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  1. Is it possible to create your own templates for layouts in Filemaker? I have a standard look-and-feel for each layout in my database and would like to define it in one place and use it as a template for all layouts. Much like the 'Master' works in Powerpoint.
  2. I have a layout that shows details of a client. In this layout, I have a portal that lists the invoices received by the client. I would like to have a button in each portal row that takes the user to the relevant invoice on the invoice layout. Any ideas?
  3. No, actually that hasn't worked. If I follow your instructions and then select a company from the popup list, the companyID field is not populated. In my relationships, I've linked Company_PK with Individuals::Company_FK, but there's no direct link between the company names. So selecting a name from the popup list doesn't seem to link the tables?? Also, isn't it a little odd to have to store the company name twice (once in each table). In my experience, the primary/foreign keys should be used to link the tables so that you can access fields from each when you need them. Saves duplication of data.
  4. But this value would then change every time I add an invoice. I need each invoice to have a permanent unique value. My invoices have the following format CustomerRef - Number E.g. SEL9-005, where this is the fifth invoice for customer ref SEL9. When I add a new invoice, I want it to determine the next invoice number by looking at how many invoices there have been previously and adding 1. When I next look at the same invoice though, it needs to have the same number, even if other invoices have been added since.
  5. Aaah. I see. So my scripts will be referencing the new window from the next line. I'll give it a go.
  6. OK, I've gone with your first suggestion and added the following calculation field to Companies: Count(Invoices::Ref) Then I've added a field to the Invoices Layout to display this field from Companies. But it shows empty. When I add a new record and select a company from the popup list, it still shows empty. Any ideas? Also, doing this as above will mean that every invoice will have the same number, because it would be recalculated every time I view it? How do I get it to store the value at that moment and then never change it for each invoice?
  7. So I'd need the script to navigate to a layout, open the window and then navigate back to the original layout? Seems a strange way of doing things?
  8. I need a bit of advice on how scripts work in Filemaker Pro 7. I'm trying to build an invoicing system and have lots of automations I'd like to build in, but can't work out how to do it. My current issue is this: I want a button that, when clicked, will populate a field with the count of the number of records in the current table that relate to a different table. The current table is 'Invoices' and it has a relationship with 'Customers'. When the button is clicked, a field should be populated with the number of Invoices that the customer currently has. I can't work out how to do this. The Scriptmaker tool lets me choose from a finite list of functions, but how do I specify my own scripts and get it do this kind of task?
  9. I'm new to FM and am having some real difficult getting it to do what I want it to. I'm used to using MS Access. Anyway, I have a form with company details (name, address, etc) and one of the fields is 'Primary Contact', which indicates the name of the main person in the company and links to a 'Contacts' table. I want users to be able to open a popup window to add a new contact for the company. I know that I can use scripts to open a new window containing the current layout, but how do I get it to open a small window with the 'Contacts' layout in it? Thanks.
  10. Hi, I'm a new Filemaker Pro user, having moved over from Microsoft Access on a PC. I have a database with a number of tables, two of which are 'Companies' and 'Individuals'. The Individuals table has a 'Company' field that is related to the ref field in the Companies table. When adding/editting Individuals, I want to be able to select the name of the company from a dropdown list and have the Company field automatically populated with the ref from the selected record. This is the bread and butter of relational databases, but I can't find out how to do it in Filemaker. I can use a value list with a second field, but it is the numeric reference that is displayed once selected, not the company name, which is useless. Can anyone help? Thanks.
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