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  1. How can I track changes for each record? (Who and what the changes are)MArilee
  2. Thank you! I will start that today. Wish me luck
  3. Perfect. Thank you... The old read the directions....
  4. LEt me clarify. We have 9 now. It was designed a long time ago. I would like to stream line it into one database.
  5. we have filemaker pro advance 9. and they are currently runing in 8.5.
  6. It is mainly the issue of managment. No one else in the office understands the process... so it would be easier if all were in one. and all imformation was available. So is there an easy way to do this?
  7. I am sorry i am in 9 and the data is an inventory, customer, invoice system. They use each other and were designed in 8. It would make my life easier if they were in one.
  8. I am not sure if this is the right forum, if not could you direct me to the right one, if it is, I have 4 sperate databases that i would like to merge into one with all the layouts. Is there an easy way to do this? Marilee
  9. msaier


    I have 2 tables that have a relationship. It is essentially goods(inventory) and buyer (cashier). Is there a way to have the portal in cashier only show the items (invoices) not paid. I am sure its easier than i making it, but for the life of me i cant get my head around it.
  10. I'm trying to write a script that will confirm that several fields are not empty before a print. I am sure this is simple but i am hitting a wall. any help would be apreciated.
  11. I am work ing crossplatform and have 6 database that i would like to "merge" into one. I have figured out how to import fields, scripts but am having trouble moving all the layouts and relationships. Is there a way to do this either withing filemaker or with a third party solution. M
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