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  1. Two files- Clients and Notes. A Client can have many Notes. I want the clients name in Client>ListView to be red when his most recent note is more than 30 days old. I've gotten a portal list of dates to turn color appropriately but can't figure out how the field in Clients can 'know' which record in Notes to cue the conditional formatting. I have a field in Notes that returns a '1' if stale and a '0' if not. [email protected]
  2. Tried the 'Preview' solution. Aside from the multiple record problem, when pasted into the large-enough-for-the-original-image container, the image was tiny. So I gave up and created a calculation field with the items from the RXREQ image parsed into it. Then I script that into the spot where I need it. Thanks for your ideas.
  3. I don't see that working in a script. I can do it but it my users need to push a button and have it happen in a runtime solution.
  4. I have an object I've named RXREQ, it is a grouped object comprised of a pink rectangle, a dozen fields and some text. If I copy it in layout mode, go to browse mode, click into a container field (RxContainer)and hit paste, I get a nice image in my container field. Which is exactly what I want. Well not quite, I just looked, I get an image from Layout Mode - no data, just the image you see in Layout Mode. What I want is the object as seen in Browse mode But try to automate it and I get garbage, and odd garbage at that, text from all over the page.
  5. Migrated - Started in FM2 and grew... This is a clinical documentation program and at one point was divided into two runtime solutions in FM6. Master and Notes saved as Master_MD and Notes_MD. So I had two versions, one for MD's and one for other clinicians. Then reintegrated this year and brought Notes_MD back to Master. So the main files are Master, Notes and Notes_MD. But Notes_MD isn't the only file that can't find Master at times, though it's the only file brought in from another solution.
  6. Master is the main file in my FM suite. Sometimes I go to another file in the suite and when I press the button to go back to Master I get the message, <"Master file:Master" could not be opened. (Not Found)> I, of course want to scream at it. But instead I use (and instruct my users to use) the dialog box to tell it where the file is in spite of it already being open. Any clues?
  7. Thanks, John, yes I have scripted navigation. And love your books. Gerald
  8. Field x is in File 1 and appears in File 2 via relationship. My user goes to change data in File 2 only to be told: This record cannot be modified in this window because it is already being modified in a different window. They have to go to File 1 and click out of Field x to modify in File 2 ('course they may as well modify it there). But FM 6 did not have this problem and my users are much pained by it. Notions?
  9. Way too late for that with over two hundred records. I need to work with the db I've got.
  10. :blond: I am a mid-level FM designer so I know when I get the answer to this it's gonna be a 'doh!' minute, but I can't quite figure an elegant way to do this. I've got seventeen number fields in each record - N1, N2,....N17 (representing the players scores [6 regulars 11 guests or former players]) I've got these numbers totalled and averaged. I'd like to automatically identify the high scorer. So what kind of script or calculation will i.d. the high number? Doh! in advance. Thanks.
  11. In my latest upgrade (FM8 Adv) users are complaining that some records in some layouts have anomalous spell check options. Instead of Replace at the top choice in the spell check window they get Next. I can't figure out why this is so, or what to do about it. Seems quite odd. Have tried various approaches, dictionary selections etc. Any clever ideas?
  12. I know how to hide the status area, How do you lock it?
  13. Solution: Tried again to use alternate format for intermediary file to move data from runtime v.6 to runtime v.8. What worked (so far) is a .dif file with the DOS option selected. .xml is terra incognita and inaccessible (to me). And I have to be able to do this on 100 client computers.
  14. Man, I thought that was gonna be it, but no. I opened the xml file in notepad and did a 'find' for the reputed flaw '0x4' and got 'Could not find "0x4"' and I tried it with both the letter O and the Zero. Sheesh!
  15. Hmm, In one instance the offending character was 0x4. I did a search using find replace, but it didn't find any such text in any field. And how do you do those other things you referenced. It should not be so (*&^*&^ difficult to get the old data into the new db! I see this as a flaming flaw of filemaker that is driving me to drink.
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