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  2. This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: View the full article
  3. Two SC servers, one database

    Thanks for the reply. What is the downside to calling SCSetBaseURL()? Is there any way to determine what the current base URL is? (I'm aware I could capture it in a $$var, sure.) And would that method have fewer downsides that just calling SCSet? Is there a way to use a fully path, rather than calling SCSet? I am referencing files using as records in a table. Each record may have a different host. Therefore, when I want to reference a file, I have to know the existing base path to compare. Or just change it on the fly.
  4. I've got a couple SC licenses running on different servers. I've got one database and I want to store files on both servers. (why? well, I'm migrating from one server to another, but it's go to be done over a couple months due to bandwidth limitations). I'm storing each image's filepath as a record in a standalone table. That full filepath will be different depending on the host for that file. When calling any of the plugin functions by script, I believe got to also call SCSetBaseURL, right? That base host is either taken from the record (if downloading) or given based on business logic (if uploading). I want a calculated FM Container field using SCGetContainer(). I think I have to call SCSetBaseURL() in the calculation field as well. I've never used SCSetBaseURL() in a field definition, so I'm a little wary. I've tested it and it works. There's a slight performance hit. Is calling SCSetBaseURL() every time I call a SC plugin the best way to do what I'm trying to do? Is there a way to use a full filepath to SC rather than a local filepath for these plugin functions? Thanks and I love the product!
  5. When you make a new window, the current layout is reloaded and the OnLayoutEnter script trigger fires. The Orders List layout's triggered script ends in Halt Script[]. The Halt Script[] script step ends all running scripts, such as the new window script, so you never get to the Go to Layout[]. Use Exit Script[] in place of Halt Script[] in the Order List OnLayoutEnter triggered script.
  6. Renaming SC files

    Is there a good way to rename files? And did the behavior of SCMove() change recently. A few months ago, I was testing using SCMove() to rename a file SCMove by using the same filepath for the old and new paths, but adding a filename parameter SCMove ( filepath ; filepath ; new.filename ). I thought I had it working ok. I let the project sit for a couple months and just came back to it and now it's not working. I'm second guessing myself that I ever had it working in the first place. But it looks like SCMove() may have changed, now accepting key/value pairs rather than just a filename. I've tried it both the old way and with filename= and neither works. My goal is to rename the file. Is there a better approach? Related for my purposes...does SCMove() delete the old filepath's folders? Or are they still there in the filesystem? Thanks!
  7. Hard Gradation

    Could you clarify the use for this? Maybe post an example? I like where you're going, but I'm not sure what you're doing? Is this basically adding a "graphic" to a popover?
  8. Restricting access to "Modify Table View"

    I believe if a user without layout modification privileges modifies a table view, that view will neither persist past that session nor change for other users. It seems like a reasonable accomodation.
  9. Information on FLT

    Filemaker is really moving away from this. They don't want you running your own business where you control the licenses for your customers. They want the customer to be buying the licenses.
  10. I don't know what Show Custom Dialog will do for you. You're running the script via CWP. Show Custom Dialog isn't a supported script step. 1) Post your FileMaker script 2) How do you know the script is succeeding, just not the parameter? 3) If that's true, there may be a problem on the FM script side, not the PHP side.
  11. Getting the internal script ID

    Keep in mind, more than one script can have the same name. That may cause a problem in getting the script ID using Design functions.
  12. Script/Function for instant screencapture

    This is not a simple request. It is probably possible using AppleScript and some native FileMaker scripting, but I haven't actually done it.
  13. Find in Portal- Problem

    Unfortunately, @ is a special symbol in find mode. Quotes works. Also changing the fields storage settings to Unicode (though then upper and lower case letters will be treated differently). It's a problem.
  14. Hacking Your Own FileMaker Platform Solutions

    Excellent points, Steven. I think there's something to be said for asking *someone else* to hack your file. Developers have their strengths and weaknesses. We have our blindspots, especially about our own work. I have mixed feelings about File Access Filtering. File Access Filtering is good, but has a major weakness. It makes it really easy for a threat agent to test out user/pass combination. A hacker can enter one user/pass and server then tests that against all accounts on all files on the server. And it's trivial to see if there's a file with a valid Guest account on the server. Without FAF, you have the threat of a hacker seeing all the files, but they would have to test user/pass on a file-by-file basis and those attempts would be logged by FMS. As far as I can tell, user/pass attempts for FAF are not logged. So...why list at all? FMP gives us the option not to by not displaying in the Launch Center at all! Developers should prevent the file from displaying in the Launch Center using the file's Share with FileMaker Clients... settings.
  15. No more shared hosting after FMP14?

    I thought the same thing while reading the pdf. There is the cost of the license itself, yes. But there's an additional cost of spinning up a new machine (virtual or otherwise) and sysadmining it. I used to be a "FileMaker Commercial Hosting" provider for my development clients. I got out of it though. It was too much hassle. I pushed everyone off onto other, bigger operations. Clients don't want to handle managing their own server, with backups and OS upgrades, blown ethernet cards, etc. So, even if the cost went up $30 a month for their own license of FMS but still on a shared server, I would recommend they do it. Because it's going to be an additional $10-$30 a month on top of that for a machine....If EULA allows, which is unclear. But that would be a $30 waste since there's only a nominal benefit to the client. Maybe there are other options they haven't announced, like a free FMP client and all costs are server connections, or an FMI hosting service!. Who knows. But if FMI makes no other changes to their pricing or business model, and only does this one thing, basically killing shared hosting, then I think that will drive a lot of small-fry operators off of FileMaker. Maybe that's best for FMI and I respect their choice.

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