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  1. I have another little problem. I am trying to link my data to a new layout that I can se to print Cage Cards. I would like to include many of the fields I have, but I would like it to be on a 3x5 index card. I would also like to have a small chart on the card for marking. Is there a way to do this? Change the margins that samll and add a chart. I could not find any way to add a chart. Thanks!
  2. Good advise. I have been looking over the help file, but remember, I am learning as I go (slowly). Tips from you and others help in understanding much quicker. I was thinking of separating only because once the mouse is dead, it is out of a cage, and I only refer to it once in a great while. I just wanted a method to look at live mice and sort them without the dead mice involved. Your attachment was helpful, and your advise appreciated.
  3. Again thanks for the Help. I have another question: I would like to keep my records separate for my live and Dead animals. For example, I would like to only have my live animals active so that when I search a cage only live mice show up. Also when I search my other fields live mice show. Only if I do a search for Dead mice do I want them to show. Any tips on how to manage this?
  4. Thanks a bunch!! That helps. I am trying to organize a database of Transgenic Mice in my lab and I was using Excel but I thought I would switch to Filemaker. However, I am a novice at this program and I am finding it more difficult to deal with. Currently I have fields for ID#, Date of Birth, Strain, Genotype, Age, Date of Death, Experimental Notes, Sire, Dame, Genotyped, Sex, and Status. I am trying to figure out a way to link all this info. Any help is appriciated. Thanks so much!!!
  5. I could not find restore find request as a script option. I also could not find it in help. Thanks...
  6. I like the script idea, but how do you have it enter 1 or O and then perform find? I can get it to enter Find mode, but after that I need help. Thanks
  7. I got it working. One more question. Can I make a button in the list mode that will only list my Live Mice? Also one to list the Dead mice. Thanks you so much for helping!!
  8. The first one worked, but I am having a hard time with the second. My Age Fiels has, Today-Date Of Birth, for the calculation. Do I need to redefine the age field, or Death filed? Please help....
  9. Thank you! That does work, but I would like it to list Alive if there is no number in the Death Field. I am also using a field to calculte Age. I would like to stop the count when a Death Date is entered. Can anyone help?
  10. I am trying to create a field in Filemaker that will give me a Yes no answer depending on a number from another filed. I have a date field that records the Death Date of an animal. I would like to link that to a field that reports Alive or Dead if the death date is entered. Can anyone help with this? Thanks
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