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  1. I'm having some serious problems with my installation of FileMaker Server 14 and PHP. Everything seems to have installed properly and seems to be working fine except for one thing: If I make a php api request to get a record for example from a FileMaker database that request takes forever... 10-20 seconds, the immediate subsequent requests are as fast as you'd expect them to be, they just work. Then 30 seconds later it's as if I'm making that first request again, 10-20 seconds to get that record. Additional info: Server is Intel Xeon E5430 8 core @ 2.66 Ghz with 24GB RAM running Windows 2008 R2 64bit IIS 7.5 FileMaker Server 14 v3 The database/layouts/record/fields I'm using for troubleshooting this is are as bare-bones as possible (new db, 1 table, 2 fields, no calcs, no crazy layouts, no heavy traffic due to other apps).
  2. Thank you! That's the best way to "auto" constrain. Here's the script I'm using. It might come in handy to others. What I'm trying to do is allow someone to run a find like they normally would but then, right after their search, constrain the found set to just "their" records. 1. On the layout set a script trigger: OnModeExit, enable it just for Find. The way this works is: the moment the user hits the enter key or the find button to run their search this script will fire FIRST. Again, be careful, your script will fire FIRST, BEFORE their actual search happens AND before they get into Browse mode. 2. The script: If [ SESSION::z_ConstrainFlag = 1 ] // if the flag is set, exit to prevent infinite loop Exit Script [ Result: True ] Else Perform Find [ ] // this will basically allow the user's intended search to run and give them their set Set Field [ SESSION::z_ConstrainFlag; 1 ] // set the flag Enter Find Mode [ ] // start running the constrain search Set Field [ YourField::Here; "YourValueHere" ] Constrain Found Set [ ] // constrain - this will cause this very script to fire again since you are going from find mode to browse mode but it will die because the flag is set Set Field [ SESSION::z_ConstrainFlag; "" ] // now you can clear the flag. End If Many great thanks to David.
  3. I'm trying to connect via JDBC to a database hosted on filemaker server 11 advanced. I'm trying to connect with SQuirrel client and with a simpla java class (as exemplified by the odbc/jdbc guide that came with fmsa 11). In both cases the connection just hangs. There are no errors returned, no time outs happen, nothing. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or if you were able to connect to a file via JDBC using serve 11 and the new drivers from FileMaker.. Notes: - yes, jdbc is turned on - yes, jdbc access is enabled on the account - yes, I was able to connect via jdbc using datadirect sequelink drivers on fms 10 but not 11. - i tried connecting locally on the server as well, to rule out network problems, with the same result - i tried connecting against a different server as well, or different files too to rule out server/installation/files problem
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm trying to connect via jdbc to a filemaker database that is opened, hosted and shared by a FileMaker Pro client machine. I was able to connect to the file locally on the same machine that the client runs on but I am unable to make the same connection over the network by using the IP address of the computer. Any ideas or pointers? Thank you.
  5. I agree... ever since they switched to java the server product seems to have steadily declined in quality and reliability.
  6. Ok... I was able to improve (dramatically) the performance. here's how (and i should've thought about this earlier): 1. new layout for web based on TO that doesn't have ANY relationships 2. removed a calc field from layout that used the List function to bring in some info from a related table. (this was the big gain in performance)
  7. Hi Everyone, I ran into a problem with the PHP API for filemaker and the filemaker server. I wrote a basic script that uses a local account to query a table in the database that has 45 records. the layout I'm hitting is stripped down to just the fields I need (about 8). Whenever I load that page it takes about 3 seconds to return the results. If I have 2 simultaneous users it goes to 10-16 seconds to load the page, for both users. The CPU goes to 50%. On just a basic query. Why?! I'm running Windows 2003 sp2. 4GB RAM, Dual Core AMD Opteron 2.81Ghz (2CPUs). There is nothing else running on this machine. FileMaker Server 10 with latest update without IWP, ODBC. XSLT is disabled as well. Ideas? Suggestions?
  8. I can't believe how old this thread is. I've been having the same problem on some of our servers. I wish I had the time to spend on investigating and logging our server to put together a case and call FileMaker as well. Please advise on how to document the issue. I work for a company that has a fairly large account with FileMaker (we have over 4000 installations of FileMaker and I support about 7 servers). I'd like to refresh this case and throw our company's weight on this as well. In the absence of actual logs here's how I'd describe the situation: It seems that CWP web sites are usually running smoothly for a few weeks only to come to a screeching halt later. Once the performance is excruciatingly low I have to bounce the server and then everything is ok. So, I would say that there's something that is building up on the server that causes the slowness. Strangely our server are restarted every night, so you'd think that whatever builds up would be cleared. That doesn't work, I have to bounce the server when it is slow, period. We're running everything on virtual machines with Windows 2003 Server SP2, FileMaker Server 9 with nothing else on the machines. Rant: At this point I'm disappointed with how FileMaker server has evolved since it's 7 version, as far as I am concerned it has been declining since, with no relative improvement at all, except maybe UI. I'd like to point out that in fms7 you could use one console to connect to any server vs. having 7 icons/links to connect to different servers. fms8 came about and external authentication ceased working, that was never fixed, we skipped that release. FMS9 came out and here's what we get: - external authentication for the console is not working - WPE has major issues as documented in this thread - Java implementation of the console ceases to work if java is updated past v. 1.6.0_7
  9. Because it's a filtered portal, I only need to see certain items and thus only certain subitems. I know i mentioned the access right and that is because I'm looking at that layout and when I'm logged in with full access i see the records, then i run a relogin script and i see the records in the portal disappearing. I'll try to post a demo file shortly.
  10. I'm stumped. I have a MAIN table with only one record (all globals) from that table I have a relationship to an ITEMS table and from items to SUBITEMS. In a layout based on the MAIN table i built a portal that shows records from SUBITEMS. This portal only works, showing records, if I'm signed in with Full Access rights. I created a different account that is identical to the Full Access rights account and still won't work. Any ideas?
  11. happens both in 2003 and 2008. The issue is with the way filemaker creates the excel file.
  12. I tried all versions of FileMaker (7, 8, 8A, 8.5, 8.5A, 9, 9A) with updates applied, on both Mac and PC.
  13. Here's the bug: I'm exporting some records from FileMaker 8.5v2 to excel. Some cells have data in them some cells are empty. I open the excel file in Office 2008 and 2003, latest updates applied, and select any row and apply a colored background. I save the document and when I reopen it the cells that are empty don't retain the formatting. Don't suggest these fixes, I already tried these, with no success: - did a "save as..." so as to work on a "new" file - copy and pasted the data from FileMaker excel file to a new excel file (no formatting, just as pure text with the special paste command) - opened an empty, brand new excel document and colored some cells for testing, they work and stay colored, but not with FileMaker data
  14. I'm trying to figure out exactly how filemaker server counts concurrent connections. My understanding so far is that it supports: 250 TOTAL simultaneous connections: - 250 via client - max 100 via IWP (out of the 250 so you could have 100 iwp users and 150 client users) - 50 xDBC connections (and i guess these 50 are substracted from the total overall connections as well? so you could have 50 odbc connections, 100 IWP and 100 client) How are the PHP connections (via fx class or via PHP API) counted? Do they count as a single connection? What does "simultaneous connections" mean in the context of php and how does it affect the other connections? thanks
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