internet) so I can use the database and then sync it with the main file when I get back to the office. Worldsync has EXCELLENT customer service and they were able to get even an idiot like me up and running.
  14. Thanks for the feedback, Its just weird for me to be able to open the file and use it until I want to perform maintenance on it; then it crashes. Wish there was a tool to analyze the data itself
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