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  1. Hello all I'm looking for a little bit of guidance before I start going through manuals and test scripts. I have a large database and I would like to script the process for exporting a new file (archive?) with a subset of found records. To accomplish this I am thinking of doing the following: Scrip steps 1. Save a copy as - using the clone option so that all layouts, table & relationships are intact 2. Use applescript to then export records from existing database to new clone. As you can see from above after step 1 I'm not quite sure what path to take. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Best Kilby
  2. kilby

    Sticky Text Fields

    :D-), I thought so. I'm using Filemaker to generate all my faxes, some of which are several pages long. I have a field, message_body, that stores most of the fax material. Is there another layout method that I can use? I sometimes have to flick between ms word & other programs, and then I have to scroll down to where I previously was and then paste or edit. Its more of a minor nuisance I guess.
  3. Hi All I know you can now have 'sticky' portals in FM7, to stop the portal popping back to the top. Is there a option to stop a text field from popping back to the top when you tab or click out of the field?
  4. kilby

    Slow Portals

    Hi LaRetta Thats a great idea, it adds greater flexibility for drilling down to the right message and would speed things up tremendously. FM7 also has much better flexibility for creating complicated relationship. Thnxs Kilby
  5. kilby

    Slow Portals

    lots of layouts, means lots of work when trying to update interfaces or change functionality.
  6. kilby

    Slow Portals

    okay, I've also looked at various portal sorting techniques around. There seems to plenty of example files to download. They all use a unstored calculation as the sort key. So if I want to sort a portal, fast, in FM7, how do I do this?
  7. kilby

    Slow Portals

    Hi Vaughan Sorry about the confusion. Your right the sort key which is a calculation is not global, but is unstored. The global field is just the field that the calculation uses to determine which column it is sorting, the date, name or subject. As for multiselecting rows, yes this is the multi-key selection trick which I've picked off the web.
  8. kilby

    Slow Portals

    Hello I've created a database that archives all of our company emails. There are currently over 5000 records in the database. I've tried using a portal and a custom sort key for subject, email name & date. Sorting the portal can take up to 10 seconds or more, so its quite slow & painful to use. The custom sort key is a global field and is unstored so indexing can't be turned on for this field. Is it that portals are just to slow for this and I should stick to list views? Or am I doing someting wrong? Main reason I wanted to use portals, I can have a highlight field in a row, I can also multiselect rows (with a hightlight as well) and the interface is quite neat & clear. Thnxs Kilby
  9. Hi all Just a followup in case anyone searches this thread, the upgrade to v3 did work. But only after a clean install of FM7 again ( I'm not sure what was wrong with the current installed app on my hard drive). Also File Hosts worked fine when using airport in bridge mode or with NAT & port forwarding. Thnxs Kilby
  10. Hi CyborgSam, I've disabled the firewall on the server (10.4.2). Its sitting behind my ADSL router & firewall and so its not public and is safe for the moment. I also just noticed that plugging one of the laptops directly into the LAN doesn't work. What is even more confusing is I download a trial copy of FM8 and this works fine! Via the Airport and ethernet. I'm running FM7 & developer 7.0v1, is there a problem with this version. I've also trashed the preferences and reinstalled FM (a habit from the Classic days).
  11. Hello all, I am trying to set up a airport network to allow a couple of powerbooks to connect to our lan and access our server running FM7. I have followed Cyborgsams excellent guide and have also searched Apples airport forums on this problem. From the Powerbook I can use Server Admin and connect with no problem. If I add a our servers IP address in the Favourite Hosts, I get no file list but if I type in the files fullpath I can eventually connect. This is not the best solution as 1. there are over 30 files on this database 2. the laptop owners are not impressed with this workaround . Is there no work around for this. The problem seems to be the Airport router not passing UDP packets, is this correct? I have also tried the router in bridge mode which allows the laptops to see network resources (domains, printers, etc) but alas in FM7 no files in Hosts dialog. If someone has figured out this problem I would be most grateful for some advice. Cheers Kilby
  12. Also, filemaker has produced some great filemaker solutions, which not only means a business can get started right away without costly development time, but you can also learn from these & expand them to meet your needs. But going from the 1 to 5 users to say 10 or 15 the costs grow exponentially. For a small business , costs are always going to be the determining factor. Kilby
  13. Thats right, outlook can't handle book keeping & other important information that is the backbone of an organisation. But at what price do we have to pay just to get our address book, calender, projects info & status, & other company information available across a small network of 8 users? Kilby
  14. Thanks guys for all your feedback. I guess I just feel a lttle cold now to Filemaker Inc, as it seems the exclusion of IWP from standard Filemaker server is more based around money than any technical reasons, given that Filemaker Pro clients can host 5 users with IWP. For a small company like ours, with around 10 users, the Filemaker option was an idea to get everyone using a custom system for contacts management & documentation. This was also important as we run macs & pc's. The pc guys were happy with M$ outlook and did not want to change. And now given the price of extra FM clients, additional plugins per user, and the maybe the requirement of the options pack just to get ODBC connectivity, I'm starting to wonder whether I should just fork out the $109 per user for Outlook and join the rest of the sheep. I have enjoyed using filemaker now for close to 5 years. For large rollouts (eg schools etc) filemaker does appear to be a good investment. For a small to medium size business, I would have to question whether Filemaker really offers value. Sorry to get on a soapbox, Kilby.
  15. So can I do this with Filemaker Server?
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