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  1. Hi All I'm having a few issues with 9. I have a large filemaker system with 92 tables and tons of relationships etc. It's served up by FMS 8 on Tiger. I've see two issues so far and both are around relationships and in both cases it works perfectly fine on 8.5 1. I have a drop down list that is filtered with a relationship (several tables down). the drop down is empty from within a portal but fine from the rest of the layout. works in 8.5 2. a repeating calc field uses Extend( Jobs::ganttChartDate ) but in 9 it can't see the value. I had to make a new calc field in the table that looks up Jobs::ganttChartDate and use that in the repeating field for it to work. Again this worked fine in 8.5 Any ideas or am I just being thick Thanks
  2. Hi I've used the 24U plugin template to build a plugin and was very ease to do, but want to know what else I can do with it in terms of what other access you can get to the FM application. In the FM API headers all there is are a few functions to format text, work with numbers, a Evaluation function (which could be useful) and calling a FM script. But there doesn't seem to be any other info on what is possible with the API. Or am I missing something here. Thanks
  3. Hi Where can I find full documentation on the FM API or even a full list of function calls in the API. I've read through the API header files, is that and the example plugin provided with FM Dev CD all there is. Thanks
  4. that nearly fixed it just needed to stop it picking up the blank field values from Case (IsEmpty ( CompletionDate ) ; TaskDueDate ) in cToday => TaskDueDate Rel and it did the trick.
  5. cool sounds like a good option, will give it a go. thanks
  6. I am aware of that. That's why I was asking about the reindex. I need the key on the right so that it will appear in a portal of the users tasks for today
  7. Hi Does anyone know how to force FM to reindex an indexed field? I want to create a key that points at either the date in the record or if the record in over due to point to today. As today's date is an unstored calc, I had to use a getField() in the key so that FM will index it. This worked but now it won't update itself (ie today's date) as it is stored in the index. Any ideas? Thanks
  8. Hi Does anyone know how to get FM on OS X to see ODBC drivers that aren't part of the DataDirect set you get with FM. I've tried the whole remove DataDirect thing and just landed up with no ODBC support in FM. Thanks
  9. Basically I want to be able to build dynamic queries on the fly, that can be used to build reports. I could do the same thing with calculations but an sql string seems like a very simple and flexable way to do it.
  10. Hi How can I get a FM7 client data source to appear as a DNS source within FM7 execute sql script step on a mac. I've tested the odbc connection outside FM7 using odbctest and it works fine. I don't seem to have a problem with it on a pc. I've tried removing the DataDirect sql client as stated on the FM site but that just left me with no odbc support within FM at all. Thanks
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