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  1. You are right. That is probably the best way to speed it up. I'll probably end up doing that once I am sufficiently frustrated. Thanks
  2. Hi Folks. I've been working with filemaker with SQL databases for awhile and need some tips. Basically I use FM 12 to pull in and process data from a large SQL data repository that I have no control over. I run FM 12.3 on OS X Lion on a late 2011 mac mini and use Actual ODBC. The SQL database is huge and is esentially a warehosue for hospital data. I mine a very small percentage of the available data. I am not the administrator of the SQL database and I have very little knowledge of its inner workings. Working with the SQL database has always been slow, but now I am looking to do more SQL queries with more complex data and I find that the queries are just too slow to the point of precluding any utility. I'm not sure if this is an SQL issue, Filemaker issue, Actual ODBC issue, Network issue, all of the above etc. I'm sorry I can't give you exact information about the SQL database, but I'm just looking for a bit of direction as to the possbility of optimizing all of this. If it would help to have the exact details of our SQL server I can try to get some info, but the ODBC manager shows Microsoft SQL Server 09.00.5057 for what its worth. Thanks, any advise is appreciated.
  3. OK thanks. I'll see what I can come up with. I think only FMServer supports server side scripting and I'm serving off FMadv, but maybe it will work.
  4. Hi Folks. I have an FM12 solution that uses the 6Barcode plugin to generate some barcodes in each record. This database is also available to Filemaker Go users using Filemaker Network Sharing in FM12ADV. Of course the barcodes do not render in FM Go as there is no plugin on the iPad side. I'm looking for any solution that would allow the barcodes to appear on the FM Go side. The file must be served to the iPad and cannot reside on it. Barcodes need to be code 128. I doubt there's a straight forward solution, but any ideas are appreciated. Thanks Update: I tried using IDautomation barcode font, but as expected it did not carry over to FM GO. Just came up as digits.
  5. Well I did this after the problem started as a test, so it didn't cause the issue. However, I have had FM IWP and apache webservers operating simultaneously for many years. I just checked and port 80 is functioning with the built in Apache webpage ("It Works") and port 8000 is functioning with IWP. This has always been my experience and if you start up IWP with Apache running, IWP asks to change the port. I don't know much about apache, but you can probably have more than one website running through different ports on the same server.
  6. Success! A full uninstall and reinstall worked.
  7. Yes. I bought it and installed it in the last few weeks, so it was not an upgrade from FMv1. I was aware of this issue. Maybe I'll just go ahead and uninstall and reinstall from the full installer anyway. Thanks
  8. Hi folks. I upgraded my hosting computer recently to a new mac mini with Mountain Lion. Currently running 10.8.2. FM11SA and FM11A are also on the same computer but inactive. I then upgraded to FM12v3 ADV and since then I cannot get IWP running. FM network works fine, but no go on IWP. I get the "IWP cannot be started" error. Initially I thought that it was a conflict with IWP on the FM11server, but that would usually give the "another instance of FM" etc error and I checked activity monitor and IWP is not running nor is the server running in the background. I know there were issues with IWP with Mountain Lion in the first release of FM12, but I thought this was no longer an issue. Interestingly, when I try to start IWP on FM11, it won't start either, but I can't remember if I had it running before I upgraded to FM12. Can someone please confirm that FM12v3 IWP should be compatible with OS X 10.8.2? If it should be working, any troubleshooting suggestions would be welcome. I've trashed various preferences and tried starting iwp from the terminal but no go. I have not tried a reinstall of FM12. Also, when I enabled web sharing (via the terminal in Mountain Lion) and tried to start IWP, I did get the dialog box to change the conflicting 80 port which I would expect, but then when I do change the port I still get the IWP cannot be started error. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Thanks for these replies. The idea of a runtime solution is appealing, if I can get it to work. I will give it a try. Otherwise I'll try one of the other suggestions. Thanks
  10. Hi. I'm looking for some suggestions here. I'll start by saying I am by no means a developer. I'm good with FM, but I'm fairly limited when it comes to things like PHP etc. I have made a scheduling solution for about 60 physicians. At the moment, requests and availability for each physician are input manually by myself. Usually transcribed from an email. Within FM I have a form setup with a calendar where I can select availability options for each physician. I want to role this out so that the physicians can select availability themselves. IWP works fine, but it is a bit quirky owing to the static pages. I have to make the process as easy as possible and I don't think IWP will cut it for the end user. So really what I need is an online or almost standalone form that the physicians can fill out and I can import. The form would have to be dynamic (eg each day has a number of availability options, but there's also an option for each week that would automatically block out everyday of that week etc.) I think my options are an online PHP form from FM, an excel form for import, a word form for import or a PDF form for import. I've started working on an excel form, but frankly it's clunky and the users may find macros disabled on their computers so it might not work. I'd appreciate some ideas here. I'm trying to keep it as simple as possible. I want it to work without the user having to get any additional software other than what would be expected on a basic PC. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. Thanks. I went with an applescript. Works nicely.
  12. Hi. I've noticed this issue before, but now it's causing problems for me so I figured I'd ask. I'm exporting a single field as a text file from FM11. This file will be used as an .ics calendar file. When I copy/paste the text field into a blank text file, no problem-it's recognized by calendar apps as an ics. If I use the export field function the calendars app won't recognize it. I noticed that the exported file is double the size of the copy/paste file, however both files look the same when opened in a text editor. I opened them in a hex editor and found that Filemaker is exporting the field data with a hex 00/Ascii Nul between every character, hence the doubling in size. This is obviously causing problems for the calendar apps that don't expect these Nul characters. Other than scripting a copy/paste function between filemaker and a text file any advice? Thanks edit: A little more on this. If I open the exported file with the nuls and delete all the text in it then put any text back in it manually, the characters all show up with nuls when I open the file in a hex editor. So when FM is exporting to a text file, it seems as though it is doing something to the file itself. I'm on a mac by the way. I haven't had a chance to try in windows.
  13. Having what might be a similar problem here. OS X server 10.7.2 on mac mini FMS ADV 11.0.4 Was working fine on Snow leopard and FMS ADV 11.0.1 Upgraded to Lion and 11.0.4 and now IWP doesn't work My set up is a self hosted website on the same machine using Lion's web server e.g. "http://www.mysite.com" The home page has a link to IWP "http://www.mysite.com/fmi/iwp/cgi?-db=mydatabase&-startsession" I only get the error "The requested URL /fmi/iwp/cgi was not found on this server." I get the same error when accessing the url locally or remotely. I'm not sure if its a path problem, but I can't figure it out. Remote access via FM client works fine. Any help would be much appreciated. I've got to get my database back up. Thanks
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