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  1. Thanks very much, I shall try that g
  2. Hello I would like to be able to find portal records and have just those returned in the portal - the find function works on the main table rather than the portal table for me. Thanks G
  3. gjeih

    tab downward

    Thanks very much - I should have spotted that! Most grateful Gerard
  4. gjeih

    tab downward

    Is there a way to 'tab' to the next field downwards rather than across? regards Gerard
  5. hello sd, thanks again for the test file. I am trying to implement it in my own project, but I cannot access the calcalations or the layout...says the file is not modifiable. Do I need a password? Thanks Gerard
  6. gjeih

    Many to Many

    Thanks for the replies, I think the calculation field is a good idea. David, I do want the sessions numbered sequentially (which should also be in date order) descending. Cheers Gerard
  7. gjeih

    Many to Many

    Thanks David No I'm not sure if I've explained correctly. I have a table for each client showing all their sessions. I want each session to be numbered sequentially per client. Currently with each new session created (for any given client), the session_id increments, so client A might have sessions 1, 3, 8 etc. I would like sessions to be numbered like this client A session 1 (session_id 1) client B session 1 (session_id 2) client C session 1 (session_id 3) client B session 2 (session_id 4) client A session 2 (session_id 5) client B session 3 (session_id 6) I know it should be simple but I still get slightly confused with keys and joins. Is a join required to allocate individuals session_ids? cheers Gerard
  8. Hello. This is probably quite simple but I have ODed on databases the last couple of days and I can no longer think straight! So I have clients, and the clients attend sessions, two tables, many to many I guess. When a new session is created, the session number increments. However, I would like each client's session to have an identifier to show which session number that individual is on. If I understand correctly, I need an intermediate table called clientsession. Is this called resolving? And if so, what are the various PKs and FKs? Many thanks Gerard
  9. Thanks very much! I think I get the idea, although I don't see why the entries move from one table to the other without a script... Gerard
  10. The pen colour needed to be set, stand down everybody. Gerard
  11. Well I've made my repeating fields into their own tables, but now when I add a scroll bar to the portal, the scroll bar is invisible. It works OK, but you just can't see it...am I missing something? Gerard
  12. I think I see what you're saying - that repeating fields are a bit redundant given that we can simply use a different table? I thought that repeating fields would be good for these fields as they are just text items that only get listed once and never used elsewhere... But you're right, I should probably do it properly! Thanks Gerard
  13. I've been having problems with repeating fields (up to 100) displaying in an area only 3 rows deep - although I have selected a vertical scroll bar to be displayed, it doesn't. So I can't add more than three rows...I'm sure this should not be happening. Any thoughts gratefully received. Thanks Gerard
  14. Wow, thanks very much for the quick response. That seems to do the trick - I think I may have made mine more complex than it needs be... Anyway, it's working now, I think I had my things a bit muddled. While you're there...do you know a way to have the new empty portal record always at the top of the list, rather than having to scroll down to the bottom of the portal in order to enter the new record? Many thanks Gerard
  15. I'm trying to use a portal to show a client's treatment sessions. I'd like to add multiple session details through the portal, but each session should have a unique ID. Although I can enter one session's details, then tab to the next etc, the auto-entering doesn't increment so ~I end up with several portal records with the same id. Obviously this is invalid... I assume this should be really simple but I'm a bit stuck - any help greatly appreciated. Thanks Gerard
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