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  1. I have 2 layouts for 2 related tables they are conferences and invites the relationship is set up conferences.confID----<invites.confID I just want a button on the conference layout to jump to the invites layout but only show invites for the conference that was the current record on the conference layout. Why is this so complicated? It should be simple . I've tried applying a script to the button it is as follows: -Go To Related Record [From table:"invites 2"; Using Layout: "print_invitesXconf"(invites 2); New window] -View as[View as List] -Sort Records[Restore; No dialog] -Enter Preview Mode [Pause] -Print Setup[Restore] -Go to Layout[original Layout] but this returns ALL invites in the print_invitesXconf layout. Not just the one from the current conference I was on how can I make this script return only the invites from the current conference? Thank you all for all your help.
  2. I have 3 related tables: the relationships are: conference.confID----<invites.confID conference.confID----<comments.confID the invites table is also related to the comments table via invites.invID-----<comments.invID added..... in the layout using conference for the currnet table I want to have a portal that displays all the comments made by invitees for a particular conference but also have it display the first name (invites.invFname) and last name (invite.invLnama) can some please explain how this is done? 'Thankyou edit: 15 views but no reply. perhaps Im not being clear enuf. I just wnat the portal to grab fields from two other related tables and display it like this invites.invFname | invites.invLname | comments.commDate | comments.comBody can this be done?
  3. nope one to many. there are many conferences and there are many invites but each invite is related to only one conference. There are no invites going to more than one conference. Also the button I want to have perform a script that opens a new window, puts it in preview mode and prints the report automatically. I actually got this part down. Its just constraining the found set to the current confID thats making me lose what little hair I have left soooo. just assigning the button to open related records doesnt seem to work for me. Of course I am new to Filemaker. Perhaps I am missing more than I think I am
  4. I have two tables conference and invites. Related like this, conference.pk_confID----<invites.fk_confID I have a layout that displays all the conference data for each conference record. I have a button on it that I would like to set to switch to a layout that displays all the invite records for which ever conference record the previous layout was on. essentially what I am asking is how do you pass the current confID thru the button to the invites layout to constrain the found set to only show invites for that conference. This should be simple but I can not figure it out. thankya all
  5. Thanks for the replied but.... I have to be honest. Im not that impressed with FileMaker's "easy" to use interface. perhaps you could give a little more detail. Sub summary report? From what I have read a sub summary take values from one field across multiple records and summarizes them. How do I pull into the layout records from a related(one to many) table and display them with in the parent record?. I have tried using a Portal, and it works. But Id would like to get the portal to resize itseld according to the number of related records that are returned. The box with the scroll bar thingy dont quite work for my purposes...doesnt work at all in preview mode. Im coming form a mySQL php background. One simple query wth a JOIN is all it would take. Why all the mystery in FM? Please help if you can Thanks
  6. I need to import a date-time field from an online SQL server DB to a local FM DB. the date field on the SQL Server is of the following format mm/dd/yyyyy hh:mm:ss tt How do i get the full date-time into Filemaker date field I only get mm/dd/yyyy the time and am/pm are not added thanks
  7. Yeah I saw that in my FM book. I come from a SQL, mySQL,CF,PHP et al type background. At first creating a new field (calculation field) to combine two other fields seemed silly but I beginning to see its usefulness. I gotta tell ya though FM is a bit frustrating at first.
  8. I create a layout by selecting a table and then the fields to inculde in the lay out. so far so good. I then go to browse or preview and the fields do not resize them selves to accomodate the amount of text in the record. e.g if my layout includes a a textfield that is 400pxX50px then when you go to preview if the record only has a few words for that field I want the space taken up by the textfield to shrink accordingly. If the text extends beyound the field then I want it to expand to accomodate. Also if I have two fields like firstName and lastName that I want to include in my layout I would like them to appear together like this. Shmoe, Joe Not like this Shmoe , Joe ...the space in between Shmoe and the comma being the width of the textfield box i created in the layout. Thanks
  9. I have three tables in my database they are conferences invitations comments conferences is related to invitations via... conferences.confID --< invitations.confID invitations is related to comments via.. invitations.invID --< comments.invID I just want to display all comments per invitation per conference some thing like as follows --conference 1 title ----invite_1_LastName Invite_1_FirstName --------comment_1 --------comment_2 --------comment_3 ----invite_2_LastName Invite_2_FirstName --------comment_1 --------comment_2 --------comment_3 ----invite_3_LastName Invite_3_FirstName --------comment_1 --------comment_2 --------comment_3 --conference 2 title ----invite_1_LastName Invite_1_FirstName --------comment_1 --------comment_2 --------comment_3 ----invite_2_LastName Invite_2_FirstName --------comment_1 --------comment_2 --------comment_3 ----invite_3_LastName Invite_3_FirstName --------comment_1 --------comment_2 --------comment_3 --conference 3 title ----invite_1_LastName Invite_1_FirstName --------comment_1 --------comment_2 --------comment_3 ----invite_2_LastName Invite_2_FirstName --------comment_1 --------comment_2 --------comment_3 ----invite_3_LastName Invite_3_FirstName --------comment_1 --------comment_2 --------comment_3 This is so easy to do by simple SQL query. Why am I having such a hard time figuring it out in FM. So much functionality in FM Im not sure where to begin. PLease point me in the right direction. I have tried to use both a portal and grouping related fields I cant seem to get eith to work the way Id like to
  10. Thanks for the reply. As I got farther into it I figured this is a layout/scripting issue so I posted in the layout forum. I hope a little more descriptive also.
  11. Yes me newbie alright! Ill do my best to describe the issue I am attempting to resolve. I have two tables, conferences and invites. I have related the field conferences.confID to invites.confID (one to many). I would like to create a layout that would display invitations per conference. I envisioned, and this may be completely the wrong way, having a dropdown on the layout populated with all the conference records (confID, confTitle)from conferences and hopefully be able to [color:"red"]select/click a particular conference from that dropdown and then finally [color:"red"] display all the invites (invites.confID) to that conference (conference.confID) Can it be done with one click like discribed above?? Thanks your direction is appreciated very much
  12. I am a rank FMP 7 newbie so please help point me to the correct forum I have two tables conferences and invitations. These are related via conferences.pk_confID ->invitations.fk_confID need( would like) to create a layout ( call it view invites by conference) that will display all invitations to a particular conference. How do I... 1 create a portal(?) to display all conferences with in the layout 2 allow the user to select a particular conference from the portal 3 automatically update the layout to display invitation from the selected conference. Perhaps I should post this under the protal forum but Im not really sure that a portal is the answer here. Thanks fer the help
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