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  1. Ok, many hours of research later, I discovered it is a problem with sonicstage and I need the utility SOASMS-00834301-US.EXE from Sony, to replace an audio driver which is causing the problem. Which I cannot find. Fred
  2. I've got a database which I am using for interviewing (hopefully!) tommorrow, but when I compile it on my main machine and try to open the compilation on my laptop (Sony VAIO VGN-S series) I get the error "The Application faile to initialize properly (0xc00000005)." And it will not open. I thought it may be something to do with the two machines, so I installed FM8.5 Advanced straight onto the laptop, which worked fine, but on trying to open it I get the same error. Please help me if you can, if I can't get this working by tommorrow I have a lot of printing to do... Fred
  3. I am using the following: If((Right(NINumber;1) = "B" or Right(NINumber;1) = "A" or Right(NINumber;1) = "C" or Right(NINumber;1) = "D") and Length(i8) = 9;1;0) to determine whether or not the entry in the i8 field is an NI Number. It outputs a 1 for JN473791D but a 0 for SG584332A. Why?
  4. Using the send email script step it seems you can only get one carriage return at a time, regardless of how many ¶'s you put. Is there a way round this?
  5. I have a bunch of data in my database which is full of 's which I want to get rid of. I tried using Substitute(mytext;"";"") but scriptmaker got confused. Any other way of doing it?
  6. Ok i've fiddled with it, got it working, however no joy for file references, still have to type those in manually...
  7. This looks like the answer, but i have a problem: My filepath for import is set to: filewin://rgs-guildford.co.uk/Shares/Teaching Resources/Modern Languages/audy/$Import And I set $Import to be "export (" & database::ID & ").fp7", but I get the error message Cannot find $Import When Importing. For some reason it is not recognizing the variable... Tom
  8. Oh and incidently, is it possible to do the same for file references? Tom
  9. Currently I use filemaker developer 7. I am importing from 30 different databases, labeled database1.fp7, database2.fp7. I want to be able to select from a drop down list a number, and then be able to click import without typing in 30 slightly different file paths (I wouldnt mind doing it once, but at the moment I'm doing it a lot for different networks and different filepaths...) If you can do this in 8.5 please tell me and i'll upgrade... Tom
  10. I am using the import records script step, but when i try and define import order it says I dont have enough access priveledges. Im logged onto the file im editing with the admin (full access) account and this information is identical to the login for the admin account on the file from which i want to import. How do I get around this?
  11. thanks, that sorts everything out!
  12. im sure this is achingly simple, but having finished entering data into a field, is it possible to set return or enter to automatically avtivate a button or run a script (different scripts on different layouts)
  13. i am doing exactly this, it is complicates, im sure you can do better than what ive done, but here it is anyway: have your 5 fields have calc fields = to your 5 fields have a global random value have 5 display calc fields, so if(randomfield < 0.1, fieldset1, if (randomfield < 0.2, fieldset2.... etc)) you have to engineer the duplicate fields so that for any random value, all results are displayed
  14. I am making a database with many many sounds, what i do is put them all in a SOUNDS folder in my solution folder (manually) and make sure the paths are right
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