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  1. I have been using the plugin IWP Export with Filemaker Server 11. I was informed by FM Web School that it discontinued IWP Export a couple years ago, and so it has not been tested with FileMaker 12. Has anyone used it with Filemaker 12, and are there problems? Thank you!
  2. I have been using IWP Export, a plug in that is no longer suppported (for FM Server 12). Are there any alternatives out there?
  3. I have had some of my clients (just a few out of thousands) experience strange behavior in IWP. The system takes them to an existing record instead of creating a new record in certain cases, but very infrequently. Has anyone hear of issues with IE7 and IWP?
  4. For question 1, there is an option to lock the status bar in the script step. Then the little arrow will not be displayed. Question 3, you can set the timeout in the Admin Console, under Configuration, Database Server, Client limits...
  5. Thank you so much for the response. I checked, and Local Hosts is the default option when clients choose Open Remote. Not sure what else could be going on.
  6. actually, the OS is 10.5.8, Leopard not Jaguar
  7. We are hosting a database with filemaker server, and then four office computers with client access the database by choosing Remote. When our Internet service is down, the database does not show up in the window for selection. However, you can still access the database by opening FIleMaker and selecting Open Recent file. Is there some reason it is not showing up when the Internet is out?
  8. I found the location myself, but when I edited the file and replaced it on my server, the database links would not show up, so it may be that Filemaker purposely disables the links if the document is edited in any way.
  9. I was wondering whether anyone knew from where the iwp_home.html document calls the text for the words in the banner "Instant Web Publishing" and "Database Homepage"? I just want to customize/replace this text in a simple way to customize the home page. I've searched through the files and cannot seem to locate it. Those are not .gif files like some of the other images.
  10. Remove any field validations you have. This is extremely inconvenient, but solves the problem reliably. FIleMaker is aware of this "bug" and is supposedly close to a solution.
  11. Yes, the error 13 thing causes the database to be unavailable to all users. Anyone who tries to log in gets the "error 13" message, and then you have to restart the server to clear out the error. The TIgers had a wonderful, improbable run this year. The ending was a disappointment to be sure, but I'm all the more eagerly awaiting next season!
  12. Per FileMaker, revision 4 of FileMaker Server Advanced version 8 does NOT fix the error 13 problem, but I was told by the rep that the problem has been "trapped" and so it may be fixed by the next revision. This problem has given me fits as I've had to remove all field validations and try to come up with scripted validations, and I've been unable to conquer one specific area. Anyway, hopefully soon!
  13. The IWP home page is iwp_home.html and it's in the Program Files folder, in the FileMaker Server folder, in the Web Publishing folder, in the publishing-engine folder, in the WPC folder, in the Resources folder in the iwpres folder. The only thing I did with it is add some text to identify my company and some other notes for our users. I wasn't adventurous enough to try to delete the banner, etc.
  14. Yes, this is a great feature to instantly identify IWP compatible script steps.
  15. When using FileMaker Server Advanced and IWP, when you have field validations turned on, after a time, noone can log into any hosted databases. They instead get "error 13" when they attempt to log in. FIleMaker is aware of this "bug." I don't know whether it's fixed for FM Server Advanced 8.5 or not.
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