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  1. This works now. I replaced the script step "Insert Calculated Result" with "Set Field" (as suggested by bcooney, 01/09/09 07:36 AM) I had been under the impression that "Set Field" didn't work with calculations (more specifically with variables). Maybe it didn't use calculations in earlier versions, or maybe my impression was wrong. Marek
  2. Hello, I have the same problem Rufus mentioned. This script below doesn't do what it's expected to do. It tries to insert the value of the variable into a different (incorrect) field (which FYI is from a different related TO). I can't see any logic as to why that field is chosen. When I deleted the incorrect field, then another incorrect field was chosen. When I deleted THAT field, then everything worked properly. This used to work in FM 9. I recently switched from FM 9 to FM 10 (both for client and server, though not at the same time.) If I now open the file directly in FM9 (i.e., not served/shared), it still has the problem. # Go to Layout [ “Main” (END__) ] # Set Variable [ $EndowmentKey; Value:Get( ScriptParameter ) ] # If [ IsEmpty ( $EndowmentKey ) ] # Else # Enter Find Mode [ ] # Insert Calculated Result [ END__:e_endowment_pk; $EndowmentKey ] [ Select ] # Perform Find [ ] # End If Thanks, Marek
  3. You could do it this way: In your Tour Guides table, create a stored calc field: active_bc - if (guide_status = "Active"; "1"; "") Then in Daily Tours, create another stored calc field: one_const_c = "1" Make a relationship between new table occurrences of Daily Tours and Tour Guides. I'd call the table occurrences: DT__ dt_TG~ActiveOnly Make a relationship between one_const_c and active_bc. Then make a value list ActiveTourGuides: use first radio button option "Use values from Field", then click button. Use Values from: dt_TG~ActiveOnly::full_name Include only related values starting from DT__ This will be a dynamic list of active guides. Then of course, use this value list on your layout. Hope this helps. Marek Tour_Guides_Modified.zip
  4. Comment, Thanks! That did the trick. Fenton, Thanks too. I managed to download your example before you removed it. It was helpful. IdealData, If I understand you correctly, you're suggesting that the user would edit the field in the related records as well as the field in the Player table. I would like the user to be able to make the correction in one place, and not have to know about the related fields. Thanks for all the responses. They saved me a lot of time. Marek
  5. Hello, I often seemed to run up against this kind of problem and I haven't found a satisfactory strategy for dealing with it. I think this is a pretty clear example, which I've created to hopefully simplify things. Let's say I'm trying to keep track of baseball statistics. I have two tables: player table: playerID_pk, name, Bats_LeftRightOrSwitch yearly_stats table: playerID_fk, year, batting average percentage (note: we do this out of 1000 (=100%)... we just do, that's why.) Bats_LeftRightOrSwitch field values can be: left (bats left-handed), right (bats right-handed, or switch (switch hitter- bats either way). Obviously, it's a one to many relationship--a player can have stats for more than one year. Player Table: P001 Brad Harman right P002 Dave Nilsson left P003 Justin Huber right Yearly_Stats Table: P001 2008 .100 P002 1992 .232 P002 1993 .257 P002 1994 .275 P002 1995 .278 P002 1996 .331 P003 2005 .218 P003 2006 .200 P003 2007 .100 P003 2008 .246 If I want to have a portal of right handed batters and their averages in 2008, what's the best way to do this? Let's assume the layout is based on a table occurrence other than these two tables. If I use a calculated field in the yearly_stats table that is Bats_LeftRightOrSwitch_c, and contains the value from the player's table, then it must be unstored (in Filemaker), and so it can't be used on the lower side of a relationship. If I have a text field with an auto-entry calculation doing the same thing (again in the yearly_stats table), then it won't necessarily be in sync if I made a mistake in the player table and have to modify the Bats_LeftRightOrSwitch field. I'm hoping for a solution that doesn't involve scripts, because I don't want the user to do an extra action just to edit that one field. But I realize there may not be a way to solve this without scripts (or plugins), and if that's the case, please let me know, so I can consider alternatives. I've tried to make this as clear as I can. I imagine this scenario is fairly common. Usually apologies for missing previous posts on the subject. Thanks for any help you can provide. Marek
  6. Hello, If you are talking about fields being grayed out, certain fields are always grayed out during imports. You cannot import into fields like calculations and summary fields. It simply doesn't make sense to import into these fields. If you are talking about tables being grayed out and you are doing an import from the menu, it looks like you can only import into the table that goes with the current layout (or you could create a new table, but that's not what you want). All the other tables are grayed out. If you want to import into a different table, then change layouts before starting the import. You may have to create a new layout if you don't already have a layout for the table you want to import into. Marek PS it's not helpful to name a post "Please help a novice!"... (though it does reinforce the "novice" part : )
  7. To get the field names on the first line, use "Merge" as export type (after clicking on "Export Records"). Note: this is still a comma separated output file. I always change the extension of the output file from ".mer" to ".csv". I don't have an answer for how to keep quotes out of the output for each field value... Unless you want to use type "Tab-separated Text" which doesn't put quotes in, as far as I can tell. Marek
  8. Hello, The deadline for applying has been changed to Monday, December 11, 2006. Please apply on-line at http://www.ohr.cornell.edu/jobs/. Click on Staff (non-academic) and Librarian Positions. Look for Prog/Analyst III – 06293. Thanks, Marek
  9. Cornell University's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) is seeking a programmer to support and develop web-based databases in its Facilities and Operational Services (F&OS) unit. The incumbent’s primary role will be to improve the functionality of existing web-based Filemaker databases, and to develop new databases to support the F&OS unit. Meeting these objectives requires working with multiple stakeholders including database users and administrators in several colleges at Cornell. The programmer will write visually interesting and detailed user and administrative documentation, as well as provide group and individual instruction to database users. The incumbent will manage the transition of existing F&OS web sites to CommonSpot, and develop new web sites to promote and provide access to unit programs. S/he will provide FileMaker support to staff in the CALS Administrative IT cluster. The incumbent will coordinate stakeholder advisory meetings and manage work to meet deadlines. S/he must fully support F&OS’ dedication to continuous improvement in documentation, communication, standardization, and the level of support provided to the program stakeholders. Qualifications Required Qualifications * Bachelors with 2-3 years experience or equivalent combination with at least 1 year experience with database design and programming and interfacing database systems with web front-ends. * Must be personable, flexible and take pride in their work. * Excellent communication and organizational skills with the proven ability to prioritize multiple projects. * Ability to handle confidential information. * Ability to work well with a diverse group of stakeholders. * Must be able to work independently while supporting the efforts of an overall team. Preferred Qualifications * Experience creating web-based databases and programming with PHP. * Experience creating databases using FileMaker. * Position highly dependent on strong competency in computers, including both Mac and PC-based platforms, and a relatively large number of commercial software packages, as well as the ability to create structured, reusable code. * Need for advanced skills with various software to develop solutions for users, including Microsoft Office products including Word, Excel, PowerPoint; WebStar, IIS, or other server software; HTML, JavaScript. * Experience writing user documentation highly desired. * Experience with CommonSpot. * Experience working with web services. * Experience working in higher education. No relocation assistance or visa sponsorship is provided for this position. Please apply on-line at http://www.ohr.cornell.edu/jobs/ by Monday, December 4, 2006. Click on Staff (non-academic) and Librarian Positions. Look for Prog/Analyst III – 06293. Cornell University is an equal opportunity, affirmative action educator and employer.
  10. FYI: this problem was resolved in a later version of FM Server or the Web Publishing Engine. I don't know which component contains the fix, but the problem was resolved by these versions (or possibly before) FM Server version 8.0v4 WPE version: -Marek
  11. I have the same issue/question. Within the sub-summary part definition, the checkbox for "Allow part to break across page boundaries" is unselected. (Using the example in previous message in this post, that would be the "Person" Sub-summary.) I had expected that this would keep together all the "Resources", but it doesn't do this--page breaks are occurring between "Resources" within the same "person". I made sure that the next highest sub-summary part ("Division" in above example) was checked for "Allow part to break across page boundaries", but this did not solve the problem. By the way, I am not using Merge Fields, but I don't think that is the cause of this problem. Is there any way to prevent the breaks? I do not want to force a page break before each "Person". Thanks, Marek
  12. Martin, I have passed this problem on to FileMaker support for investigation. They are looking into it, and I will report back when I hear an explanation, a solution, or a work around. Thanks, Marek
  13. Martin, No luck. Same problem with fmresultset.xml. By the way, I'm using FMPXMLRESULT.xml because that is the one used by FX.php, which I'm using. Thanks, Marek
  14. Martin, Thanks for the suggestion. It didn't change anything. For the record, I went into "Define Database", turned indexing off for "fieldOne" (unchecked "Automatically create indexes as needed", it was already set to "None"), got out of "Define Database", then back in, to change the indexing by checking "Automatically create indexes as needed". I also restarted FM Server, before retrying and getting the same problem. Marek
  15. Martin, Sorry. That was a transcription error while posting here. I've removed the dashes in the original post. In my test case, the syntax was correct. -Marek
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