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  1. Thanks! The pattern count worked perfect In the script I guess I am just missing something in the calculation because I can't that work.
  2. I guess I don't understand how to create a private key. Could you lead me in the right direction?
  3. Thanks Queue... And on that note I have another question. Lets say my tabs are phone numbers. Phone numbers are related to Personal or Business related. I would like the phone numbers that are related to a Business (like Main Office, Customer Service etc...) to be visible in all the related People Records. But the phone numbers that are Personal ( Like direct LIne, Cell etc.) to only be visible in the Individual Persons Records. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  4. I am lost... I have my "Detail Description" in a Portal that would allow me multiple combinations for each 'Estimate" record. If I make the "Detail Description" a Calculation I would not be permit to add additional "Descriptions" as needed.
  5. And I hope I can explain this. I have a Table "Print Specs" with a field called "Final Spec Options". It is a value list check box set. Example Die Cut, Laminate, Perf etc. I have a Table "Estimates" with a portal to "Estimate Details" with field "Detail Description" and 'Detail Cost" I want to create a button that will pre set the "Detail Description" fields based on the contents of the "Final Specs Options" field. example If "Final Specs Options" field contains Die Cut - then set field "Detail Description" to Die Cost. I can't seem to get the If stated correctly... thanks. c.
  6. What do you mean by portal being located way in the back? Would there be a more effecient way to do it? (Silly question I am sure.)
  7. Thank you! That is exactly what I was looking to do. And to address comment, that really is all I want to do, is see some stuff and record some stuff. But isn't that what a database is supposed to do? Show you information in relationship to other information. What I was trying to achieve was a visual enhancement to my layout design. What may be very obvious to the experienced and talented developer is not even a blip on my radar screen. I apologize if my choice of words or details seemed vague. But I very new to this FM. I am still learning correct terminology and process. I truly appreciate your help. c
  8. To address the comment on why. For efficiency I want to be able to navigate between multiple records in one table related to ONE record in another table. And visually this just works well for me. I have attached a file. Thanks. tabs.zip
  9. My challenge is that I have the same text field repeated 8 times. and the same portal repeated 8 times. Each tab is an Intial Row with only 1 row visible. So Tab 1 is Initial Row 1 with Number of Rows 1 So Tab 2 is Initial Row 1 with Number of Rows 1 So Tab 3 is Initial Row 1 with Number of Rows 1 So Tab 4 is Initial Row 1 with Number of Rows 1 and so on....
  10. I knew it had to be that easy. THANKS!!
  11. How do I show all the records where one field content is "x" or "y". Thanks!
  12. I am familiar with that function. I just don't know how to direct the script to the correct field in the portal. Since "go to portal row " will not take me there, or will it?
  13. I have a layout where I have created tabs for navigation. The tabs are labeled using a related record. So basically I have a series of portals with Related Records from Table A. The first tab is "Initial Row 1" "Number of Rows 1" Second tab is "Initial Row 2" Number of Rows "1" and so on. (There are eight total) The tabs are buttons with a script GTRR for Table A using Layout "Current" to view the various records. Works like a charm. I would like to make the tab text bold when the record is being viewed. I thought I could use a Loop and go to Portal Row to complete a script fo this but that won't work... can anyone give me another direction? Thanks!
  14. Thank You! I took a quick look at the old template and I think it may just be the insight I needed. I will let you know. (And truly, thank you, for you help) cka
  15. Ok. I am totally lost. I think that maybe I am in way over my head. But now I just want to get it done. I have attached a pdf of my thinking. Could you maybe help me figure out my best course of action.... please..... help.pdf
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