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  1. If it helps at all, my thought process thus far has been... Normally, after setting up the necessary relationships between fields in the main and lookup tables, I would configure a field as a Looked-up value that would pull the appropriate value from the first matching related record. Unfortunately, only 2 of the 4 required data points can have relationships set up between the two tables. I don't know of any way to add conditions to the Looked-up value option. Alternatively, I thought about configuring the field as a calculation centered around the Lookup () function, but I haven't f
  2. Or, that it is a large and complex solution. With a limit of 256 million total fields per record, don't underestimate the capabilities of FileMaker.
  3. Okay, some more details. The first screenshot is from my database file, showing (among others) the two tables I referred to above - the first being what I referred to as the UI table and the last (CI Rates) being the lookup table. Users only see/have access to layouts from the first table. The second screenshot is a sample of a layout from that lookup table showing all 8 records containing the Code "WESC", as well as the related fields Base and Enh, the non-related field Gen and the 12 lookup fields that will be sent to the users table. The 12 fields represent minimum ages.
  4. I am building a database that includes one table for lookup data and another table acting as the user interface, containing all of the calculations and scripts. The lookup table contains 304 records where the primary field can be one of 38 different values and 3 other fields can each be one of 2 different values. In other words, there are 8 records for each of the 38 primary values depending on which option is listed for the other 3 fields. Each record then contains 12 fields of lookup data I need to be able to lookup from the main UI table. Two of the 3 fields in the lookup table are re
  5. I would like to use the OnLayoutSizeChange script trigger to control how my WebDirect app window appears on various devices. But I can't find any script steps that are compatible with WebDirect that I can use to make this happen. I had hoped it was as simple as something like If Get(Device) = 4 (iPhone) then Set Zoom Level [50%]. Am I limited to having the script trigger go to different layouts created at different sizes? I would rather not have to duplicate all of the details of the app's layouts for multiple device scenarios.
  6. I'm not sure if this is the right forum for asking this question. If someone knows a better place and can do so, please feel free to move it. I have to create many layouts in our main database using formatted static text mixed with merge fields. Attached is an example of what three sections of this text might look like. The dollar amounts are merge fields which display data that is calculated based on selections made elsewhere within each record. I use merge fields to make the surrounding text move based on how many characters are in the merge field data. Normally, I create each layo
  7. I think I see how that works, comment. But I'm confused by the calculation line: spaces = Char ( 82030820308203082030820308203082030820308203 ) // / 9 x zero-width space
  8. Thanks, webko. I saw where it talked about how to generate a de-incrementing list of numbers. But I need to be able to specify the members of the list as they are often not equally incremented - like in the example comment posted above. Any thoughts on that?
  9. Thanks. I'll see what I can do with that. Unfortunately, some of those lists contain 60 values.
  10. Is there any way to control the order that the members of the List appear in the Pop-up Menu? The reason I ask is - I am using this process frequently and, in some instances now, I need the numbers in the Pop-up Menu to appear in reverse order with the largest number at the top. In the calculation above, it doesn't matter which way I have the numbers entered in v = List - 125 ; 250 ; ... ; 2500 or 2500 ; 1250 ; ... ; 125 or even scrambled. The numbers always appear in the Pop-up Menu in normal numerical order with 125 at the top and 2500 at the bottom. That makes me think there
  11. Thanks again, comment. Oddly enough, the AppleScript worked on my home computer but not my work computer (both running current versions of everything) with the on idle steps in place. And putting the AppleScript lines into a Perform AppleScript step set to Native AppleScript did nothing on either machine. The minute I took out the on idle steps, it worked everywhere, but I think I lost the process of checking the VPN connection periodically when I did that. I'll try your suggestion on that count. The AppleScript in it's original context was supposed to be saved as a stay-open application,
  12. XPOST Our company is switching to VPN for remote users to to connect to our FMS-hosted databases. So I want to incorporate connecting to VPN into our already established procedure for accessing those databases via a FileMaker script. Our VPN connection is up and running. And I found an AppleScript that works well making and continually checking the VPN connection. But I don't know enough about AppleScripts and how they apply to FileMaker scripts to make it work. From what I could find on the subject, I need to modify the AppleScript steps to work in FileMaker; such as adding a \ in fron
  13. You nailed it! I told you this was an old database. The SameRecord relationship is defined by a Serial Number field containing a value that is unique to each record. The trouble is, that first record and a handful of other records created years ago all have the same value - 0000. I'll have to see if I can override the values in those records with something unique to each one. Thanks again.
  14. I should be okay there. I first created a Calculation field MNL LMB A Amounts, which contains the formula we settled on above. From that, I created a self-joining Value List MNL LMB A Benefits, set to Use values from the field: "SameRecord::MNL LMB A Amounts". Finally, the designated field is formatted as a Pop-up menu using Values from: MNL LMB A Benefits. I create a new set of elements every time I set one of these up. When added to the layout, the repeating field shows the correct values in every record I checked (either the list of numbers or Y and N) - including in that first record.
  15. ValueCount makes more sense in this case. And your new formula works well - once I changed the Calculation Result to Text. But my original test record got me again! I initially forgot to test this on a newer record. Oddly enough, where your new formula is working fine for almost all records (including two of the three that I said earlier were misbehaving), it's still not working right on the first record in the database. It's showing the full number list and then N and Y in the pop-up menu - for any value of MNL LMB ST. Durn abnormality! Thanks again. I'll be able to use this many di
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