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  1. Thanks for the reply. I gave up trying to get it to work. I only need the remote access feature during the Summer do i am using a Filemaker hosting service.
  2. Hi Douhemi Yes I am using the address that is provided from "WhatsMyAddress". So far still no luck.
  3. I did make the changes you suggested. I used a utility program from portforwarding.com to set the servers ip address to static, but so far it's till not working. I have been testing it from another location.
  4. Thanks I did run it from within the network. I will try later today from outside the network. When you set up the router do you have to do that from the server or can it be from any workstation? Does the server have to have a static Ip for this to work?
  5. I have a small lan (3 workstations) connected to fmserver 13. OS is win server 2008 R2 . It is working without any problems. I would also like to connect to it remotely with a WAN connection. The IP address of the server is I know I have to forward a port on the router which is an Asus RT-N66U. This is a screen shot of my settings. However when I run a test to check if Port 5003 is open it fails.  Â
  6. I do mean for navigation. On most widows programs when you are in a field that has a drop down list, using Alt+ Down Arrow will open that list (without having to click on the fields arrow). This does not work in Filemaker. Is there another option?
  7. On win OS, is there a keyboard shortcut shortcut to open a Drop down list that includes an arrow? (FM12)
  8. Figured it out. I had a custom menu installed without any options to print.
  9. Figured it out (even though I don't understand why it should make a difference). When printing to the printer the printer setting was print Current record only. When printing to PDF it was set for Records being browsed.
  10. This layout only prints the header when output to a printer. It prints to a Pdf properly. The is being hosted by FM13 Server (if that makes a difference).
  11. I have set up 3 very simple security accounts. 1 - Full access and 2 - Data Entry only. These are the stock security accounts that are included in FM12. They have not been modified. If I log in with a Data Entry privilege when I go to a layout and enter Preview mode with the Status Toolbar showing the PDF and Print Icons are greyed out. With a Full Access privilege they are available.
  12. Thanks I will switch over to a remote container when I have the chance.
  13. They are on a 2nd drive on the server (not on the OS drive) in a shared folder that is mapped as "W".
  14. I have several container fields that link to images by reference. I'm using Fm Server 13 installed with Microsoft server 2008 R2. When connecting through the desktop (with fm12) I see the images, but when I try to access them through Fmgo, all i see in the container field is the path.
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