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  1. I have a calculation where the result is 1.5. I need the value in my field to only be .5. How do I truncate or format the field so it only recognized the decimal point value.
  2. I am getting the following error when attempting to delete a record: "Operation cannot be performed because one or more of the relationships between these table are invalid" Does anyone know how to find out the offending relationship? If I open my db and go right to the record without invoking any scripts, I can delete the record. Thanks Scott
  3. Is it possible to have 3 different portals on the same layout? I have 3 departments each tracking their own time and materials. They do this with a unique relationship between the dept. and our main job ticketing database. I want to be able to evaluate all 3 departments at the end of a job. My though is that I would try an put each of their portals on one layout. Doable?
  4. Over the past few days I have been experiencing License Key Conflicts with fully licensed machines. I am running FMServer 8.### with a mix of about 8 clients. Randomly, FM Pro on a client machine will quit. Upon relaunch the user will get a License conflict. now this has happened before and we had to restart the machine to fix it. That no lnoger works. I have to close all of the DB's and then reopen them. trying to disconnect the just crashed client from FMServer does nothing. I cannot even send a message. Anyone else having similar problems or does anyone have a solution? Thanks
  5. In all of my portals, I always get an extra portal row/record at the end. I do allow records to be created via the relationship, but is there anyway to disable this?
  6. That looks pretty good. Can you unlock the file for me? I want to see how you fields are set up but I can't get access. Thanks
  7. I have a db that we use to track production times. Sometimes there are multiple parts to a job. At this time, I only have a way to track time for the whole job. I capture set up time, run time and clean up time. If there are 4 parts to a job, I need to capture those 3 times for each part. I have created a table for this purpose and am going to create additional job tickets for each of these parts. I now have it setup to create as many tickets as there are parts, but I need to append a letter and number to the end of each new ticket number to reflect that part of the job. So, for example, if the original number is 12345, I need the additional numbers to be 12345 1A, 12345 1B, 12345 2A, 12345 2B and so on. Any ideas?
  8. Hi, Hopefully a simple question. I want to activate a script when information in a field is changed. For instance, when the status of a job goes from Plated to Printed, I want to run a script. Can't figure it out...yet. Any help?
  9. Great, Thanks for the help. It works now.
  10. I have a portal that show me records from my main DB. We are a printing company and I use it to show me all of the jobs that are printing on a certain kind of paper. So in my header, I choose a paper type and the portal displays all records which match. Each record in the portal also shows me how many sheets I need. I want to find a way to total all of thos sheets via the portal. Is this possible?
  11. Thanks for the help. I was able to figure it out.
  12. Having a heck of a time getting this. I have 2 db's. The first is our main job ticketing system. Each job uses paper. Each paper has a name. That name corrsonds to a paper in my inventory db. That is basically a list of each paper and how many sheets we have. as a new ticket is written, I want to deduct the ticket paper from the inventory paper but for the life of me, can't get it to work. Help
  13. I have a container field that has 3 options. Each option contians a logo. Based on who the customer is, a certain logo appears. This works great until I close out and reopen the DB. All of the images are gone. I have tried using both options when placing the image and nothing works. Any ideas?
  14. I have a db that has a logo container field. Each repetition has a customers logo and based on the customer name, the logo is picked up and put into a logo field. I can't seem to keep the logos in the main container. I copy and paste them in and they work on my machine, but when I go to another machine, they have disappeared. Any ideas?
  15. I need a way to be able to add notes to my records. I also want to have each note get a time stamp so that I can look at my job ticket and see that a note has been posted in the last 24 hrs. I am trying to set up a new layout linked via a job number that I can click to and see all of the notes listed for that job. Any ideas?
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