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  1. report if you have received your email yet. I am still waiting
  2. I want to use the google maps feature with webviewer but don't want all the extra boarders and crap google maps adds. I would love to have just what is shown with an embed link. Just the map at a custom size and zoom level I choose. I have been able to get the embed link to work but can't figure a calculation to make it generate from some address fields.
  3. ahhh solved with join table thanks all love those join tables
  4. hmm looked and looked but this is not what i need you are missing the part where i need to sort each location so on the layout based on people it can show Joe Smith location 1 | 8:00 location 2 | 3:00 location 3 | 4:00 from a layout based on shifts where when sorted and other names removed would look like this Joe Smith | Location 1 | 2:00 Joe Smith | Location 1 | 2:00 ___I need this data to be 1 line in the portal Joe Smith | Location 1 | 2:00 / Joe Smith | Location 1 | 2:00/ Joe Smith | Location 2 | 2:00__ this data be 2nd line Joe Smith | Location 2 | 1:00/ Joe Smith | Location 3 | 2:00__ and 3rd Joe Smith | Location 3 | 2:00/ So I need the portal to show who spend how much time at each location. This is a little different than your example because your example doesn't subsort
  5. Sum(${date filtered {donations} per unique donor}:amount) specifically what is the $ for?
  6. wow that portal does exactly what I want. edit(i spoke too soon) 2 questions Sum(${date filtered {donations} per unique donor}:amount) what is up with this calculation?! FMA9 wont even let me save it because "specified field cannot be found" is there an updated version of this?? The other question is.. I notice that some fields start with _c is this just to show its a calculation field? or is the underscore there for some other reason? Thanks!
  7. I have been stumped on this for a while and can't find an example of what I am trying to accomplish. I have a calendar system and it keeps track of locations, time, and Date. I am just dealing with a people table and a shifts table. I want a portal on my layout dealing with people to show shifts grouped in location and totaling the time for that location like this Location 1 | 5:00 Location 2 | 3:00 Location 3 | 6:00 Location 4 | 9:00 but as close as i can get is... Location 1 | 5:00 Location 1 | 5:00 Location 1 | 5:00 Location 2 | 3:00 Location 3 | 6:00 Location 3 | 6:00 Location 4 | 9:00 Location 4 | 9:00 Location 4 | 9:00 Location 4 | 9:00 Location 4 | 9:00 totals are correct but not easy to look at. I can get the items to group but it ruins the totals.. any help appreciated.
  8. just wondering if there is some kind of limitation on the amount of calculation fields or something like that. I hate to start going backwards until it starts to work and yes i ment overlapping
  9. Making a database with shifts people work. I need the ability to have them span nights. so i have a date start and end field and a time start and end field. I made a calculation startcalc and endcalc that is a timestamp so i could have one field to reference for relations. I have a relationship to another occurrence to check for overleaping records like this ID != ID startcalc < endcalc endcalc > startcalc this was working and without being aware of why it now doesn't is there something funny with timestamp fields or something i am not getting here??
  10. your portal is based on the wrong table. edit your portal to show contacts not Contact_Companies and remove the checkbox allow creation of records via this relationship. You don't need it because you have a button to go this
  11. first just a tip don't use names first and/or last as relationships use a self generated serial number field this allows for people to have the same name. there is a way to do this "kinda". If I understand you correctly you want to show the contact record including the phone number and emails ect in a portal. you will need a plugin such as zscript that trigers scripts on the change of a field. on the table contact there is a portal showing phone numbers i assume. you need to use the zscript plugin to run a script every time a phone number is entered or changed. This script will keep a number system of phone numbers up to date. Your phone# table should have a field called rank or something. this field will number each phone number a person enters. so if they add one the field will be 1 if they add another it will say 2 ect. the reason you need a script is if someone removes a number it will need to reorder the numbers for a contact so there is no missing numbers. On your portal showing contacts leave room for a couple of phone numbers maybe 3. Then make that amount of instances of the phone number table. make 3 calculation fileds that are global on the contact table that calculate to 1, 2 and 3. this will determin what number will be pulled through the relationship. put a little button on the portal that adds 1 to each field and one that minuses 1. this will allow it to work like a mini portal. its quite complicated and may be more easy to just have a button to show the contacts full info in a small layout that pops up.
  12. WOW thanks so much this works great exactly what I needed. basically just a calculation field of stuff you don't want brilliant!!
  13. ohhhh looking at it more i think i understand now thanks
  14. this is not exactly what i mean i included an example. btw i am on 9 just didn't update my profile. i just need a portal to show the opposite of the busy portal thanks example.fp7.zip
  15. I need to create a portal showing the records that do not match criteria. I have a table showing appointments and one showing people. I was able to join an instance of the appointments table to itself to show any overlapping appointments. There is a portal that shows any people currently attending an appointment. I need one to do the opposite. I need it to show all available people. Any ideas would be great
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