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  1. No sorry, I haven't worked much with IWP so I can't help you. Anyone else? Regards /U
  2. Hi all. I've been searching for answer on this but can't find it. I want to upgrade server 5.5 to 8.5. All the database design, scripts and other conversions aside, is there anything to think about when it comes to the server software upgrade? I want the possibility to switch back to 5.5 if unexpected things starts to happen. Therefore I want to install server 8.5 and turn off server 5.5. If any problem occurs I want to be able to shut down the server 8.5 and restart server 5.5. Is that possible? Regards /U
  3. Hi again Now that your'e mention it, I tried that to and could not get it to work. Since my "big portal" are a list of articles in a orderlayout, it made more sense to have them in a list with a scrollbar to the right. So for me it works anyway. Sorry I can't help... /U
  4. Hi Hi I guess you're trying to set the portal as a button to start the script. For some reason I've never been able to do that, I don't think it's possible. Just draw a square over the fields in in the first row in the portal and make it a button that you connect the script to. Regards /U
  5. Hi all, just want to share my solution to this problem. First a recap if my first explanation of my problem was unclear... I have two portals in the same layout into the same related table. In one portal there are so much info that only one record could be displayed at a time (the big portal). So I came up with the idea to have a second portal (the small portal) that only show the article number of the articles in the big portal. In the small portal I can see 30+ rows so I get a better overview of whats in the big portal. I sorted both portals in the same way, so the first record and so on will be the same in both portals. Then I added a button over the field in the small portal, made a script with the following instructions (rough translation from Swedish, but I hope you get the picture...): Set field (TABLE::field; Get(portalRowNumber)) Go to object (Object:BigPortal) Go to portalrow(no dialog;Table::field) Table::field is a global field in the layout where I view the portals. I don't know if this is making any sense since I'm using the Swedish version of FM so the translation of scriptsteps probably sucks, but I hope it can help if someone have the same problems... This only work in 8.5 of course...
  6. Hi all I have a order table & a order_row table. In the order layout I have a tabbed interface with 4 tabs. Articles are added to the order_row table via a portal in the second tab. The information in the order_row tab are huge on each article added, so I can only show one article at a time, to see next article I have to scroll down in the portal. This makes it difficuld to get "the big picture" since I can't see all the articles. So, I made a second portal to order_row beside the tabs and only show the articlenumber for each article on the order. That way I get a good overview of all the articles. Problem: Is there a way for me to click the articlenumber in the second portal to show that articles full info in the first portal? The customer is using FM8. Any suggestions? Regards /U
  7. HI When you start automator select Filemaker Pro in the list to the left. Then the script will appear in the middle column. /U
  8. Thanks for all of your suggestions. I've solved the problem in a different way. Since I'm gonna do this on a Mac, I fiddled a bit with Automator and found a Automator script step that extracts the content of a selected field in the found set in FileMaker. I was testing a bit and was happy to find that when I create an automator workflow that creates a text file, extract data from the field I specify and paste that data into the textfile, the formatting is kept exactly as entered into the FileMaker fileld. The script is called "Extract Field Data From Found Set" and are available free from Automatedworkflows.com. Regards /U
  9. Hi all I've been trying to search for the answer, but can´t find it. The problem is this: From a FMP8 system I need to export some data to be imported to an accounting software. After a lot of diskussion with that software vendor I have confirmed that the exported textfile MUST look like this example: 01216 #11305;12 #11311;060926 #11302;060926 #11351;369000 ... The 01 on the first row is the trigger for the importing system that this is a new record. The #11305; is the definition for the field that the following data will be imported into. Every new field definition must be on a new row. Everything fine so far... but heres the tricky bit (at least for me... When I export from filemaker in a tabdelimited file, each record end up in one row. I must insert a linebreak after the data in each row for the import to work. The field I'm exporting is a single field with the definition inserted and the respected field inserted after it. It looks like this: "01" & fieldA &¶& "#11305;" & fieldB &¶& "#11311;" & fieldC &¶& "#11302;" & fieldD &¶& "#11351;" & fieldE &¶& "#11352;" & fieldF &¶& "#11335;" & fieldG &¶& "#11383;" & fieldH &¶& "#11387;" & fieldI Needless to say, the "¶" doesn't work... Any solution anyone? Regards /U
  10. Sorry about "this post" miss... Version was 5.5 (i think). Anyway, problem solved. Turns out that the latest upgrade wasn't installed. That fixed the problem. Thanks guys! /U
  11. Hi all A customer has FMP 5Server running on a Mac. After a controlled shutdown due to an expected power down, Filemaker Server refuses to open FMP files. In FMserver a database is selected to open, but nothing happens. No message on error or anything else, it just ignores the open request. When we tried to open the files from a standard FMP, the files open without any problems. Any ideas? Regards /U
  12. Hi all I need to publish a form on a site where people register for seminars. When the form is filled with info, a confirmation window with all info in it is shown. The person registering click OK or cancel. This should generate a record in a FileMaker file. Can anyone explain how to do this? I've been searching for this answer but can't find it, only a lot about publishing an entire database for remote access. Regards /U
  13. Thanks! I had a feeling it should be easy, but not that easy.. :laugh2:
  14. Hi all, been searching for the answer to this but cant find it. I think I've seen it in a demo somewhere though, but I can't remember where... In my customer database I would like to have a list layout with all companies in it. On that page I want a field where I can enter a part of a company name. I want the list to return only the companynames that contain the letters entered, in that order. If I add another letter, the list shall again only return companies with that combination of letters. Any tips?
  15. Exactly like that, thanks a million! Think about the hours that I've been trying to find a solution when I could have got the answer on this forum within an hour. /Ulf
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