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  1. Thanks for your input. I have a lot of clients using webdirect but using FileMaker Go on ipads and it is a simple task to print to an air printer. Obviously, my question was for webdirect users on windows computers. I already figured out that the script does not support the "print" statement. I was hoping for an optional solution that I could implement. Hopefully, the folks at FileMaker will come up with a way to print in the near future.
  2. I cannot seem to get a script to print to a local default printer. Is printing a problem with Webdirect?
  3. I had the same issue using Firefox but not with Chrome or Internet Explorer.
  4. Thanks much for your suggestion. I followed your advice and it was successful. Your calc approach did the trick! Happy New Year!
  5. I have an application that uses Filemaker V9 login for a class of users. Once authenticated by filemaker, I have a secondary login. The user name is one field and the password is the second field. I have no trouble getting the script to know when a user name and password are correct but I cannot figure out how to test if the user does not enter any data into the password field to trap this and create an error condidtion. Right now if the user enters in the name and then just presses enter while in the password field I get a success instead of an error. All help is greatly appreciated. The reason I use this instead of the normal filemaker password is that the list of users is basically dynamic and I want the Administrators to maintain the list not me the developer.
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