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  1. It is exactly the same folder. The path is under documents. I tried several folders and I could not save anywhere! Where would one modify permissions? Why is it only with PDF files and not with excel or other exports? I am so baffled!
  2. I am unable to save as PDF in ANY File that I open.  Even like when I use a Starter Solution file like Contact or anything else.  I get the following error message: “test.pdf” could not be created on this disk.  Use a different name, make more room on the disk, unlock it or use a different disk."  I can do a Save as Excel without a problem. I can do a Save a Copy as of the file without a problem.    I have FM 12 installed on the same computer and I can save in PDF there without a problem! so the issue does seem to be relating strictly to FM 13.  I am running this on a Macbook Pro.  OS X 10.9.2.  Plenty of space and 16 GB of RAM!  The only problem is with saving as PDF which does not seem to work AT ALL.  Please help! Thank you.  SamÂ
  3. Hello Is there any way, native or through a plug in where you can use a tablet pc to enter inking directly into FM... This is esp. useful if you are using one and want customers/client to sign on the tablet and have it saved may be in a container field or an object field. something like that. I am sure it could be done but I don't know how. Another big missing feature from FM is its INABILITY to work with tablet pcs. The tablet does not recognize FM text field and launched the writing pad. This would be on my wish list
  4. I have a pretty complex databases composed of numerous tables. I have an Auto Enter assign a Primary Key ID fields. The problem is when I try importing new records, it messes up the ID fields. To update my database -At times- I need to import several records from a newer file, TO do that I have a script to import several tables at the same time. Because of the database structure; I have to uncheck (Turn off) the "Perform Auto-Enter while importing. Because of that the newer records are imported to the older database. Everything is good. Now if you try to create a new records, While the ID Auto enter serial number should start a unique new number, it doesn't. Instead it creates the next serial value. WHich creates duplicate numbers. Messing up whole relationships and fields. I know this is hard to explain, but I hope someone out there knows what I am talking about and could help. Thanks
  5. Anybody with Vista experiencing this or knew of a solution please HELP. Whenever I switch to layout mode; Filemaker seems to hand (For less than a Second not like XP forever) and then Vista forces it to close... no way or work around it. It i Now It started with some files, but its like a virus that has spread to EVERY filemaker file...Even the ones that are downloaded from their website... The same files open on My XP machines, with no problem... I have decided to Downgrade my tablet to XP if no solution found. This is the only program in Vista that behaves like this; I mean other programs hang, but usually the system might waite for a program to respond> But with FM9, Vista does not let it breath, it just forces it to stop. In my research this seems to be an issue that could be relating to the application memory management. I tried to uninstall/reinstall several times and under different directories... no luck! Here is what the "Event Viewer" Shows. Log Name: Application Source: Application Error Date: 9/11/2007 7:15:54 PM Event ID: 1000 Task Category: (100) Level: Error Keywords: Classic User: N/A Computer: ******** Description: Faulting application FileMaker Pro Advanced.exe, version, time stamp 0x4678929d, faulting module FileMaker Pro Advanced.exe, version, time stamp 0x4678929d, exception code 0xc0000005, fault offset 0x0028ac16, process id 0x18b4, application start time 0x01c7f4c8755d2680. Event Xml: 1000 2 100 0x80000000000000 9430 Application ******-****** FileMaker Pro Advanced.exe 4678929d FileMaker Pro Advanced.exe 4678929d c0000005 0028ac16 18b4 01c7f4c8755d2680
  6. Well, this happened by accident, where I was no longer able to go into layout mode, without FM crashing. So When I did a recovery, I discovered this mess.... Then I thought, there must be some corruption somewhere in my databse (Especially that I was getting in the Dialog Box the number of field definitions that had to be recreated 1). I wanted to make sure my database are not corrupt. I needed to find the problem, so I can avoid nightmares in the future.... IF it happens that you are building such complex database on a corrupt file structre.... It is going to be a disaster sooner or later. I need to maintain integrety.
  7. I have been trying to fix a larg complex database, that I have been building for 5 years (74 tables, up to a 120 fields each). and somehow, seems to be unstable after I moved to Vista and FM9. Here is what happens. After I do a File Recovery, it appears that FM 9, which creates a "Recovered Library" Table, and a "Recovered Blob" Container Field, comes up with about 42 records each time. and after about 100 trial of Recovery, after manipulating/deleting tables and fields, I discovered that these recovered Records, are some how container fields, that I have deleted in the past, and FM is now recreating them. For instance, if I have a Repeating Container Field (Global), and I delete it today. When I do a recovery FM9 seems to create records with each seperate container repetetion. Does anyone have info, on what FM9 does when creating this Recovery Library, and its blob. Deleting theses Recovered Records, does NOT seem to prevent it from happening again (when you do a recovery to the Recovered file). So Any insigh into this is highly appreciated. Also; I have read a lot that one should not use a recovered file, and you should make every attempt to use files that have not been through a recovery process. By the way, saving a Compact Copy; has in use in this situation. tried it, and it did not change a thing. Thanks for the help
  8. Oh well, This a good advice, its time I check my Broken Links and missing fields I guess.... Its been a while, my database has become so complex, its not even funny.. Its going to take a while, but might be worth it. Yes I would stay away from Vista for the time being.... Funny I was actually giving people the same advice, a couple of months ago. Here I am .... too nosy to stay away... I hate that about myself. I am running Vista Business if that makes a difference.
  9. here are my bugs in Vista.... Beware if you are using Vista http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/189694/
  10. Got a new tablet, Lenovo X61 to be exact, loaded, and with 2 GB memory dual core... Running windows Vista.... What a NIGHTMARE.... Installed FM 9 advanced on it and have been getting all but a headache. I installed on 2 other XP machines and things work seamlessly but with Vista ..... May be Filemaker need to be honest and not "claim" this Vista compatible crap. seriously... Some of the issues and Bug I am facing (Please help if you know a solution) PLEASE 1. FM would stop responding when you switch to layout mood, and would quit in less than 2 sec. Leading to corrupted files... needing to do recovery over and over.... this does not seem to correct itself after Unistall-Re-install. The same file works fine in FM 9 on XP. It might be Buggy crappy vista.... but stilll.... 2. Extremely slow performance esp. in IWP engine. Things take forever to load.... As I said I am running Intel Pro, dual core. So I don't have a slow machine. 3. High frequency of FM 9 terminating in Vista... It just stops responding, or quits on its own.... I can't even trust to run my database there.... I know it is a FM issue, everything else seems to run soooo smoothly in Vista.... (Yes I hate Vista) but I just spent 2200 dollars on this laptop... So it is an issue with FM...
  11. Hey I just encountered the same problem. Luckly I have a backed up version. Still I lost 6 hours worth of work today. I tried the Recovery but it stalled on step 2; and said the file is severely damaged or not created by filemaker. This is the first time I had to do a Recovery... I thought V8 was stable what is up with that. This actually happened while I was using the debugger. I am using Windows XP Pro. Filemaker 8 V3. Filemaker just crashed on me in Windows. I don't know if I can try recovering on a Mac. If any has a solution please let me know Thanks
  12. Hi and thanks. No this was just a typo. This is exactly how I am doing it. High is the name of field one. (Number FIeld). Test is the name of field two. (Number FIeld). Test_Calc is the name of field 3. (Number FIeld). Test_Calc = If ( Test > High; 1; 0) Just this simple, first grade math. Nothing more.
  13. Yes all fields are numbers and storing is turned off
  14. I spent the last day trying to figure out a first grade math with a SIMPLE Calculation. I have a table with a Number field reflecting high values. Let's call it "High" Then another field that is a Number value as well. THen I am creating a Calculation that says if If (field 2 > than "High ;1 ;0). JUst a simple first grade math. Well the Crazy thing is like this. Let's say High contains the # 55 Then Field 2 has a # 66 Based on this the result should be 1 right... Well Not according to Filemaker. it sometimes decides to consider the Value 500 or 600 not to be > than 55. So it is randomly giving me 0, or 1 not according to the 1st grade math....But what it sound like a 5th Dimension Calculation and physics that is out of this world and that I can not understand. This seems to be happening accross the board and even with linking tablets together. Does this sound familiar to any one. WHat is going on. Sam
  15. Well I am building a Patient Charting System. As you know I would need after each visit to create a Final report. The report should contain those fields in the portal. Lets say I want to make the Patient's Medical History in a seperate Table. (This is helpful when wanting to gather some statistical analysis. So I create a Med. History Table and relate it lets say to a Patient_ID field. This is cool so far.... Now lets say in the Med. History Portal you have several values Asthma Diabetes Heart Disease....etc After I put all my data, I need to generate a report. In this report the Med. Hx should be a part of that report as well as all the records in its portal... Does that make sense? I think Creating Values and then a Calculation field is not only complex, but redundant, and could possible effect the performance of the data base. I thought about running a script to put all the records in a portal in a field and then past that to a Field in the initial table.... But that is even more redundant, and makes the scipts... not so practical.... I hope there is a Solution. Thanks
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