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  1. along the same lines as this question, I have FMP7 adv, and I want to use smarty php to connect my html pages to my DB, will php connect directly to FMP7 adv? I'm still really new to this whole process, still trying to get all of the information I can. ANY help is appreciated (also does FMP have built in session management and tracking?)
  2. I"ve just opted to have it manually entered there are only 300 records, so it won't take that much time. Would take more time to figure this out. Kind of frustrating. I'm giving up for now, doesn't mean I'm not going to figure it out in the future, just not right now as time is of the essence with the db upgrade I"m working on. I appreciate the help though!!
  3. So that doesn't seem to be working. I am not quite sure what I'm doing wrong, but it isn't checking a box at all. I've tried variations of all of the examples I've read. Doesn't seem to be anything being read in there at all? Any ideas?
  4. Can I have my layout be pink for girls and blue for boys? It'd be a nice feature, but I have no idea how to do it aside from creating two layouts. Would I need to create a layout and have it pull up the correct layout based on the value of the gender field, or is there an easier way?
  5. comment thank you so much for the help, I'll try it out and let you know. I do need to be able to check more than one option though. (Think matchmaker type db, you'll need to know if a person wants to date someone in the age range of 18-25 AND 26-30) I've been using the logic AgeRange = If ( IsEmpty( f1 ); ""; "
  6. On the old DB my company was using, there are a ton of checkboxes. Currently they have them each as a unique checkbox, I need them to all be merged into one SET of checkboxes. (I'll give an example) For example, previous there were age ranges (18-25, 26-30, 31-35 etc.) Each age range was a seperate field and held a value of "checked" or "unchecked" (ie: 18-25 was seperate from 26-30 rather than being selected from a value list that included 18-25 AND 26-30) I need to take that information of "checked" or"unchecked" and have it actually take and check or uncheck the boxes in my check box list. I'm reading what I can from this forum, but I'm not finding anything that would help in this situation. If you can help, I'd really appreciate the time!
  7. I knew it was going to be something inanely simple. Thanks Bob Yer my hero!
  8. Let's say I am showing a field's value utilizing the <<entervariablenamehere>> technique. (the value list is a series of check boxes) If I have a value list it is currently listing the value in the following manner: Cats Dogs Mice I want it to display this way instead: Cats, Dogs, Mice Is there a way to do this at all? Am I thinking it's difficult when it is really something simple? Please help! (I'm still trying to learn)
  9. I need to know how to generate a client number based on the record number. Easy enough. Problem is that they want some special functionality that is beyond me: Let's say we have records 1,2,3,4. With client numbers 101,102,103,104 respectively. We delete record 2(thus deleting client number 102), and rather than assigning record 105 to the next one that is created, they want it to assign client number 102 since that number is no longer in use. How would I do this?
  10. thank you so much for this.... that's all she has to say
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