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  1. Find button in the toolbar has an arrow to shows recent finds. Is there any way create a script to clear this finds instead of manually clearing them?
  2. Hi, How can I capture in a script whether i'm in Find, Preview or Browse mode? Thanks in advance, Garu
  3. Both solution works fine. Thanks. I've just done it. Thanks.
  4. Hi, Is it possible to show/hide sub summary in preview mode based on a condition. Assumming I have a "sub summary when sorted by group field", how can I get the sub summary to follow below condition? If group =1 show sub summary Else, don't show sub summary Thanks in advance, Garu
  5. Sorry, i haven't update my profile. I'm actually using FMP 8.5 now, is there an easy way to do it on this version? Garu
  6. Hi, I have a layout with few tabs, when I create a new record I would like it to go to the first tab, how can I do that in script? Thanks in advance. Garu
  7. I didn't know that actually! Thank you very much! Garu
  8. Hi, Is it possible to display the value of a Variable into a Layout without storing it into a field? The reason why I ask this is I need to display a person's name on every report on different tables that i have and I thought of storing it into a variable instead of creating a global field which requires to create relationship to that field on every table just to get the person's name. Any clue? Thanks, Garu
  9. Hi, Is there any built-in function to find out how many users are currently using (logged-in) the hosted file? Thanks, Garu
  10. Hi, Im hosting a single FM file with few tables using Filemaker Server 8. I have a problem with a global field on one of my table that doesn't update its value even it has been changed from any of the client PC. How can I get it updated as soon as it is changed by any of the users? Please help. Thanks, Garu
  11. I had that idea beforehand. It seems that it's the only way to go... Thanks. Thanks, Garu
  12. Hi, Is it possible to insert a row (record) within two existing rows in a portal? Regards, Garu
  13. Hi, we are in the same boat, have found solution yet? Please let me know.
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