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  1. i wonder how to create a autocreate script, to add a new time entry record each week, lets say mondays. now my database have only one record for time entries, I can make a new one, but I would like it to autocreate and jump to it, show week number in it, *AND be able to only make entries for the date in that week in that record, but that is a bonus...
  2. Ted, thats exactley what I came here for today. Thanks! I join ure crusade...
  3. is this 2 seperate files? If I have 2 files, one file with projects, that get numbers, and this number I want to show up in my other file, that is an entry per person of hours used on the project, i want to be able to choose the project number for adding hours on that project. I tried to relate and link the fields, but it wont work. Any suggested books or definition to read? Is a global field the solution ? (use FM7)
  4. thanks, i recon I did that already, and created related records etc, but its something else i missed then. thanks anyway. I will read more... -)
  5. newbee warning**** i have two files with difrent functions. I want to track my projects, and i have created a project id number, this number i want to use when i add hours for the project worked on, so i can use that to make calculation of price, payment. i manage to add the file nr 2 in the definition database and linking them, but if i define the box to choose project id from, to list the project id nrs from file 2 it wont list them up. it appear just as ablank box without function. hope somebody have a clue and time to tell me a little bit. thx, .t
  6. Essential needs In order to maintain and track projects the basic needs is as follow: 1. - create new project, - assign clients to project or opposite, - auto create a project number. - Employee assignment to project - print project with details, - Project Log - Listing of projects, by number, employee assigned / registrant - Log in necessary, by name - Admin, Accounting and project starter (employee) level 2. - hour registration for employer, based on project number, - weekly, - cost view based on hours used, - cost view on projects - printing of bills, for assigned accountant 3. - clients DB, - company listing, sub list of People in company - assignment of people for project - 4. - Assets DB - assigned to project by number / name - add assets to project 5. - Pictures DB (?) add later. Sort of assets Scenario 1 - X Registering a new project Clicking on the program icon, the log in box appear, and I get the overview, that let me select from User or what to do. I can select Projects, new and then I can write name in the Project name, choose the client, add price (Cost analysis), description, deadline date, assign person from the Client Company name. Then I click ok, save or go. I will then reload and I will see the Project form, with a given project number on, and I will print the Project in 2 x. Mark for Delivered / Finished, close the project for editing on employee level. can be reopened by admin/ Cost analysis of a project I can use my tool to add hours I will use for a project, what materials cost, transport, other costs, and the tool give me an instant cost estimate, based on hours at a given rate, and the other input. VAT Not included. Weekly registration of working hours There must be a regisatration of work hours. Every week (day) the employee add hours to the registration, based on the project numbers, this registrations give us an opportunity to look into any projects and see how much cost have been running, any time. Also viewable after ended. Listing of projects We should be able to list all projects, by Employee assignment, to Print list ProjectLog Whenever you work on a project, there is now and then time for logging what u have done, this text field should be in the Project View, and adding, listing by date added, below the Details, Remarks Section. ___________________________________ My company is based in bangkok, and preferably somebody based here would be nice. I need this to be local on server in house, dont need it to export/web available. I am working on a full spec, does somebody have any approx estimate of hours this whould use, etc. Please contact thomas@taon.no for full spec, info etc.
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