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  1. I would also like to hear any suggestions for e-Signature PDF Documents - The eSign method I've seen throughout the forums only works for clients that can come into the office. (and signing electronic tables, etc) Ideally, having filemaker spit out a PDF with an electronic emdedded signature field is the way to go. But how?
  2. I have an addition question about this: is there a way to script the name of the worksheet, if the source file is a variable? Import Records[source: $filetoimport; Worksheet: "Worksheet"] UPDATE: Just read this somewhere else: "Import File script step uses variables to specify the path and file names to the Excel file. As a result, FMP does NOT ask for the specific worksheet you wish to import from when you are creating the script step. I had to add a second explicit path to a real spreadsheet with a bogus name in order to select the specific worksheet I wanted. I then deleted the bogus spreadsheet so now my script uses the variable path/filename AND grabs the right worksheet. Hardly elegant but it seems to work. FileMaker needs to add a directly accessible option to enter in specific worksheet or range names for this script step. Let me know if anyone has any better methods."
  3. Okay. I believe the final trick is to disallow "interaction with web viewer" - when I unchecked that box.. the "data/html," trick worked! Very nice trick indeed! Both methods work!
  4. Just so I'm clear.. You are setting webviewer to "point" to the exact text of: By the way, using the evaluation you linked to, to extract the src parameter is working great, so it isn't amazon blocking anything.
  5. Thanks for that. It didn't work for what I'm doing but I can use it for other stuff. I believe I will need to use your previous method to extract the url from the iframe code and then point the webviewer at that url. Basically, I want to show a preview of the banner that Amazon is hosting through the iframe code. This solution is completely done in filemaker, meaning I'm not uploading this code to any html or website. It's a local solution to allow users to copy and paste iframe code into filemaker then "show" them a preview of what that iframe code would look like. Anyways, thanks for the assistance. Mucho appreciated.
  6. Yes, this is why I wanted to extract the URL from all that IFRAME code. I'm creating a "web banner" database, that allows user to copy and paste "IFRAME amazon code" for a web banner. I'd like to show them a "preview" of what the banner would look like and since web viewer, like you said is a web browser, I needed to extract that URL from the code they insert.
  7. Hi comment, could you explain? When I tell webviewer to go to that frame> It changes all the "<" to gibberish and doesn't sow anything.
  8. Thought I'd ask for another "position" calc field I'm trying to do as well. I've got some IFRAME code that I'd like to extract the link from and then use that url as the url for the webviewer. Here's some sample code: Now, how can we extract simply the URL (the portion in red? I want the URL so I can simply use it in WebViewer as Filemaker doesn't seem to support showing IFRAME code in webviewer. Any ideas?
  9. Hmm. I'll take a look at both options, luckily most accents are on the "vowels" (atleast for the characters I'm dealing with) Thanks for the suggestions, I'm sure one of them will work just fine.
  10. That's assuming you know what the character is. This is a calculation field that would strip the accent mark and leave the character (whatever that would be.
  11. I'm looking for a way to strip or filter out "accent marks" like this é The below code strips out the entire character. Filter( yourTextFieldHere ; "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ1234567890`~!@#$%^&*()_+=-[];',./{}|:"<>? " ) Wondering if there is an alternative way to strip out the accent mark but keep the character?
  12. Just started playing around with it... Can I add mutliple files for one record? and display those files in a list? I.E. I have a movie title "Dark Knight" and it has has three press images attached... I read that it supports portals, but couldn't figure out how to relate multiple records back to my original title and display all images (or documents) assigned to this film title
  13. Nice. I knew I was overlooking some of the valuelist options. I actually utilize the "second field" in some other valuelists, but never really thought of showing the second field only (then using the first field for entry.) I always thought it was weird that Filemaker doesn't allow you to use the second field for data entry, but it makes perfect sense with this method. Thanks a bunch.
  14. I've got a very simple fairly-standard Contact Database with two tables, Company & ContactName. The two tables are related through CompanyID and unlimited persons can be added to a company. I have a third file/table (let's call that "Invoices") that "pulls" information from the ContactDatabase via drop-downs and lookups. First, in the "Invoices" table I use a value list of all company names from the contact database. After the selection occurs, (1) I use a "lookup" field to copy over the CompanyID into the Invoice table and then create a relationship with this ID field and the CompanyID field in the ContactDatabase (just it case the company name changes in the future). (2) Then, based on this relationship, another valuelist is shown with matching Names from that Company. The user selects the name they want and then (3) another lookup field copies the ContactNameID over to the Invoice table and finally another relationship is created between the NameID's (again, just in case information is changed) So basically I have the following relationships in the Invoice table (to the ContactDatabase): CompanyID (CompanyID_Invoices -> CompanyID_Main) [(1) from above paragraph] CompanyID_Name (CompanyID_Invoices -> CompanyID_ContactName) [(2) from above paragraph] ContactNameID (ContactNameID_Invoices -> ContactNameID_ContactName) [(3) from above paragraph] Everything works fine and dandy but was wondering if there was a "better" way to do the above. Possibly reconfiguring my relationships a bit, it seems a bit messy to have so many relationships taking up so much space. I don't like using lookups, but don't really see any other way of doing this.
  15. Would love to have the upload FTP feature. I've been waiting for CNS Ftpit to update for Intel Mac's, but I'm tired of waiting!
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