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  1. Ah-ha! I see you added the field to each (Type and c.Type), then created a value list and a relationship. I'm not sure why my explicit value lists attempt did not work as intended, but your relationship/value list solution makes sense. I also see the Case() calculation for c.type says that if CD then music, else movie - that's the "if/then" logic I was looking for in scripting, but it happens in the field definition instead. That's what MikePR was getting at about relationships, and his "FieldToSearch" piece in his example! Thanks a bunch! Now for the fun part - populating it...!
  2. Does no one have this file? If so, see the attachment above. Can anyone tell me how this sample is currently working? If I have found the script it is using, why don't my changes above work? It's the Product Catalog sample that comes with FMPro 6...should be easy to figure out, but apparently not? To be honest, I have no idea what MikePR is talking about re: relationships to even hazard an attempt?
  3. So, if I just want to show certain fileds on Preview mode, but hide them in Browse mode or vice-versa, how would I go about doing that? For instance, in Preview mode, everything looks great as is, but if I switch to Browse mode, I lose the Account header field (actaully all sub-summary info. vanishes, which seems to be a missing feature rather than useful behavior), and so I'd need to be able to SEE IT in Browse mode to add/edit it. Unfortunately, it seems that to do this I just need to create a whole new layout, unless there's a way to selectively show/add a column in one mode but not the other? Otherwise, now I'm writing scripts to replace missing functionality. It looks like we're back to square one and having to write separate layouts for every minor change that needs to occur just between view modes. Seems silly for such a powerful DB to not be able to more readily WYSIWYG between modes, instead of forcing users to duplicate efforts.
  4. The more I work with the portal, the more confused it seems. If I choose to add a new record, it gets lost in the Accounts portal view, as there is no pop-up entry for a blank/"empty set" account. Where is the "THIS ACCOUNT" table to which it refers? How do I add a totally new account #? I'm not sure this actually solves the problem of being able to use my original, nice layout to enter NEW and edit existing records. If you can create a beautiful layout for Preview mode, you'd think you could just tell FMPro to use the same layout for Browse mode. I'm wondering if recommending FMPro was just a mistake...it may be too much DB for what we're trying to accomplish?
  5. I duplicated the "Keyword choices" value list to two distinct value lists "Music choices" and "Movie choices" (and renamed scripts that I copied and changed so that the old script should not be found) and changed any reference in other scripts to "Keyword choices" to an if/then, that basically is: If ["GetField("Type") = "CD""] SetField ["Scratch Text", "ValueListItems(Status(CurentFIleName), "Music choices")"] Else SetField ["Scratch Text", "ValueListItems(Status(CurentFIleName), "Movie choices")"] End If ...yet somehow this does absolutely nothing different at all?! The two scripts I changed were "Update Value List" and "Remove Keywords in Scratch From Found Set" - am I missing something here (see attached/uploaded)? I don't see anything else that would/should be relevant... MediaCollection.zip
  6. It looks like this script leads to a value list called "Keyword Choices" which just grabs them all, but I could change it to "only related values" which seems to force a relationship, which is where I get lost, even looking at the above idea. God, I want a text editor to just type some if/then code simply. What a mess for something so seemingly simple - ARGH!
  7. Did you see the attached files? I think I finally narrowed it to the script within the "Product Catalog.fp5" file, called "Update Value List" and now I need to replace the "Go to Field [select/Perform, "Keywords"]" line into a set of if/then's...how to do that? I'm definitely not used to this interface - I want to just type some lines of code directly! Just thought I'd let you know and see if any of the 5 downloaders had any input...? Thanks!
  8. FMPro 6 for Mac OS X (std. retail, not server or dev or anything). I zip'ed the sample (I call it "Media Collection" and changed a field to be called "Type" and set it as radio buttons, so that's the key for the keywords). You can see what I mean from these, if you don't have the Product Catalog sample in your Dev. version. MediaCollection.zip
  9. Ah, very nice! Thanks! I see it is a separate layout, but I guess it is not that difficult. I like the pop-up, which is just as well as the page breaks! Yes, the DB is in a bad state (this copy is even worse with my messing around with it). It was a munged export/import from an old DOS program "Q&A" to FMPro. I happened to mention FMPro b/c I used it ages ago with v4.x, but back then we never used FMPro's layouts and interface itself, but rather CDML on a web-enabled DB... As the IT guy, it fell on me to fix this after the fact (and personally keep FMPro from getting unfairly blamed for the conversion "problems"). They'd still be using Q&A if the XP SP2 upgrades hadn't finally killed it (it wouldn't even launch anymore). I thought the behavior of the record slider/page-turner was interesting in the portal. It increases, but still shows the same records. I'll just have to tell them to ignore those bits for editing (new portal), and just use them for Preview (original layout). You've been a world of help! Thanks!
  10. That sounds good, especially since I think it is the way the these sample files are setup, even though I found what seems to be a script unless relationships make some scripts as part if their setup and that is what I found? I don't suppose there is an easy way to do this without breaking the current Product Catalog sample, if you have (and know what I mean) in your copy of FMPro? I am not sure I won't break something else, but it sounds like I'll need to repalce this field anyway, with my own and as part of the new relationship you described... I was trying to keep it intact and just edit it slightly to see what would happen and how it was working. I guess breaking it is one sure way to learn! Thanks!
  11. Portal? I don't suppose it's any easier to convert a Preview Layout to be a Portal? Looking these up, it seems I will have to start from scratch. Before I start doing this, should I make a whole new layout, b/c it appears that changes I make while the current layout is "selected" will flow over to Preview of this layout? It sure would be nice if the reverse were true, or there was a simple way to convert a layout to a portal with an FMPro builtin utility, or just tell it to show the Browse the same way it shows the Preview. My layout is not that complicated. Otherwise, this layout (Wizard-generated) also slid the ACCOUNT field up into a header, so it is invisible in the Browse mode. How would I go about showing it in Browse mode but keep the Preview the same? Let me guess...make a whole new layout/portal as well? Grrr...
  12. Sorry, there should only be two? If so, "Haskin Totals" layout. If not, try the newly-attached instead, and my apologies!
  13. The difference in effect may be small, but the resulting difference in viewing/editing is huge between the two. Is there no happy medium between all records in a long table/list or only a single record in a form view? Here's my file (uploaded). I'm on my Mac right now, with v6 and the file is from the Windows v7, so I .zip'ed it - sorry about that. Perhaps then I need to be able to show the "Account" field in Browse mode. Right now it is a sort field in a layout that I made with the Wizard, and so it was moved to be a header and so it does not seem to show in Browse mode? The perfect solutioin would be to be able to edit in Preview mode somehow...if I can't get Browse to look the same as Preview!
  14. Thanks for the friendly welcome! I have tried this, but the first issue is that it does not seem to sort the way that the Preview mode layout does? Secondly, is there any way to get a nice Preview layout to work in Browse mode as well, aside from the long listing of all records -or- only a single record in the nice layout format (Form view) I created in Preview mode?
  15. I am learning FMPro 6 on Mac OS X and using the Product Catalog sample that came with the software to see how things work. I want to only display certain Keywords from the external Keywords file when certain text is found in the Description text field (another field in the Product Catalog file). For example, if "DVD" is in the description, I want a subset of certain keywords to show, but if "CD" is in the description, I want a different subset, even though *all* keywords are in this single, external Keywords file (I guess if DVD and CD are both in the Description field, then both sets of keywords should appear, but should not be duplicated). Any ideas? I think if I could use a script in place of a field in FMPro, I would be much happier, but the scripting seems limited, or at least the built-in interface is totally foreign to me. I'm thinking that an if/then is appropriate, but how? The current "Keywords button" has as its script is: Perform Script [sub-scripts, External: "Keywords"] ...and I see no way to edit this as needed? Perhaps the "Keyword Field Button" script in the Keywords file? If so, how?
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