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  1. Hey everyone, I need to issue a report that will have several summaries on the same page. they don't take up that much space, since they are just totals. and they want them all to be in the same report (and script) example: Topic 1 Total Patients Total Patients w/ Chronic disease Total Patients w/ Insurance --------- Topic 2 Count of Languages Spoken Count of Country of Origin --------- Topic 3 etc. these can't be grouped with each other because they are separate statistics. Can I put them on the same page??? when i make two separate sub-summaries, they just intertwine with each other. and i need them to be separate paragraphs on the page. I'm a struggling newbie, and nearing a deadline. If anyone could help advise, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much in advance.
  2. definitely. thanks. should i send you a pdf of the report, or...should i send my .fm7 file? or is there a way to just export a section of it, so you don't have to deal with entire thing. never posted an attachment from FM before... just want to make it as easy as possible for you. thanks again.
  3. hi everyone, my apologies, i've lost my mind several days ago trying to figure this one out. and i seem to be running in circles... I want to create a report. that has several sub-summaries that have no relation to each other. For instance... one subsummary would have the medications prescribed in the last month. then. right below those 10 items with the summary 'count of' field next to each of them. i want a separate subsummary of the primary languages spoken of each patient. not having anything to do with the previous subsummary. i just want it on the same page. i can't seem to get them to sort independently. i've tried reading about breakfields. and i've read 100 people having subsummary problems. but it all seems to confuse me more and more. i've created complex reports/ simple reports. added subsummary parts, and taken them away. please, if anyone has a second to guide me in the right direction... thanks so much in advance. you guys are the best.
  4. okay, so i think i may have figured out the summaries issue. however, is there an easy way to let a user specify the 'date range' for the report to be run? here is the script: Go to Layout ["Medications Report" (Medications)] Sort Records [Restore; No dialog] Enter Preview Mode [Pause] Enter Browse Mode Go to Layout [original layout] i have time stamps on all the records. so i think i might be able to use that. any ideas??? thanks in advance.
  5. Hello all, please forgive me, as i have done my 'searching' and seem to have found 30 people with the same question as me, and about 30 different answers. all of which seem to confuse me. sorry i'm a newbie. i have a value list for medications. listing off 30 meds. and i need to make script to submit a report showing all of the 'medications' in the value list 'medications' along with how many times each of them occurs throughout the records. **Please keep in mind, these values show up in a portal** as i'm sure that has to do with the problem. ie. Accupril 18 Actos 4 Altace 0 Clarinex 6 etc. I would also like to eventually select a range of dates for them to count for... letting the user enter the dates she would like the report to include. is this something i can do with calculation fields, or summary fields? or do i have to make a report? can someone please help me. you guys are the best, and have always come through in the past. i'm forever indebted... pensive...
  6. You guys did great. thank you so much. the answer was exactly what i needed. the defaultResult, was just the name of the field in quotes. thank you guys again...
  7. hi everyone, i have a Case calculation to provide a shortcut to writing out cities. Case ( city_1 = "TO" ; "Thousand Oaks"; city_1 = "MO" ; "Moorpark"; city_1 = "NP" ; "Newbury Park") i have read about defaultResult. but am having trouble putting it into the calculation. all the examples i have followed come back with errors. i want the user to be able to type a city withOUT a shortcut and have the defaultResult show up. thanks so much in advance...
  8. no problem at all. you guys should have a title topic with conduct advice for newbies. anything that would make you guys feel like your time is more worth it. because it is. thanks again.
  9. Thank you guys very very much. i'm working on it as we speak...
  10. Remind me to wash all of your cars or something...for all the help you guys have given me. I have a field -- Visit Date I have a field -- Last Visit Date I would like Last Visit Date to automatically contain the field from 'Visit Date' in the last related record. more specifically, a patient has a visit. and we want to know when their previous visit was in a field. i would love to have this as just a calculation field rather than a script... is it possible? Thanks so much in advance.
  11. holy crap, i got it. once again, you're the best...Queue. anything us newbians, can do to help out experts like yourself?
  12. let's see.. where you put Case( flagField <> "fee waived"; amount_due ) what should i have for flagField ? also, this might sound a little ridiculous, but what does <> say in a calculation?
  13. you're awesome Queue, however, i'm just not that familiar with the Case function yet, and i'm not getting accurate results. the checkbox doesn't seem to effect it. and the total only comes from one of the records in the portal. i do appreciate your help, but i think, i might have some more learning to do before i can get this one working properly. thanks again.
  14. either, its a little more complicated...or i'm a little more simple. probably the latter... i'm in a portal. and the TOTAL DUE is just a SUM value. so the code is just Sum(amount_due) there are options for each row to select the person, and their value. i just want the checked -fee waived to remove that particular amount due from the TOTAL DUE calculation. sorry i might not be explaining it that well. let me know if that helps out at all. thanks again Queue... (and for the last one, too javascript:void(0))
  15. Hello again, my guiders of FM. Thanks in advance, you guys always come through. And I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. This week's issue: I have several fields with 'amount due.' (this is not an invoicing program). But still, i have several fields with amount due. and a Total Due field at the bottom. this all adds up perfectly. however, next to the 'amount due' field. i have a "fee waived" checkbox field. i would like the check mark of that field to remove the corresponding 'amount due', out of the equation. so that the 'Total Due' reflects the 'fee waived' checkmark. I know there are a lot of 'if's' involved. can somebody maybe guide me in the right direction? thanks a million.
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