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  1. Cheers. I will digest your suggested solution and see if it works. Thanks.
  2. Dear LaRetta, I got it! Cheers. Hope you don't mind helping me on another problem which I have been cracking my head on. My "invoice" table has a field which indicate the number of months which the "balance amount" will be repaid on a monthly basis. I also indicate a field with "payment start date" to show when the monthly transactions will kick start. Question here....can I automate in such a way that, every month when a transaction relating to a invoice occurs, the "due date" field in "transaction" table will indicate latest due month/date. Here's an eg, 1) Payment start date (from Invoice table) = 05 Jan 2005 2) 1st New transactions(from transaction table), payment due date field = 05 Jan 2005. 3) 2nd New transactions, payment due date = 05 Feb 2005 and so on. Thanks.
  3. Hi LaRetta, Thanks for your prompt answer. I really appreciate it. I have another question which I need your expertise. I have a transactions table to receive multi payments for a Invoice table. In this transaction table, I have a field called "payment date" which is defaulted to the current system date using Get (currentdate)function. Question here...is there a way for user to overwrite the default date and input another date of their own?Currently its not allowing user to do so. Thanks. Voltrate newbie
  4. Hi, anyone knows how to go about providing a sequent number for every portal row? I am rather new to FM7 and hope you can provide me the solution step by step. Thanks a lot in advance.
  5. Sorry I am rather new FM7. Are you able to show me the steps on what you meant by a) Use Count(YourPortalRelationName::Any_Field) and b)Use @@ before every record in portal. Thanks for your help. Rgds
  6. Cheers. I will digest your solution and let you know if I have further queries again. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I have 2 tables: a "transact" table to record every payment for a "Customer" table. I created a portal under customer layout so as to view all the transactions for a particular customer. Question: How can I create a sequential number next to every portal record to show how many transactions there are. Currently I can only view the records but I have to count the number of records. Many thanks in advance.
  8. How do you write a script for a custom dialog box with 3 buttons: "Ok" to save current record and exit to goto Main menu layout, "No" - do not save current record and goto Main menu layout, "Cancel" -remain at current screen to continue edit. Thanks.
  9. Thank you guys....appreciate your contributions. It really helps.
  10. Supposing I am to build a db based on the 3 fields above + the customer info. How should I design the relation? Thanks.
  11. Here's the eg. Total Owed - $1000.00 Date Received Amt Received Balance 1-5-2005 100.00 900 5-5-2005 100.00 800 10-5-2005 100.00 700 I am using repetition for the 3 fields above but is stuck on how to formulate the balance field. Thanks for your great help in advance. eg.txt
  12. Thanks. Each new Balance amt is always derived when deducted with 'Amount' received and previous 'balance amt'. I am using repetition for the field.
  13. Hi, I am a newbie to this forum and FM. I am trying to create a db with 3 columns of fields, namely, 'Date Received', 'Amount' and 'Balance amt'. With these 3 columns, user will enter the info with specific to these 3 columns everytime there is a receipt. The 'balance amt' will always be updated based on previous balance and new amount received. Can anyone help to explain how to create such a layout. I am looking at unlimited rows. Thanks.
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