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  1. Thanks comment: "quotes" around fieldname ! Was my problem too a while ago. Scriptmaker does not complain, to bad ! Just some more additional observation: 1. test seams not a good filename for a Filemaker file. I unzipped it in my downloadfolder it translated to test.4.fp7 because I had a number of other filenames (3) starting with "test" ! ( starting only !). So the hard coded filename "test" from the sample file would have not worked any way. 2. Beside the quotes I changed the hard coded “test” in the script steps to Get(FileName) ( which gives the right “test.4”) but the sample script did not work ! Looks like GetNextSerialValue ( Get(FileName);”FieldName”) works only if the FileName does not include any “.4” ( any dot number ) FileNames with dot text e.g. test.front.fp7 work fine. Just checked hard coded filenames “test.4” ( any dot number ) also does not work. May be that’s also some where hidden as an information in the help files ?
  2. Great ! I just want to point out : This works also perfect for tooltips. Just put the calculation repetition in the tooltip specify. May be Stuart can change the headline to Dynamic Labels & Dynamic Tooltips
  3. Hi BruceR , Thank YOU !! You are the Specialist ! Give me a few days to look at the changes. Took me a while until I understood Your original work in the first place ;-) I use it with great success in a Layout Navigation System with Properties and Print System with Properties in a Restaurant Solution. For me actually amazing that some things can relatively easy be done in AppleScript but no way direct in FMP So Thanks Again for Your original Work !
  4. Filemaker has a user FIND MODE. A Sort Records is also available FMP Scripting can restore preprogrammed Finds and Sorts but You have to program them and than program like....... IF this do that else if do something else ....... THIS is a DEMO for a dynamic way to do all this with a Scriptparameter send to a FileMaker native AppleScript ! It understands the following Commands FIND............. more FIND for OR Searches OMIT............. to omit certain records(multi) EXECUTE.....to FIND and OMIT the whole List of commands SORT............to sort the found set of records It is limited to the Layout You put the Find Button on ! You can use that to find any kind of data with only ONE Find Script You can store and recall Finds and Sorts End Customer can Do and store and recall their own Searches Works with any kind of Field as long it’s on the Layout ! Also with related fields ! Understands all “signs” from native Find ( ><#@ ... etc ). Example Parameter (works with FMP 7 +) Find|Last Name|Adams|City|Boston~ Find|Last Name|Leads|Street|Moscone~ Find|Date|1.1.2007...1.3.2007~ Omit|First Name|Tiara|~ Omit|First Name|Emma|~ Execute~ Sort|Zip|A|Last Name|A|First Name|A|~ Credits: Delimited Scripting by Bruce Robertson January 23, 2001 FindMachineV1.zip
  5. Hi BluiSh What you need is a Mac FMP to external electronic connection as I understand. So You need an external Micro controller which You can address by USB and e.g. applescript from FMP. There are devices which use Rs 232 (serial) but than you need Troi plug in again ( The demo of the troi serial plug in works after the demo period but with a startup screen and delay ) You also would need some extra relais so You switch the door opener over a long cable switched by the relais at the micro controller. A POS Cash Drawer Interface probably is very much the same what You need. To give You some idea what I am talking please have a look at 2 sample “electronics” I have found IO-Warrior - The "Universal" for USB http://www.codemercs.com/E_index.html Service USB RS232 http://www.bkohg.com/produkte_e.html rgds Ohgo_Ohgo
  6. Me too ! Hi The Big Bear ! I am not completely clear what you want to do with the symbols later but I suggest you put a grid of repeating fields on top of your Symbol container. Than you can set the corresponding fields with the text to the desired location, You should make Your symbols a little more “symmetric” to the grid so the text is more alined. just as an idea because I am not aware of any dynamic placement of fields on a layout in FMP symbolOhgo.zip
  7. thanks for coming in comment !! You are right 1 Feb is not 31 Jan but actually 31.Jan to 1.March = 1 month and 30 Jan to 1 March = 1 month and 29.Jan to 1.March = 1 month But yes every month in this example has a different length of Days !! that’s the problem with months ! They have different length of days depend on there “occurrence” in the year ! Yes a problem ! Specially because even FMP has problems with it !! ( and I had mine !) Ok sorry comment ( I know you are aware of that ) but may be interesting as a example for some other readers. If born 31 .5.yyyyy on 30.4.yyyy you are not 11 month old only on 1. 5. because 31.4. is not available! so days which are not available in a month are all moved to the 1. of the next month. Think of the poor boy who has birthday on 29 february ?? after 40 years (for us ) he has only his 10 th birthday The key to understand I think is that month are relative to the date and the whole month problem is only a definition we have to agree on. ( wishi washi for a technical person I know : a month is 28 days long aeh 29 aeh 30 aeh 31 - aeh you choose ;-) ) thanks very much for comment and LaRetta to lead me to a better understanding, now I work on the Next Party formula ( spins my head again ) so i can correct my initial mistakes ! rgds Ohgo_Ohgo
  8. Halo comment please give me back my beer,wine,whiskey ! ;-) And now I bet you ! BREAK IT ! Halo LaRetta fly with me to the moon and take Your horseshoes and hand grenades from the wall first ;-) I found the Solution ! ( or I make myself an even bigger idiot in front of everybody - I am scared !) AgeLong(bithday;today) Let ([ Today = today; // set today = Get (Currentdate) if you dont have a "today" field and delete today from the Function Parameter BDayThisYear = Date (Month (Birthday) ; Day(Birthday) ; Year (Today) ); BDYNotYet = If ( BDayThisYear > Today ; 1 ;0 ); Y = Year (Today) - Year (Birthday) - BDYNotYet; DNotYet = If (Day(Today) ≥ 1 and Day(Today) < Day(Birthday) ; 1 ;0 ); M = If ( BDYNotYet; If (DNotYet ; 12 - Month (Birthday) + Month (Today) -1 ; 12 - Month (Birthday) + Month (Today) ); If ( DNotYet ; Month (Today) - Month (Birthday) -1 ; Month (Today) - Month (Birthday) ) ); DLastMonth = (Date ( Month (Today) ; Day (1) ;Year (Today)) -1 )- Date ( Month (Today) - 1; Day (1) ;Year (Today)) +1; M1 = If (DLastMonth ≥ Day(Birthday) ; 1 ;0 ); BdayLastMonth = If ( M1;Date (Month (Today) -1; Day (Birthday) ; Year (Today));Date (Month (Today); Day (1) ; Year (Today))); BdayThisMonth =Date (Month (Today) ; Day (Birthday) ; Year (Today)); BDMonthNotYet = BdayThisMonth > Today; LastBDay = If ( BDMonthNotYet;BdayLastMonth;BdayThisMonth); D = Today-LastBDay ] ; Y & " year" & If ( y > 1 ; "s" ) & " " & M & " month" & If ( m > 1 ; "s" ) & " " & D & " day" & If ( d > 1 ; "s") ) LaRetta I think you where on the right track before ! Just FMP Date ( Month(today)-1 ;Day(today);Year (today))calculates wrong if february is involved. eg. 30.3.2007 Date (Month(3)-1;Day(30);year(2007)) result 2.3.2007 should be 1.3.2007 eg. 31.3.2007 Date (Month(3)-1;Day(31);year(2007)) result 3.3.2007 should be 1.3.2007 Date(M;D;Y) works fine the rest of the year e.g 31.5.2007 - 1 month is 1.5.2007 this is right because there is no 31.4.2007 so it must go to the next 1 st of the next month. BTW I did not "shorten" the Let statment so it's more clear what I want to do . Finding the last "monthly" Birthday and calculate the days until today. Ok open for discussion Now!! Praise ;-) or Shame ;-( on me !
  9. WARNING ? THE ABOVE POST HAS A 1-2-3 DAYS ERROR!! SORRY I WAS WRONG My calculation wrongly forgot to realise that days difference is a different number of months and days depending in what month of the year they are !
  10. First thanks for the good words !! I try to understand Your formula but I have never seen y = Year ( Today ) - Year ( Born ) - ( Today < BDnow ) what does that mean ? ahhhh......is that a "logic" 0 or 1 0 or 1 substracted ?? that's great ! saves a whole if statment !?
  11. Hi Comment ! First congratulation! YOU won ! Beer, Wine. Whiskey ...all on me ;-) Now I’m not sure should I delete my 2 sample files or change them into Alpha... funny thing is it works fine for quite a lot of dates that’s why I did not realise when I tested my sample counting fingers ;-) I am still trying to figure out ( for me to understand ) what is wrong. it looked so easy ! May be leave the sample as a demonstration how not to do it ;-) please give me some time to confess and find out.... I think it's the problem that 30 days day difference are not always a month depending on what month of the year you look at ?? thx Ohgo_Ohgo
  12. Solution / : Birthday Calculator ;-) Description: WARNING ? THIS IS A GREAT SOLUTION IF 1-2-3 DAYS ERROR IS NO PROBLEM !! SORRY I WAS WRONG Calculates Your Age in years calculates Your exact age in years months and days and calculates when the next PARTY is on ! Just a little fun out of my last sample file Working Under: Solution Status: Beta Pre-requisites: FMP 7 or FMP 7 Advanced Author(s): Ohgo_Ohgo Date: 01/22/07 Credits: - Instructions / Other Info: uses only native FMP calendar so should be exact ( not 365,25 years etc ) Should work in any System Time Date settings and maybe even works in non Gregorian Calendars on Mac : Critic and feedback welcome ! Ohgo_Ohgo Disclaimer: FM Forums does not endorse or warrantee these files are fit for any particular purpose. Do not post or distribute files without written approval from the copyright owner. All files are deemed public domain unless otherwise indictated. Please backup every file that you intend to modify. BirthDayCalculator.zip
  13. Solution / Sample File Using FMP 7 native Time, Date & TimeStamp Functions Description: All this is probably nothing special if You ever took time to look at this functions before. Specially if you understood FMP counts Dates internally as days and Time and TimeStamps as seconds. If You never looked before this small sample file could give You a faster insight on how to calculate with this functions. the sample file shows how to calculate Time difference Date difference and TimeStamp difference same principe can be used to add or subtract this kind of “data”. It was less my wish to make it very elegant, than to make it understandable and use my own learning file for others Critic & Suggestions welcome Ohgo_Ohgo Working Under: Solution Status: Beta Pre-requisites: FM 7 Author(s): Ohgo_Ohgo Date: 01/22/07 Credits: inspired by Field description article at http://www.samspublishing.com/ Instructions / Other Info: open and play with the Start and Stop field data to get a better feeling. One advantage is that all month and year information is real to the calender not 30 days / month or 364 days / year etc. Disclaimer: FM Forums does not endorse or warrantee these files are fit for any particular purpose. Do not post or distribute files without written approval from the copyright owner. All files are deemed public domain unless otherwise indictated. Please backup every file that you intend to modify. DateTimeStamp.zip
  14. Sorry that's not what I suggested. I advised to put it all in one table and tag it according to its use/meaning. It would than be a simple relation date = date to show them all in Your schedule layout or You could separate them in different portals by the additional tag =tag relation ship ( please also update Your avatar showing You are using FMP 8.5 now. Otherwise my suggestions are for sure wrong - thanks )
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