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  1. Fenton! Thanks so much! It worked like a charm! Much Gratitude, Joe
  2. Hello I'm creating a job-tracking log for a construction company. I have a jobs table and a change orders table. Change Orders are viewed via portal and can have a status of "Pending", "Approved", or "Void". In the Jobs table, I would like to summarize the values of each Change Order type. I can summarize the entire portal, but I do not how to break out summaries of "Pending", "Approved", or "Void". Any help is appreciated! Thanks! Joe
  3. Old post, new issue... The previous guide was very helpful. Now, Is there a way to break 4 (or more) possible event types out of a portal so that they can be used in stand alone fields? Let's say I have 4 event types and corresponding dates - date received - 5/1/05 walkthrough - 5/5/05 dwgs out to subs - 5/6/05 bid due - 5/15/05 All of these are entered via a porthole relationship and then later used in a calendar report. Now, can I take the individual data (ie: the date received) and have it populate a stand alone field? -any help is appreciated! thanks
  4. I just figured it out myself...woo hoo! thanks to some windows xp command descriptions I found online. The cmd stuff is new to me, but it sure is useful. Here's the Send Event script if anyone needs it: Make it a calculation and type the following into the calculation field (include the quotes). "CMD /c XCOPY driveletter:sourcefoldername* " & yourtable::fieldname & " /s /i" note the spaces inside the quotes, they're critical or it doesn't work right. This copies the folders, subfolders and files from the source folder to a new one that you create while using data from a field in the title. It will create the directory tree automatically and populate the folders. If anyone needs a list of windows xp command lines. check out: http://www.ss64.com/nt/ peace.
  5. I have a script that creates a windows folder on my server drive o: with the same title as an estimate number generated by FM. Now, I want to copy sub-folders contained within another file at o:templates and paste them to o:Estimate_Log::Estimate Number which was just created. I'm not familiar with the send event or cmd language and have been shooting in the dark. Thanks for your help! Joe
  6. THANKS WORKS GREAT... Did need the extra backslash, but works like a charm... Peace! Joe
  7. I would like to create a script that automatically creates a new folder with the same number as an auto-generated estimate number. Example... I have an estimate number "5001". I have already scripted opening the folder ("Driveletter":"estimate number") using the open url script, but I want that folder to be created in that drive with the New Record. Any ideas? Thanks!
  8. Dan, An issue comes up with this solution... If the "Bid Due" record is not the first event in the portal sort, then it doesn't see the calculation. Is there a way to have it search the entire found set in the portal? Joe
  9. Dan, Thanks for getting back to me... I'm trying to attach a file here which explains better what I need to do. Any more insight is appreciated. Thanks! Joe eventtestdemo.zip
  10. Hello... For this purpose I'm using 2 tables. A master estmiate log and an Events Log. I'm currently using a portal to display a series of events related to an Estimate... The events are "Bid Due" "Walk Through", etc. and list the date and time of each. I want to be able to pull the "Bid Due" date and time only and show them on the main layout page of my Estimate Log. How would I calculate and/or script going into the portal, finding the field containing the entry "Bid Due" and then pulling the date and time to display in the Estimate Log Table? Thanks. Joe
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