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  1. hey leland this is a cool game, but, am i right in saying that the game simply compares the field to a pre-existing solution? in other words, does it actually have an engine for solving new puzzles? regards petal
  2. thanks it is in the right direction. actually i stumbled on that one but it is very incomplete. i am astounded that i cannot locate this list even with a detailed google! thanks again petal
  3. good day everyone i am building a custom designed management system and i require standardised accounting codes. by this, i mean codes relating to all business activities for accounting purposes. i am sure such lists exist, but it would be fantastic of someone could either send me one or point me in the right direction. any standard would be good, but european union would be ideal thanks
  4. hey guys i only asked a simple question – i did not know it would cause such a furore. i am big enough to make my own decisions about cutting and pasting and in any case i have replaced this with the use of variables. thanks again to those that helped. petal
  5. good day everyone. i am looking for an elegant way for a planning schedule to ignore weekends. by this, i mean that if, on a friday, i shedule a task to take 3 days, it will return the deadline as wednesday (and not monday). it would be doubly elegant if i could also enter public holidays and ask the schedule to ignore those too. any suggestions would be welcome many thanks petal
  6. thanks this is not a major problem – i just wondered whether i was missing something. i guess i feel that filemaker see the full set of tables and relationships and might have an automated feature to do this. it wouldn't be a bad addition, as it is often easier to visualise solutions and build them without distraction in separate files, even if it not the best way to end up.
  7. hi i started working in filemaker in version 3 (i think) and developed a management system for my business that consisted of all of 50 related files. when i migrated to version 7, i was obviously able to to rewrite the system into a single file. at the time, however, i thought it would help me to use 2 related files instead of one (one is primarily contact management and the other job tracking). now, i feel there may be advantages in merging these to files into a single file. is there an easy way to do this, or am i in for a major operation? i should add i am now on 8.5 advanced
  8. Considering Filemaker's history, I am surprised that there are not better layout controls, especially when it comes to formatting text. I would really like to to something very simple added to Filemaker – in addition to a text field they should have a "typesetting" field. This would give us easier access to more sophisticated tools for tabbing, kerning, leading, baseline shift etc. Perhaps proper postscript page layout could follow…?
  9. thanks, i will give it a go at some point in the next week or so and will let you know.
  10. thanks. of course you are right, it might not match the sum of any of the invoices. it might even match the sum of a different set of invoices, but more than likely, it will match the sum of a just one set of invoices. crediting in chronological order may be technically correct, but in practice i would only have to come back later and change the credits if they did not match. the problem is still out there. is there a solution using a recursive script?
  11. here goes: i often need to match a clients bank deposit to multiple invoices. for example, they might deposit $100 which is payment for 4 invoices of $10, $20, $30 and $40 respectively. the only problem is that there might be many other invoices outstanding and i need to use trial and error to find the invoices they have paid. is there a script that will run through all the outstanding invoices for a particular client and then show the combination that matches a set amount. for example, i want to enter the $100 referred to above and then let the script sort through the entries for that client until it finds the invoices that add up to $100. this would be a massive time saver for me every month! i might add that i am about to upgrade to filemaker 8 advanced. might this open the door to a solution?
  12. thank you to all it has been a busy month! i will have a shot at these in the near future.
  13. jeremiah - sorry but must add the following: i am already getting the first three letters from the contact name and concantenating it with the number field. the number however is a static number field. the real issue is the "max + 1 based on a self join by the text field". i have used a self join to identify the duplication, but i am not familiar with the "max + 1" concept and how the self join would work in this context. thanks again
  14. jeremiah thank you, i am not familiar with some of the terms you have used. if you have the time to be more specific - even give an example, i would greatly appreciate it. in the meantime i will attempt to work through your advice
  15. yes, it is simplt because my client service people need to access their contacts quickly and each may have a number of clients. it is far easier to remember a contact by a code that has some logic. thanks
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