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  1. Has anyone developed a simple grid layout for displaying thumbnail images from object records? I haven't seen any solution where you can have information from multiple records displayed in a horizontal and vertical direction, like a page of lables. I've tried to make labels with the photo on them, but usually it enters the first photo and then ommits the rest. ANY IDEAS???
  2. This works perfectly... one modification needed if possible. Now after I set the row as either first name or last name, the field title is still sort1, or calc 1 and the fields have either first or last name information. Can I also dynamically change the field title to reflect the data in the row?
  3. My need is not really for a button but a way to click on the selected record in a list format and go to that record in the individual object view. I know you can do this using other list layouts, but the table layout is working a lot better for my purposes. I like the way users have control over the width of the column and the ability to sort decending or ascending. Also, why can't FMP select multiple records in either the list or table view? Holding down a shift key or option key doesn't work.
  4. I was afraid of that. Why won't filemaker allow such an obvious addition to the table view?
  5. Is there a script that will allow you to change or set a field you wish to display in a table layout? There are 4 variable fields: sort1 sort2 sort3 sort4 One layout asks you to specify fields for the layout variable thus: 'sort1' could equal first_name if selected 'sort2 could equal last_name if selected or 'sort1 could equal phone_number selected. This is basically the same steps as when you are creating the layout and FMP asks you what fields you would like to include. I would like to streamline the process a little within the database.
  6. I'm sure this is stupid, but why can't I set a field button in a table view to go to the related record in another layout? This is very easy to do in any other layout, but for some reason the table view doesn't like buttons.
  7. I have a field that is next to a button performing a script related to whatever is entered in the field. When you hit the return key after entering the script the text goes down one line. I would like to run the button script rather than returning one line. Is there a way to do that?
  8. It would be the same graphic for all users. I don't understand what this means. "global container field must be populated in the Original hosting file" Does that mean you need to put in the image into a global field on the original file rather than opening it up in the server?
  9. I have something where I can only use a global graphic for a navigational purpose. Everytime I restart FMP the graphic is lost. I understand that you obtain new globals after each session. How do I set a simple graphic as a global graphic when someone starts a new session?
  10. I'm not sure where to put this script. Can you explain where to put the script and how to run it?
  11. Check out Troi plugin, it will make a small thumbnail that stays in the database file rather than references the big picture. When filemaker has to draw thumbnails over a network, it gets really slow.
  12. Thanks! I know this is an easy question. I'm still learning. I think my computer will be making thumbnails for the next few hours!
  13. I have a simple script that creates a thumbnail for a given record based on the image path in that record. I have imported all of the correct image paths but now I need filemaker to physically make the thumbnails. How can I modify this script to go through all the records in a found set and perform this function??? Set Field [images::Thumbnail; images::image_path]
  14. I have an artist field in an artwork record. Upon entering the field I would like FM to check the name against the records in the artist table. This I know how to do. However, when the name doesn't come up a match I would like to go to a particular layout or be able to run a script that prompts me to add a new artist record. How do I do that???
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